October 3, 2022

Clemency, not pardon, for Roger Stone

Contrary to some reports that President Trump’s associate, Roger Stone, has been absolved of his sins by President Trump, he hasn’t. Trump did not grant Stone a pardon, he commuted Stone’s prison sentence. Stone will still bear the federal convictions in his record, disqualifying him for government office and depriving him of the right to vote. Stone is still a felon. In other words, at this point, he is still being punished, but he won’t have to spend time in prison.

Stone appealed to the president for some sort of clemency, saying that going to prison would be a “death sentence” for him. He is 67 years old and not in the best of health.

The request to avoid prison due to coronavirus, when coming from a Trump supporter, is treated differently than the request to liberate thousands of criminals from prison to protect them from COVID-19. Stone must serve his sentence and anything less is the most corrupt of deeds a president can commit, according to Democrats. Nancy Pelosi, in an official statement, condemned the President, saying:

President Trump’s decision to commute the sentence of top campaign advisor Roger Stone, who could directly implicate him in criminal misconduct, is an act of staggering corruption.

But that is nonsense. The grueling and extended Mueller investigation unearthed no criminal conduct on the part of Roger Stone or President Trump.

Pelosi’s Senate counterpart, Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY), issued a similar statement, saying, “The American ideal of equal justice under the law is once again being undermined by a lawless president who regards the Justice Department as his personal plaything.”

Even as they huff about corruption, the Democrats’ response to the president’s action is purely partisan. They have been intent on punishing anyone that has the audacity to support the president since President Trump won the 2016 election. Their devotion to “the rule of law” only surfaces when they are trying to destroy a political opponent. When it comes to one of their own, they fall curiously silent. Former President Bill Clinton pardoned one of his cronies involved in the “Whitewater” scandal. According to the Wall Street Journal:

 …we recall Bill Clinton’s last-minute January 2001 pardon of Susan McDougal, who went to jail for contempt rather than tell prosecutors what she knew about Mr. Clinton’s Whitewater transactions. Worse, Mr. Clinton made public comments in the autumn of 1996 that suggested Ms. McDougal could expect the pardon she received.

Jonathan Turley, the constitutional scholar and only honest expert in the impeachment inquiry of Donald Trump and possibly the last honest Democrat said in a tweet,

President Obama granted clemency to almost 2,000 people, including the terrorist Oscar Lopez Rivera, who was convicted for participation in more than 120 bombings in the United States that killed 6 people and injured many more. According to the WSJ:

López Rivera was the “prime recruiter” for the terrorist group FALN, as well as “a key trainer in bombing, sabotage, and other techniques of guerrilla warfare,” according to his presentencing report. From 1974 to 1983, his group carried out more than 130 bombings, killing six. He has shown little remorse. Last month he insisted that “colonized people” have the right to use “all methods within reach, including force.”

Roger Stone is not a danger to society like Lopez Rivera. He was caught up in the corrupt Mueller investigation intent on unseating a duly elected president. President Trump is not corrupt, he is doing the right thing. He commuted Stone’s sentence, sparing him from a 40-month prison sentence that could have ended with a deadly case of COVID-19. Keep calm and carry on.


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