September 30, 2022

CNN loses three-quarters of viewership over end of 2021

The era of the establishment media’s dominance is coming to an end. After years of fake news, CNN viewers are leaving the network in droves.

CNN lost three-quarters of its viewers in the coveted primetime block in the fourth quarter of the year, Breitbart reported. This dropoff is worse than any of the other legacy networks.

CNN came in sixth place among basic cable networks in the full 24-hour period and has been steadily losing viewers. Viewership is down 18% over last quarter and 67% from this time last year overall.

However, the loss was greatest in the primetime block, where the network ranks 16th in viewership. With only 642,000 tuning in, it’s a loss of 22% over last quarter and 73% from this time last year.

Although all of the major news networks lost viewers after the 2020 presidential election was over, CNN was the hardest hit. By comparison, Fox News only lost 37% of its primetime viewers and 21% of its 24-hour viewership; MSNBC lost 53% of viewers each in the primetime and total day.

Moreover, CNN lost big in the much sought-after 25-54 demographic in primetime. Both MSNBC and CNN tumbled into 27th place, while Fox News is third place with that specific demographic and second overall in primetime.

The reason for this fall has a great deal to do with the leftist slant of CNN of others, most notably demonstrated in the way events are covered differently based on political viewpoint. While the leftist media somberly commemorated the first anniversary of the incursion on the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, no such reflection was ever given to the costly George Floyd riots of 2020 despite the higher economic and geographic impact, according to the Daily Wire.

Americans are tired of watching the leftist media spin the news of the day to fit the leftist worldview the networks all espouse. If CNN and others don’t change course, the hemorrhaging will only continue.




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