October 5, 2022

Chuck Schumer sounds the alarm over border crisis, says Biden must ‘do better’

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) stabbed President Joe Biden in the back on Thursday by announcing that Biden needs to act quickly to slow down the surge in illegal immigrants crossing the nation’s southern border. 

“They are rolling up their sleeves and working on this. I think it will get better in the next few months,” Schumer told ABC’s The View on Thursday. He added, “If it doesn’t, I will go to them and say, ‘You’ve got to do better.’ I will be public.”

Schumer supports immigration reform, yet urges a more cautious approach toward policy changes. Senate Democrats lost five members in 2014 after a bold amnesty push and endured four years of immigration limitations by former President Donald Trump.

The senator shared in his interview, “They’ve got to listen to the local communities, and they’ve got to listen to those men and women in green.”

“Our Border Patrol agents have not been vaccinated, not all of them. we have to get them vaccinated. We’ve got to get our NGOs vaccinated as we’re letting thousands of people [come] in,” Schumer added.

Schumer’s interview questions with Megahan McCain, daughter of the late Republican leader John McCain, turned personal. “His view is more like your father’s view and my view, which is compassionate but also competent,” Schumer said.

“One of the problems with the Trump administration is they had such incompetence. So they are rolling up their sleeves and working on this. I think it will get better in the next few months.”

McCain criticized Schumer’s support of Biden regarding treatment of unaccompanied minors. He responded, “But I’ve got to give them a little bit of a chance because they inherited a big, big mess created by Donald Trump.”

The Biden administration has continued to blame Trump for immigration problems along the nation’s southern border. However, recent events are directly attributed to Biden policy changes and require personal responsibility for both successes and failures.


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