August 19, 2022

CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin goes on unhinged rant after Supreme Court rules in favor of concealed carry

Disgraced CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin came unglued after a Supreme Court ruling in favor of the Second Amendment. His rant has put the network that much closer to squandering what little credibility it had.

Toobin was apoplectic that the Supreme Court struck down a restriction on New Yorkers’ rights to conceal carry, Fox News reported. The analyst claimed it would lead to more massacres because the right wants guns “anywhere anytime.”

The 6-3 decision in the New York State Rifle & Pistol Association Inc. v. Bruen was released Thursday. The majority opinion said that the onus placed on citizens to register to conceal carry was unconstitutional.

Toobin was incensed that Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas said the Second Amendment was “not a second-class right” in his majority opinion. “You know, we know that in the United States you have the right under the First Amendment to say pretty much anything anywhere because we have freedom of speech in the United States,” Toobin said.

“What the conservatives on the Supreme Court are saying is we want the Second Amendment to be a first class right like the First Amendment,” Toobin said. “And [they] want to be able to carry guns anywhere anytime without any sort of regulation by the government, without background checks, without restrictions on where you can take a weapon, without restrictions on how you can carry a weapon,” he said.

Toobin went on to blame lax gun laws for recent massacres even though murder is already illegal. “We have mass shootings. We have 18-year-olds with access to AR-15s. And the Supreme Court is moving in the direction of saying that the government cannot regulate that traffic at all,” Toobin ranted.

This tantrum from Toobin comes a little more than a year after he returned to the network following his disgraceful exit. Toobin took a leave of absence from CNN after he was seen masturbating during a Zoom call with colleagues, the New York Post reported.

Allowing a degenerate like Toobin back on the network proves CNN has no integrity. However, his moronic analysis of the high court’s decision only adds to the farce that is CNN.

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Dee (@guest_1289520)
1 month ago

Sad people think we need to ban guns or anything of the sort. The problem is with the person not the gun. If a person has a hatred for a company or another person that is what motivates that person to do the act of killing. Even if gun laws are more strict that still is not going to stop a person from getting a gun. Some Guns are sold on the black market and other ways . If a person wants a gun they will find a way to get it . Steal it or buy one somewhere. The person is the problem . We have many teens that have been abused or bullied or ignored most of their life and they seem to have the problem. many adults in jobs that they hate can and do the same thing. take it out on others with guns or what ever . We have a problem with mental health and it is not going to get better until we change our leadership in the white house and congress as well as other political leaders that like the economy in the tank as it is now. the fact that is depressing to all of us and some handle it better than others.



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