April 21, 2021

CNN claims Kenosha protests are ‘firey’ but ‘largely peaceful’

Mainstream media outlets are working overtime — as usual — to gaslight the American people into thinking that their very own eyes are deceiving them.

However, leftist media outlet CNN humiliated itself in front of everyone by approving a chyron that read “Fiery but mostly peaceful protests after police shooting” atop a video of one of their reporters standing in front of a flaming hellscape in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

CNN correspondent Omar Jimenez appeared in front of a burning car lot on Tuesday, claiming that the burning buildings directly behind him were in “stark contrast” to the daytime events “which were largely peaceful demonstrations.”

Violent and destructive protests arising from the shooting of Wisconsin man Jacob Blake have raged since Sunday, leaving a path of untold destruction and taking the lives of at least two.

Watch CNN’s unbelievable coverage below:

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26 Responses

    1. How can you possibly say that
      buildings burning down windows in storefronts broken out and stealing everything inside simply destroying people’s livelihoods shooting cursing killing children and adults how in God’s name can you call that peaceful Lord help us CNN has gone nuts or has been bought if you could see the pictures before and after you would have to drop on your knees and cry people have to make a living and they’re allowing them to tear down everything I can tell you God’s tired of this and Trump is only trying to help let Trump do his job instead of interfering thank you Trump go get them

      1. I look at it this way, if these governors and mayors ( that tool an oath to protect their citizens ) want to stand down. They are abdicating their responsibility and there fore stepping down and leaving the job open. So the community needs to elect a republican with with a bag of planters between his legs.

      2. No Trump started this with racist remarks and have unmarked enforceme t whom eill not identify who they are. Also the riots are rahi g everytime they kill an innocent man of color. God wrath is upon all who enable Trump heinous behavior. We voting all Republicans out our White House. Are you blind too???

    2. The left CANCELs everything else, they’re trying to cancel Tucker from Fox. Why shouldn’t CNN be CANCELled?

  1. Right peaceful and when they arrive at the home of the CNN Anchors and burn it down we will remind them that this RIOT is “peaceful”. How stupid has CNN become. I will never watch them again!

    These are terrorists and must be Stopped!!
    Anyone from any political party that supports this should be forced to sit in the burning buildings to get
    “WOKED” you idiots.
    They raped and killed children. WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU MORONS? FUBAR!!!!!

  3. How anyone call these so called riots peaceful? Are the people and police supposed to sit idly by while their business are burned and looted?
    Also, I think politicians in the democratic party have sold their souls to Satan.They want no police so these rioters can continue to destroy out country
    I don’t how this leftist view would surprise anyone
    This is the party that has legalized murdering babies up to birth. This is the party of no morals at all. I cannot understand how a true Christian, in good conscience, can vote the democratic ticket.

  4. It will have to be able to be seen on some other station. Haven’t watched communist network news since last year, and don’t plan to.

  5. Why the hell is SORAS STILL AROUND??? Please don’t tell me he lives in the USA.. If he does,,there is definitely something going on that is being kept from the American people..He is worst than Epstein, Hillary, Obama,Polosy put together.. Get rid of him and Bloomers,,B Gates and big changes will start to happen…

  6. They’ll, just, say that the Republicans ‘staged’ the scene.
    As WE All KNOW, they accuse others (mainly Republicans) of what they (Dem.s) are, actually, doing.

  7. It is time to go after the cnn news ((and I use that word loosely) anchors. Burn and loot their houses and orce them to believe it is just a peaceful demontration.

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