May 14, 2021

CNN’s Brian Stelter denies desire to ‘cancel’ Fox News while advocating for censorship of network

It wasn’t long ago that Fox News host Tucker Carlson triggered a number of hosts at rival network CNN by accusing the network of attempting to “cancel” Fox News, even suggesting that the network had reached out to a number of carriers in order to pressure them into dropping the right-leaning cable news network.

According to the Post Millenial, CNN host Brian Stelter slammed Carlson and Fox News for the cancellation accusation, calling Carlson’s claims “patently false.” Just moments later, Stelter immediately contradicted himself by suggesting that Fox News should, in fact, be censored. 

“Tucker Carlson is telling viewers that this network, CNN, is trying to force Fox News off the air, which is patently false,” Stelter said on Sunday while taking aim at Carlson and Fox News in general.

But just moments later, Stelter revealed that he had another way to censor the cable news giant — and CNN’s fiercest rival — by reducing Fox News’ reach, which is essentially the same idea as canceling it altogether.

“But while some cry cancel culture, let me suggest a different way to think about this,” Stelter said with regard to censoring Fox News. “A harm reduction model.”

Stelter went on to slam Fox News for what he claims are falsehoods that the network has spread with concern to the COVID-19 pandemic, the outcome of the 2020 election and other issues that the two networks typically have completely different narratives about.

He then argued that reducing a network’s reach could be an effective way to end the spreading of what he believes is misinformation and outright lies, claiming that such a move does not amount to trampling on the First Amendment.

“Reducing a liar’s reach is not the same as censoring his freedom of speech,” Stelter claimed. “Freedom of speech is different from freedom of reach, and algorithmic reach is part of the problem.”

According to The Hill, Journalist Zaid Jilani argued that Stelter is desperately trying to do whatever he can to censor his own political enemies, which would include a number of hosts on Fox News, while slamming Stelter’s idea that censoring a network as he suggested would amount to anything less than suppressing freedom of speech.

“I think that Stelter has constructed a very narrow definition [of free speech], primarily for the purpose of censoring his political opponents,” Jilani said.

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89 Responses

  1. It is Stelter that should be removed from Fox News. We need Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity and Laura Ingram we need the truth to be told as we do not have a media. Fox news need to stand up to the leftist marxist and media.

    1. Stelter is on CNN And should be shunned by any fair minded tv host. He is a despicable human being as are most of the liberal tv stations. What a bunch of lunatics.

    2. I totally agree with you. And Judge J and Jesse. Grey holds his own too. I’m so sick of the libs wanting to “take
      over everything”. Fox News is on the way to ruining itself!!!!

    3. Yes Humpty Dumpy Stelter should be removed from Fox. He lies all the time and his hatred for conservatives is disgusting. Sadly Fox is becoming too liberal and I mostly watch Newsmax now. Juan Williams, Jessica Tarlov, Marie Harp make my blood boil every time they spew their crap. No matter how often we ask Fox to get rid of them they do not. You do not Find on CNN, Msnbc and the other liberal hell holes any conservastives so why does Fox make us listen to these fools. I also like Steve Hilton, Mark Levin, Judge Jeannine and Shannon Bream. To heck with fair and balanced when we are the only ones upholding that idea. Chris Hahn should be banned from TV he is one of the worse guests.

      1. You are absolutely right about everything you said! Stelter is on CNN and is only mentioned on FOX but I wouldn’t even give him one second of recognition!’

      2. To Helga: I’ve never understood why Chris Hahn is on as a guest at Fox as often as he is. I think he’s a repulsive human being and WHY have someone on who you KNOW is going to make such outlandish claims as he does. STOP INVITING HIM.

      1. I agree with you. Dems hate the truth. Fox just letting the real truth about what’s going on. Not living like cnn. They don’t tell the truth about anything. Cnn we the people aren’t falling for your poop.

    4. See OAN News or
      Newsmax , or
      Brietbart news
      On line, they’re very politically informative and do not favor the Left news main stream media

    5. I agree with you 100%. The real truth is who has the courage other than President Trump to stand up for what is right. So many crumble i guess time will tell what happens to fox news.

    6. Tell Humpty Dumpty he fell off his wall a long time ago and hasn’t been put back together yet so he needs to be fired.

    1. Fox is one of only a few news media that actually tell the truth. While the other lying media were covering pseudo peaceful protests Fox was showing the truth of BLM & Antifa protests and the death of Mr. Dorn. Most of the other news media have an agenda. Beat Trump at any cost. They & the Biden administration have become dictators.

      1. Try Newsmax also they are great for people like us. If you have dish they don’t allow OAN which is also pretty good. I do not know if they have Newsmax.

        1. Newsmax is great! I have them on my phone. I no longer have cable or satellite I use my TV for watching movies, no interruptions and I pause my DVD and come back later if needed. Lol it’s been years since I was interrupted by a commercial.

    1. Fox news is not reporting ALL the news, just the news which supports the democrats. And the news they do report is tainted and doctored, not straitght.

      The American people CAN’T AND don’t BELIEVE NBC, CBS, ABC, OR FOX NEWS.

    2. I call him Humpty Dumpy but I like Mr. Potato head better hope you don’t mind if I call him that. One would think they would be happy now since they got their demented, perverted, China lover in the White House but their lies and hatred is getting worse. We have been so screwed and what Joe China is doing to this country is very sad and scary.

  2. Who watches CNN anymore? They can’t be trusted not to lie in an effort to make the Dems look good! Try watching Fox Business or One American news or News Max instead!

    1. I’ve come to prefer Newsmax over Foxnews of which I was a loyal viewer until they seemed to lose their truthfulness. Generally, I still like Tucker Carlson & Fox & Friends, but not quite as much as before I thought Fox was leaning toward big central government.

    2. I watch NO TV news stations……it’s a waste of time when one is trying to keep an eye on what the nation is DOING, BUT WON’T LEARN MUCH LISTENING TO A BUNCH OF LIARS IGNORING FACTS. ADDITIONALLY, I quit watching TV “news” sometime during the’80’s….not worth listening to. I am an 82 year old widow and I find the media worthless to the core.

  3. Tucker was right in there with the lies about Trump until he saw he was losing ground and people turning away from him. He is with whatever keeps his career going.

  4. I love Tucker because he tells it like it is resulting in the liberals crying like babies because truth is a stranger to them.

    1. Tucker is the one they spoke about the Hunter Biden’s laptop first and I respect him for that. Sadly the FBI sat on this laptop for a year and did nothing until the shop repair man came out and publicized it. Obama turn all these agencies into corrupt anti-America snake pits. Impeach Obama would be Just and add Hillary to that. Our tax dollar support these traitors to our country.

    1. Ms. McKnight, I’m afraid you are very wrong in your opinion of Fox News. The children of the owner of Fox news have very liberal ideas and are turning the station into another CNN( which by the way they have said that they would like to be like them). Only a few of the people on Fox will tell the truth, people Carlson ,Ingram, etc. most of the other ones are turning to the left .

  5. This so-call journalist keeps lying to the public every day. He is trying to remove freedom of speech because he doesn’t want the truth told. The exact tactic that Hitler did in the 30’s to the German citizens.

    1. I think CNN & MSNBC are the masters of news misinformation & deception. I don’t watch them. They are hateful & biased…. It will catch with them before too long.

      1. CNN buys their way into the nation’s airports. If it wasn’t for that, their ratings would be further in the toilet.

      2. You can also include NBC, CBS and ABC that have identical “news” casts with the exact same wording, items covered and commercial cut aways at the exact same time. Pure controlled indoctrination as seen in the Hitler reign in Germany!! We are officially a banana Communist country!!

    1. Along with Juan Williams and Donna Brazile. She cheated and lied about giving Hillary the question during the 2016 election. When Democrats cheat and lie, they get promoted.

      1. thanks for reminding me of the cheater Donna Brazile. If it were not for a few good hosts on Fox I would leave them completely. I wish my favorites on Fox would go to Newsmax or start another network run by Trump that would be my dream.

    2. Wallace is a piece of …. and I turn the station every time I hear his grating voice. His father is turning in his grave I am sure.

  6. Fox and OAN are the only news channels worth watching. OAN just seems to report the news. On Fox, Tucker, Hannity and Gretta have a tilt toward the right. Some of the other FOX commenters seem to be moving to the left (Wallace in particular). But they are still pretty balanced compared to the other channels.

    1. Emil…. You apparently are lost in a time warp bubble. Greta Van Sustren hasn’t been on FOX NEWS for several years.

      1. I have not seen her for a very long time and I am ot even sure if she was ever on FOX because in those days I still watched CNN when I believed Obama was a decent man and good President. I have learned Obama is really a traitor to America and so is CNN.


  8. Be prepared and very careful here Stelter, remember 75m people in our country have been labeled as a cult, insurrectionists, violent domestic terrorists that need to be taken out with drones, deprogrammed Trump as leader killed, We are none of those, but we are very intelligent, know right from wrong, know the signs of FEAR ( lies, hypocrisy, aggression, silencing , cancelling, imprisonment, smear attacks. We can still speak with our wallets. We also love the constitution and will always find a peaceful way to protect it! Wonder what would happen if we all changed our voter registration to democrat? Couldn’t be identified, dem strategizing worthless, free from cancellation, get freedom of speech back cuz we are democrats! Whole country one party on paper but in reality at least half advocates of return to constitutional rights, and putting America first.

  9. I agree with all these comments and Stelter should mind his own nose and CNN and CNBC are two of the most miss informed stations they either must not hear the person they’re interviewing or they just don’t get a da.. it’s incorrect 90% of the time someone should censor these stations.

  10. Yes Stelter should be removed from Fox. He lies all the time and his hatred for conservatives is disgusting. Sadly Fox is becoming too liberal and I mostly watch Newsmax now. Juan Williams, Jessica Tarlov, Marie Harp are all too liberal, and are disgusting!!!!! We’ve asked Fox to get rid of them, but they do not. CNN, Msnbc and the other liberal stations don’t let any conservatives speak, so why does Fox make us listen to these radicals. I like Steve Hilton, Mark Levin, Judge Jeannine and Shannon Bream. You say we must have them in order to be fair and balanced, but no other stations are upholding that idea. Chris Hahn should be banned from TV he is one of the worst!

  11. Would stelter the sloth report the NEWS hooked up to a LIE DETECTOR? NO! All mainstreet are LIARS ! If they reported NEWS honestly 25% of democratic leaders and legislators would be Locked up, not to mention brennan and the rest of DEEP STATE!

  12. I am 77 years old, and remember when the Democratic party stood for decency, and respect for all Americans, regardless of their political affiliation or if you disagreed with their policies ! Now the leaders of the far left Democrat party, who truly hate The United States, for whatever reason, are trying to convert it into a Communist Country, where they would have total control over everyone, and everything which would eliminate any opposition, or other political parties ! In other words, ALL of your freedoms would disappear overnight, The freedom of speech, of religion, to come, and go as you please, to keep and bear arms, freedom to work where you choose etc. etc. ! I hope that the Americans who were deceived, and voted for those radical politicians will eventually see through their lies, and fight the Democrat Communist agenda !

  13. Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall (CNN) Humpty Dumpty took a large fall (CNN). This fatso is the epitome of what is wrong with the reporting. Destruction, deceit and dangerous liars are what they think they can achieve by censoring or attempting to destroy another network. CNN ratings are so poor and they still are telling false information. What they are doing is taking away from the Biden disaster. He has caused so much damage in one week and that fatso does is talk about Fox News or AON or Newsmax. Failure is CNN and the MSM. This is what you are going to do for 4 years! Get a grip!

    1. You remember Dan Wallace anti-Vietnam fame well Chris is just chip of f the old block. Fox should have their head examined for hiring him. We knew he would softball questions to Biden and hit Trump with the most vicious ones. Chris Wallace needs to be taken to the top of the Empire State Building and have his rear kicked to the basement every day. After several episodes he may get some common sense installed in him!

  14. If you ever notice, Fox News always provides evidence, tweets, video, emails, when they talk about what someone claims. The opposing channels just set around the table and tell unfounded tales without evidence and only negatives toward Republicans. I only trust FACTS and can depend on FOX NEWS. Folks that only watch CNN, NBC, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, expecting to get current news, don’t get anything that is negative toward the Democrats, SAD!! Good Luck cancelling 74 million AMERICANS.

  15. If bigger is better then the left media,CNN,MSNBC,ABC,CBS,NBC,PBS,CHN and NPR any any left leaning that i forgot should combine and be known as A.B.S.-All Bull Sh*T

    1. Haha! Good one, I totally agree with you, Democrats own the press; and that has to stop. The Washington Post said they will not fact check Beijing Biden like they did Trump. That proves they are in the Democrats pocket.

  16. The Democrats are determined to destroy the constitution. We will not be silenced; nor will we be disarmed. We are sick and tired of Democrat lies.

  17. The Communist News Network(CNN) Would probably think
    twice about taking in Juan Williams I believe he would no
    doubt be the same idiot he is at Fox.
    That Left over Obama lap dog would not make a pimple
    on a real commentators Butt.!! The best thing that can
    happen to the shlubb is a trip back to Panama.!!

  18. Stetler is a pig. He is disgusting have never watched cnn and don’t plan to. Other networks who show clips of cnn and msnbc are stupid for giving them time.

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