October 6, 2022

Chris Wallace says he will be tested for COVID-19

Fox host Chris Wallace confirmed that he is going to be tested for COVID-19 after multiple attendees of Tuesday’s presidential debate tested positive.ย 

Though Wallace admitted that President Trump, who tested positive on Thursday, never came closer than 10 feet to him, he is still taking precautionary measures.

“There was no sign during the debate of any problems with the president in terms of his health, but it is worth noting that the different people treated the safety rules inside the hall differently,” said Wallace.

Prior to the debate, all attendees were tested for COVID-19 by the Cleveland Clinic. Wallace noted that everyone besides Democrat candidate Joe Biden, himself and President Trump were required to wear masks during the course of the debate — but that members of the first family also opted against wearing masks.

Wallace noted that at 72, he is within the high-risk category for COVID-19, and thus, “I will have to get a test because although I think I was far enough away, you know, we all take that question, ‘Were you exposed to somebody who was has tested positive for COVID?’ The answer is yes.”

The longtime Fox anchor also believes that President Trump’s positive diagnosis will have a “dramatic impact” on the election. With only a few weeks to go until election day, President Trump will be forced to spend at least half of the remaining days in quarantine — and that’s if there are no serious complications.


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