August 14, 2022

CNN hack publicly yearns for Rush Limbaugh death from cancer

Just when you think that they can’t go any lower, they do.

CNN pundit Joe Lockhart just posted a reprehensible Tweet that essentially confirms what we all know the left is actually thinking about Rush Limbaugh’s tragic cancer diagnosis:

As Breitbart’s John Nolte notes: “Lockhart is on the fence about his hope Limbaugh, who is still in the prime of his life, won’t die of a terrible disease.”

That’s truly disgusting. And it’s really just another way of saying that Lockheart does hope Limbaugh will die.

We all knew they were thinking it. Leave it to a CNN pundit to say it.

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Nate (@guest_1038609)
1 year ago

We listen to Mr Limbaugh what a awesome man.

Yvonne Shelton Crumpler (@guest_1038624)
1 year ago

I have listened to Rush Limbaugh for years and he always tells the truth about what the news is and who is doing what. Limbaugh is a fine human and he always does fact checking prior to talking.

Ruth (@guest_1038669)
1 year ago

My husband and I attended his rally some years ago in downtown St. Louis ! He was and still is a great supporter of Democracy ! One of the best things that America has going for it ! ! ! GOD BLESS HIM ! ! !

Joseph Nugent (@guest_1038678)
1 year ago

Mr. Lockheart appears to be living proof that once a low-life, always a low-life

Roy (@guest_1038799)
Reply to  Joseph Nugent
1 year ago

Hopefully, Mr. Lockheart WON’T have the same thing happen to him…..!

Terry (@guest_1038691)
1 year ago

The tolerant left. SHAME. Gods coming for ya!

Leonard Monteleone (@guest_1038693)
1 year ago

GOD be with you RUSH!!!
May Jesus Christ in HIS WILL heal you!!!

A loyal listener!

Sandy (@guest_1038696)
1 year ago

CNN will never be trusted as a media, they have sunk so low that it’s shameful.

WJH (@guest_1038706)
1 year ago

is CNN still on the cable net? I blocked that lying channel during Desert Storm.

Steve Shubin (@guest_1038767)
1 year ago

GOD BLESS RUSH LIMBAUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nichol (@guest_1038821)
1 year ago

All the decent people in America love Rush, the others will have their judgement day!

Donald Borden (@guest_1038823)
1 year ago

My god b with u Rush! I pray u will overcome the cancer!

larry ossler (@guest_1038948)
1 year ago

Dem’s cannot handle the truth…and that is exactly what Rush does –airs the truth!

Mmj (@guest_1039117)
1 year ago

Just shows the Democrats are dangerous…this man should be sued.

Anne Toy (@guest_1039341)
1 year ago

I have listened to Rush for years, he is always a reliable source of what is “actually” happening in the world. God bless him and his family. Mega prayers

butch t (@guest_1039614)
1 year ago

Joe Lockhart, I would be willing to make a bet that ole mr. karma is going to pay you a visit within the end of sept. Sorry paybacks are a bummer.



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