October 22, 2020

CNN analyst admits that Trump is within ‘striking distance’ of Biden

CNN is notorious for distorting the truth about all things Trump, but even the famously liberal news outlet was forced to confess that the tide is turning against Biden in the polls.

Democrats and never-Trumpers have touted polls that show Biden taking a commanding lead in the general election, but as the Trump administration cracks down on violence in American cities and liberals continue to self-immolate, Trump is making a comeback.

Trump supporters have always known that the polls were lying about Biden’s lead, but it’s telling that liberals can no longer lie to themselves.

CNN’s senior political analyst Harry Enten wrote on Thursday that Biden still has the “upper hand” in some battleground states, but admitted that “while Biden has maintained the advantage, Trump has one thing going for him: His position is no longer deteriorating.”

Enten continued:

A look at the polls shows that even as coronavirus cases and deaths rise, Trump remains within striking distancing of Biden. An Iowa poll out Wednesday from Monmouth University makes the point well. Trump comes in with 48% to Biden’s 45%, a 3-point margin and a result within the poll’s margin of error.

The current difference between the polls at this point and the result isn’t wide enough to suggest Biden has this locked away given how much polls have moved from this point to the election historically. Yes, Biden has held a relatively steady lead, which makes him a clear favorite.

But in a year in which we are facing unprecedented circumstances, Trump is staying in the hunt.

Enten’s assessment is decidedly less confident than liberal analysis from the last several weeks. Pollsters and pundits scoffed at the possibility of Trump reclaiming the lead ahead of the election, but a slew of new polls prove that Biden is far from taking the White House.

Do you think the 2020 election will fall out the same ways as the 2016 election based on the polls? Scroll down to the comments section to let us know what you think!

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117 Responses

    1. In what universe does Trump trail behind Biden?? Trump will win hands down. Is this not the same game they ran while Hillary was “in the game”? It didn’t work then and it’s even more ridiculous now.

    2. I voted for Trump the first time and I will vote for him again. I think that you will be surprised after all of the votes are in.

  1. You may not like all Trump says but he made promises in ‘16 and with all thru threw at him he made it all happen. Biden should be in a rest home but is sad what the progressives are doing to him. Trump deserves 4 more years for all the Dems put him through for the last 4 years. C’mon man (Joe quote).

    1. Maybe another 4 after him bring at war with the Democratic Party fir the majority of these 4 first round years. So a 12 year Presidency for him because of the hate and vile abuse and illegal actions forced against him and the lies……

  2. We receive mail in ballots here in Oregon but I take mine directly to the court house. I don’t want to take a chance on it being lost in the mail. I worry about supervision of the ones counting the ballots. There should be a Democrat and a Republican both counting the same ballots while each is supervised by a member of each party, then their figures compared to make sure they agree. Voter I. D. should be required to vote, especially since Oregon favors illegal immigrants.

    1. Oregon DOES have vote by mail problems: My deceased neighbor received a ballot for the primary election. The surviving spouse delivered a certified death certificate, in person to the county clerk FOUR MONTHS prior to the primary election. A business that schedules health care workers for disabled, and court ordered incompetent individuals received several ballots for deceased and court declared incompetent individuals. Voter ID should be required, I am a citizen and live in Oregon and totally agree with you.

      1. You are 110% correct Freda. Mark Twain said,” It is not he who votes that wins elections. IT is he who counts the votes”.

    2. I agree with Freda completely. It’s could serve greatly towards a solution to Voter Fraud, as we’re already hearing from the Primaries. I’m not a fan of mail-in voting, which the Democrats are trying to make part of the neit Stimulus package. I also don’t trust the polls & never have.

    3. Freda….I agree with you. I was counting votes in the election for the President back in CA and we did just that and it worked out well.

  3. Those of us who are strong supporters of Trump can’t speak out without having stupid people feel free to make dumb Inaccurate comments. People speak with their votes . Trump will be elected by a landslide . Does anyone want a president who doesn’t know where he is and gets more demented by the day

    1. I give you one better reason why we need him. In an unsteady world we live in unexpected things happen, and when they do, do you want a President who hides in a Basement worried about his own life, don’t care what happens to you, or do you prefer one who puts his own life on line out there trying to solve the problem with all that is to his disposal. In case of this Virus, nobody knew what the solution is and maybe there where some mistake’s made, but no on had a better solution Every day he was out there for us giving us hope. I don’t know about you, but I appreciated him not worried about him selfe but America and its people. I Pray for him and America every day. God bless America.

        1. Remember piles of mail in s have been found dumped by the mailmen who I guess can tell the difference right off! I called for my vote in place that has been used for 20 yrs, to be told they have not decided yet! I WANT TO VOTE IN PERSON IF I HAVE TO CRAWL! AND YES I AM *83!

        2. Yes, Corazon, the are indeed PROVEN Cheaters. They know they are losing and this mail in voting scam is just so all their illegals can vote……..without showing IDs or Citizenship………………also dead pets, and persons and cartoon characters. Stacey Abrams, et al, are filling out fake mail in vote sheets as we speak……

      1. I completely agree. You are spot on.
        I’d like to add: If it is considered safe to stand on a grocery line with a mask, then it is safe to stand in line and vote. If it’s okay to go out and protest in droves.
        It’s safe to stand in line and vote.
        I hope the veil of hate is lifted; then people can really see the truth.
        I too continue to pray for President Trump and America every day.
        God Bless America.

  4. If you dont vote for biden you aint black. I AINT BLACK and I damn sure aint no commie. Guess I will just have to vote for TRUMP.

  5. Trump in a landslide ! If Donald wouls lose 40 pounds and get a new tailor so his clothes woulld fit he’d win 50 to 0 in electoral college, His body language needs improvement.

    1. Hey no body shaming on Trump. You have to remember his tailor has to make his suits to accommodate his body armor. Sadly, in our society today, it is a must for our POTUS. That alone adds the look of more weight. Other than that, I say you are right on with the predictions. Trump 2020 in PA

  6. Many Democrats who voted for Obama…don’t want more of the same. I am sure that they will be voting for DJT.
    I have heard many “Walk-A-Way” Democrats saying the same thing: ” What have the Democrats in Congress done, since the last election, except bash President Trump?” They have blocked our elected president at every turn, but he has managed to accomplish many things that the American people wanted; which the MSM failed to report. The “Silent Majority” supports President Trump…and the polls mean nothing.

  7. Trump is the BEST PRESIDENT OF MY LIFETIME, he will TAKE the Presidency AGAIN!! Biden can’t even speak coherently, can you imagine him talking to Putin or Kim Jong without them scratching their heads???

  8. The American people are waking up! All the chaos caused by rioters only re enforces everyone’s opinion that democrats are no longer the party of the people! They want anarchy in this country and contrary to what the news seem to show, 90% want peace and to return to their lives! So of course our president will be re elected in 2020!

  9. President TRUMP will wins his Second 4 MORE YEARS, without any doubt! A vote for Biden is a vote for not wanting the BEST for America! He is not playing with a FULL DECK!

  10. The reported polls are all skewed toward Biden to make us think he is ahead but common sense tells us that isn’t true. And all know that .lying is a major D pastime.President Trump is good for another four years but it should be six for the way he has been treated. Four more for our President Trump.

  11. Trump 2020! We need to pray and appeal to God for his blessings back on America again! President Trump IS going to win. The democrats are throwing every conceivable thing they got at him. They accomplished nothing in the last few years but many failed attempts at removing the BEST President we have had in a Long time! Many of the swamp are scared ****less. You can see it all over the place. They think by destroying their own cities and causing mayhem they are ruining the President’s chances. They are only fooling themselves. I think WHEN President Trump wins the cabal will start rolling some heads. I think they are more afraid of the cabal then anything the President will do to them. President Trump 2020!!!

  12. I’ve posted this before but it is worth repeating. This election will be the most important in history thus far. And as such I firmly believe it will be contested just as the Bush/Gore election and finalized through legal action. The democrats have several plans to muddy the water some of which are already in the works (mail in voting). When you look at all they have done this last 3 and 1/2 years to remove this administration the big picture jumps at you. Any time left over from trying to sabotage the president has been spent in closed meetings planning ways to rig this election and take total control over the people. Their plans are to weaken the people’s rights to the point that they will have total control over us. This includes your rightful free speech, the teachings of your children, your right to defend yourself (gun control), destruction of law and order, most recently this coming of the digital monetary system so government will know everything (EVERYTHING) about your personal lives, and the destruction of the constitution which has protected us since the beginning. ALL citizens must make their own decisions in the election. Let us hope and pray that everyone will do their homework and make the right decision. If the wrong decision is made it will be the LAST decision we will have the right to make.

  13. It is beyond me how anyone would buy what Biden is selling. He cannot carry on a discussion without showing his inability to stay on track. It is pitiful to think his loved ones are allowing him to continously show his weakness. The US would lose all credibility if he had to speak to a foreign leader. Biden would destroy the US.


  15. I think Trump will win the White House with little or no problem. I support Trump and am voting for his return. Biden is the worst pick the Democrats could have chosen. But never the less I would not vote for any Democrat even for Dog Catcher.

  16. Democrats are communists, they are so hateful towards our President Trump and his supporters what a pathetic groups.

  17. Living in Tampa Florida and a regular voter I have never voted with out ID photo before a ballot was handed to me. I also voted in the day when an election was accurate and little to NO democrat cheating allowed with 1 day voting on 1st Tuesday in November in person. The democrat mob is responsible for all this many voting days

  18. Is the shortage of change in our stores an act by the left? They are trying to take away our freedom of speech, worship, rig elections and now our money. Then the government will own us.

  19. We all know why they keep saying Biden is ahead. Remember Hillary? This is already set up to say Trump didn’t win he cheated. They know Trump is going to win it’s going to be another 4 years of listening to the left that he’s not the President. Mark my words we will listen to the same idiots for another 4 years

  20. Democrats are cheaters- if they win, that is, if they count more votes, legal or illegal, there should be a revolution and major riots which will be horrible. It will be proven that they cheated and Trump will bE the next president. If many Dems are killed including Antifa, tough bananas, shoot them all. We need to win.

  21. All the above posts are just what I have been saying. Something shady is going on, just like in 2008 when Obutthead stold the election! There is nothing low enough for the demonrats to pull to rig this election! This is THE MOST IMPORTANT election of our lives! Our very freedom is at stake! If the demonrats manage to steal this election, we will no longer have a free country! Our rights will be gone, our soverignty as a country gone, we will be another Venezuela! We cannot let that happen! Our forefathers fought and died to keep us free, we CANNOT hand over our country to the destroyer! If anyone thinks the demonrats care about this country and our people, they are blind! The ONLY thing they care about is power and control! To them, we are useless eaters/ breathers to be controlled and exterminated if we object to THEIR agenda! We cannot give up, vote REPUBLICAN , kaga!!!!

  22. Trump gave us our country back four years ago & will do the same in 2020 he is not perfect ” like Obama ” but he loves the u.s. & believes in how great the u.s. is I live in Fla. For 6 months & will vote there for the greatest president of my time

  23. A vote for TRUMP is a vote for America and it’s true patriots a vote for Bribe em is a vote for the United Nations and the new world of oBUMa Clinton and Bribe em won’t be the President anyway it will be the D.N. C. or who ever he picks for his vice devil
    TRUMP 2020 ————— 2024. SEMPER FI.

  24. Trump will beat Biden by a landslide Bidens a crook and a liar that will sell out America too China and Russia

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