May 24, 2022

CNN’s chief market officer resigns as network continues to face scrutiny over major scandals

There’s no doubt CNN isn’t a trustworthy news source. Now it’s clear that the people running it are just as shady.

Allison Gollust, the network’s chief market officer, tendered her resignation Tuesday, the Daily Caller reported. In the memo announcing the change, Time Warner CEO Jason Kilar outed her undisclosed relationship with former CNN President Jeff Zucker.

Zucker resigned two weeks ago after he and Gollust’s relationship was uncovered during an investigation into another scandal involving Chris Cuomo. The former host was fired for allegedly giving brother Gov. Andrew Cuomo political advice despite the obvious conflict.

Afterward, it seemed that Chris Cuomo was intent on taking others out with him. Host Brian Stelter indicated that the former host was about to publicize the affair, but Zucker beat him to the punch when he stepped down.

Now Gollust has become the target with a mention of the inappropriate relationship in Kilar’s memo. The Time Warner CEO lauded her exit and its role in restoring the network’s credibility.

“We have the highest standards of journalistic integrity at CNN, and those rules must apply to everyone equally,” Kilar claimed. “Given the information provided to me in the investigation, I strongly believe we have taken the right actions and the right decisions have been made,” he said in the memo.

However, Steven Goldberg, spokesman for Chris Cuomo, asserted that “it is clear this was never about an undisclosed relationship. As Mr. Cuomo has stated previously, Mr. Zucker and Ms. Gollust were not only entirely aware but fully supportive of what he was doing to help his brother,” Goldberg claimed, according to CNN Business. “The still open question is when WarnerMedia is going to release the results of its investigation and explain its supposed basis for terminating Mr. Cuomo,” Goldberg contended.

It’s refreshing to see the network clean house, even if it is due to a domino effect rather than actual scruples. However, the root problem at the network still remains its lack of journalistic integrity — and several more employees would need to exit to move the needle on that issue.

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