December 3, 2020

CNN star: Kayleigh McEnany should be fired, Tim Murtaugh should be shot

If you had any doubt about the loathsomeness of CNN, this story will convince you.

Joe Lockhart, who has built a career for himself on the network after serving as a press secretary for Bill Clinton, just suggested that President Trump’s press secratary Kayleigh McEnany should be fired. And he followed it up by suggesting that Tim Murtaugh, who is the communications director for the Trump campaign, should be shot.

Lockhart made a feeble effort to conceal his vicious attack with his phrasing, but that doesn’t make it better.

As of the time of this writing, CNN hasn’t fired Lockhart or disavowed his comments. And the tweet is still up on Twitter.

Can you imagine what would happen if a Republican said something similar?

Read the full story here.

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72 Responses

      1. Totally AGREE!Thsts the way these donkeys are, VICIOUS, and ODIOUS! Filled with contempt if you dont agree politically with ther ideology.!

    1. Joe Lockhardt is the one that should be fired!! Issuing a death threat is a terminating offense one would think even for a crazed out lunatic Democrat like Lockhardt!

      1. I agree with you on this, Joe Lockhardt needs to clean up his own back yard before he runs Kayleigh down. He can not hold a candle to Kayleigh as a person, if he can’t stand the heat, go & hide with Joe Biden in his basement.

  1. How shall I word my personal opinion? Oh ya, I do believe that Joe Lockhart is a card carrying Moron. But, hey that’s just my opinion.

    1. As well as many others’. I am waiting for CNN to go totally down the toilet. Lockhart can be one of the top to go down first.

    1. Sounds like you support joe medicare for all is not free nor the New green deal open your paycheck if the peadophila wins yes he brought his brother a mini Epstein island only been there 4 times Joe said sound familiar

  2. Now we know who is violent and where the nuts are getting their ideas, the CNN fake reporters, they need to get fired and sued for promoting violence!

  3. Oh, were you the numbskull that gave Clinton that line, “It depends on what your definition of is is.?” Please, you’re clueless, that’s why you’re on CNN.

  4. Broadcasters are not the brightest, smartest , communicators in this country. The vast majority would not be able to make a good living in any other industry.

  5. The real reason he wants her gone is the excellence at which she has done her job!!!! She has proven to be one of the best if not the #1 best Press Secretaries the administration or any administration has had, I have never before seen such a prepared individual at every occasion and I can see why that terrifies the left and the fake news folks like CNN!!

    Sorry guys I don’t see her going anywhere but up!!

  6. Hey big mouth,
    consider the times and what’s taking place by the left and their nastiness. Or are you blind to that?
    Just how long would last before you got your walking papers.

  7. This congress woman is a traitor. She should be removed from office and deported.
    ✓. Openly Promoting Insurrections (Treason).
    ✓. Not preventing “Rioting” in Minnesota.
    ✓. Won’t Pledge Allegiance to OUR Flag.
    ✓. Possibly Illegal imigration and/or Promoting the same.
    ✓. Disrespectful to her superiors holding higher office or positions than hers.
    ✓. Improper use of Campaign financing.

    Take your pick 🙄

  8. According to Our REPUBLICS Constitution. Everyone of these TRAITORS should be tried and when found guilty. Should have their sentence of death carried out. The fake stream media, pelosi, schumer, the “squad”, soros, need I continue.


  10. The difference is that Joe Lockhart said what was politically correct, Kayleigh McEnany and Tim Murtaugh tell the facts, the way it is in the real world, not the politically correct radicals dream world.

  11. Oh, excuse me, wrong Issue.
    CNN “Reports”
    All I have to say is “POLITICIZED DRAMA”
    Kind of like watching Dark Shadows way back when.

    That’s why I for one quit watching, I prefer reliable factual shows verses opinions or ideological performance.

  12. Joe, shoot yourself. We don’t ;ile to waste bullets. Besides, I wouldn’t brag about serving the Pervert President of ALL Time, a bold-faced liar, thief and traitor to our country. If you are proud of that you are a great match. As for Kayleigh and Murtaugh any despicable, low-rent comments by you Lockhart are an endorsement for the excellent work these people due on behalf of our great President Trump. In 30 days a President Trump landslide that will cover your perverted mouth.

  13. My, my, my!! So much vehemence! So much vitriol! And it’s only Wednesday. Save some for the weekend. The best is yet to come. Maybe you’ll have more readers by then.

  14. This , coming from the Criminal News Network , as usual . They should be shut down & all arrested for sedition & high treason – no plea bargains – maximum sentences !

    1. Harris will bail them out! It’s what she does- it’s what any good Marxist prosecutor would do. It’s probably a condition of the Soros support contract!

  15. Well, well, my fields were all marked and being the racist that you all are did not post my comment. How about a law suit for being racists yourselves.

    1. Racist? What facts do you possess that lead you to claim that all of these people, or any person at all on the right, are racist? That is what you people on the left do—attack other people about whom you know nothing at all. So really, that makes you seem like a vicious liar.

  16. Trump should have DEMANDED an inspection of Biden’s ears, lapels , and cuffs in addition to a drug test! He knows full-well what
    Biden’s people are capable of.

  17. Kaleigh is very intelligent. She has forgotten more than you’ll ever know! People are leaving CNN in droves. Every one is sick of the lies day after day ! Every one of them wouldn’t know the truth if it hit them in the face! You have the personality of a 🐌 slug ! You should be fired ! 💩

  18. Why was the debate only on CNN in the UK, PRESIDENT TRUMP should tell Biden the WORST president of the United States was Obama, and you were vice president for him Biden didn’t like Hunter Biden questions, and the presentation of the debate was bias for Joe, ridiculous what was going on everything went against the president of the United States, and it should be for both parties the host is for the democratic party members and CNN hate president TRUMP and support the Dems as well,

  19. Kayleigh is so much better than than Joe Lockhart ever thought of being, I have a feeling he is intimidated by how good she is. I think he should be out of a job talking about shooting someone isn’t something that should be said.

  20. WOW, if a Republican made such a gesture they would be turned over the firing squad of Democrats! These kinds of statements are what makes the Dipocrats want to ruin the country. “I DON’T THINK SO” They will get their well-deserved kick in the rump out the door soon enough. “What a bunch of losers”. The Senate Dips, are crucifying an outstanding Supreme Court Nominee strictly on the basis of false lies they create in their own minds. The reason being, their minds are full of hot air and self-righteous thoughts. Sorry, no room for a “Brain”. Nancy & Chuckie baby deserve a permanent vacation in space so they can look for their brains that are floating up there. “Give it Up Nitwits”!!! Go, Trump, the “We Need You”.

  21. A lawyer friend who knows the Constitution said that at the time of Harris’s birth both her parents were not in the country legally; and were two students from other countries who had over-stayed. The lawyer told me that according to the Constitution Kamala Harris should not be running for this position, because if something happens to Joe Biden the president…she would not be able to become president. Neither one of her parents was an American citizen at the time of her birth. The Constitution and law says that at least one of the parents must be a citizen at the time of the person’s birth. Senile old Joe will not make it through four years; and the Democrats needed to put up someone is in better mental shape than “Basement Joe.” Why did he use the Muslim word “Inshallah” in the debate? Is he forgetting how to converse in English? Lockheart opened his mouth and bragged about being part of Obama’s administration. Lockheart showed how ignorant he was. Obama was out to destroy this country and was at the bottom of the barrel as a president.

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