October 6, 2022

Chris Wallace’s debate performance was a disaster

One of my favorite commentators is Eddie Scarry at the Washington Examiner. He’s always worth the read, but the bomb he dropped on Chris Wallace is really something, even for him.

Scarry writes: “Chris Wallace was always going to be a terrible choice as a moderator for any of the three presidential debates, let alone the first one, but good God, did he fulfill that destiny with flying colors.”

It’s true. Biden was terrible, but Wallace spent almost the entire debate bailing him out.

Scarry writes:

Even if you could prove that the president was the champion of interrupting every person on Earth, let’s talk about what Biden did: He told the president of the United States during a nationally televised debate to “shut up,” to “keep yapping,” and he called Trump a “clown.”

All of that actually happened, and not once did Wallace reprimand the former vice president. He might have perhaps even asked that Biden keep things civil, given that, you know, Biden’s whole thing is “restoring the soul of America.”

Who knew that restoring the country’s soul worked hand in hand with calling the president a “clown” and telling him to his face to “shut up”?

Read the full piece here.


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