May 23, 2022

CNN says Pelosi should no longer be House Speaker; calls for younger leadership

A CNN political commentator said on Tuesday that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) should no longer serve in the role to make way for younger leadership.

Bakari Sellers made the remarks during CNN’s “The Lead” on Tuesday responding to Pelosi’s plans to run for another term in the House.

“I think it’s time for new leadership throughout the Democratic Party. Not only do we have to get younger but more vibrant and have bigger and bolder ideas to bring in a new generation of voters,” Sellers said.

“There comes a time, whether or not you’re Nancy Pelosi, or whether or not you’re, you are Tom Brady, that sometimes you have to hang up the cleats when it comes to being leader of your particular party or leader of your organization,” he added.

Pelosi may not have the option. Republicans lead in many House runs, and 29 House Democrats are not running for reelection.

The House speaker may win reelection, but it is unclear whether she’ll even have the option to remain Speaker of the House.

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