September 29, 2022

CNN medical expert urges Biden to add even more restrictions for the unvaccinated

CNN medical analyst Leana Wen said on Wednesday that President Joe Biden should add more restrictions on unvaccinated Americans.

“I do have a lot of concern about what happens to parts of this country, for example, that have very low vaccination rates. This is another reason why I think President Biden’s message yesterday was the right one in some way — in saying vaccinated people should move on with their lives with precautions,” Wen said.

“But I wish that he would go further to restrict the activities of the unvaccinated because they are the ones who are still spreading COVID and prolonging the pandemic for all of us,” she added.

“The vaccinated need to be allowed — even encouraged — to assess their own risks and keep living their lives,” Wen also said on Twitter this week.

The ridiculous double standards by CNN’s medical experts continue to portray unvaccinated people as uncaring, an inaccurate statement offensive to many Americans.




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