October 29, 2020

Hillary Clinton gives Biden a major fundraising boost

Former first lady Hillary Clinton has once again stepped into the election fray — but this time as a major contributor to presumptive nominee Joe Biden’s campaign. 

According to Breitbart, Clinton raked in $2 million for Biden’s campaign in a virtual fundraiser held on Tuesday.

Biden’s fundraising and campaigning efforts have been significantly disrupted by the coronavirus crisis, as the 87-year-old candidate has been forced to hunker down at home while the pandemic rages.

Not to worry though, as Clinton was more than happy to lend her star power to a fundraiser that Biden did not attend.

Politico reported that this event was significant because the funds raised by Hillary’s effort were “more than any Biden surrogate has collected at a single event without the candidate present, according to campaign and party officials.”

Biden has struggled to adapt his campaign strategy to the new normal, — that of virtual fundraisers and appearances — leaving his campaign strapped for cash while opponent Donald Trump continues to bring in record amounts of donations every month.

The Politico report pointed out that although the Biden campaign has seen a bump in fundraising recently, “The Trump operation said it had over $255 million in cash on hand at the end of last month, and new filings with the Federal Election on Monday reveals that Biden has much less,” coming in at $97.5 million.

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19 Responses

  1. All the money in the world won’t help Biden. These people just want power. They don’t give a shit about the people

  2. Joe Biden is to stupid to even be in the race and having Hillary giving him money is a play
    For the vice presidency! He’s bad enough with his luggage both with the traitor Hillary on his ticket it’s a sure lose!
    She would do the same as Obama run things in the background!

    1. Yes, and I hope she uses all her ill gotten gains and wastes it all on Biden and his insanity. They can both go down together! She is still refusing to follow the subpoenas so she will soon be out of money and in big, big trouble. Pack your bags Hitlery, you are going to prison!

      1. Marleen:. Your comment would be aa American drream come true. However, she will never run out of money in that she and Slick Willie more than filled their pocket and off shore bank accounts from their Russian friends and anyone else she could get money from for selling out the office of Secretary of State. Many liken this to “Prostitution” The only difference is a prostitute doesn’t cost the tax payers a Fortune.

    2. It will not do any good. Look how much money she spent on her campaign against President Trump. All it got her was a blameathan she blamed anybody and everything because she lost. I cannot believe people still donate to her.

  3. All the money in the world won’t help Biden. These people just want power they don’t care about Americans just illegals.

    1. Agreed. Look at Pelosi’s support for the terrorist regime of Iran and the SDEMS ( Socialist Dems.) Also, the support for the illegal aliens. Anyone anti-USA have become the allies of the SDEMS. THE America people now have seen and felt the awful stench of Socialist Democratic Governors; especially with the oppressive lockdown and arrest procedures. Thank goodness for the Justice Dept. ending most of these totalitarian acts of the SDEMS.

  4. First lying corrupt pay to play Hillary AND HER ILLEGALLYING FUNDED RUSSIAN DOCUMENTS and now blessed his little heart-DEMENTIA JOE!

  5. I totally agree! Hillary should be in jail along with all the other corrupt politicians! Why cannot we the people have a say about these matters! We want a free country, not evil people running our country!

    1. Amen. Plain & simple: I am sick to death of the “Vengeful, day care dealings of the far left” and the nasty “Fake News.” I see better behavioral skills in many daycare facilities. It is very unbecoming! I’m totally disgusted with the far left and would charge them with treAson and banish them all to Venezuela!

  6. You stupid democrats. He tried to stop it but you stupid people kept calling him racist. Trump has done more for this country (even with all the shit y’all have but him through for 3 1/2 years he kept doing his job. The democrats kept getting paid for just keeping crap going and still can’t find anything on him. Now it’s coming back biting them in the ASS cause now they are getting caught up with their lies. Would love to see all of them in a real prison. Not one where they are in air conditioning and eating steak everyday like Martha Stewart did. That’s not prison. That’s a vacation

  7. I had to chuckle at the typo stating Biden’s age as 87 because I think that is where his level of dementia puts him. I don’t think Hillary would benefit him in anyway as a running mate, but the 2 of them together would sure be a loser in the ballot box! She is such a mess and I fail to understand how anyone could still be enamored by her much less trust her with any funds! Guess she just is a great fit into that line of crooks!

  8. DemoRats will somehow put her in as treasurer and vice President I guarantee. Don’t see how anyone would let them in the white house, those two will turn the white house into the WHORE HOUSE and bring daughter Amy in for her role as the Madam!

  9. I wish people would donate money to homeless by building housing for them…billionaires need to spend money on real life issues like housing…

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