September 30, 2022

CNN claims Kenosha protests are ‘firey’ but ‘largely peaceful’

Mainstream media outlets are working overtime — as usual — to gaslight the American people into thinking that their very own eyes are deceiving them.

However, leftist media outlet CNN humiliated itself in front of everyone by approving a chyron that read “Fiery but mostly peaceful protests after police shooting” atop a video of one of their reporters standing in front of a flaming hellscape in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

CNN correspondent Omar Jimenez appeared in front of a burning car lot on Tuesday, claiming that the burning buildings directly behind him were in “stark contrast” to the daytime events “which were largely peaceful demonstrations.”

Violent and destructive protests arising from the shooting of Wisconsin man Jacob Blake have raged since Sunday, leaving a path of untold destruction and taking the lives of at least two.

Watch CNN’s unbelievable coverage below:


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