May 24, 2022

Chris Wallace speaks publicly on CNN+ collapse: ‘I am going to be fine’

Much to the certain amusement of former President Donald Trump, whose ire he stirred on more than one occasion, Chris Wallace – most recently of CNN+ fame – now finds himself out of a job due to the rapid and embarrassing demise of the fledgling streaming service and says he is unsure what might come next, as the New York Post reports.

Wallace departed Fox News late last year in memorable fashion, ultimately explaining his belief that the atmosphere at the cable news giant had become “unsustainable” following the 2020 presidential election, and revealing his plans to move to CNN’s new streaming platform to host an interview show.

However, Wallace’s new journalistic home suffered a catastrophic collapse in near-record time, shutting down roughly one month after its debut and leaving hundreds of staffers without work.

On Sunday, Wallace spoke publicly for the first time about his unexpected reversal of fortune during a live-streamed event with the Common Ground Committee, according to the Post, and indicated that he has yet to determine his next move.

“I am going to be fine. I’m in good shape, whether it’s at CNN or someplace else,” Wallace asserted when asked about his surprising situation. “Frankly, what I’m mostly concerned about right now – and very – is my team and hundreds of other people.”

Noting the significant scope of the collateral damage done by the swift demise of the streaming service, Wallace added, “There were 300 people, I think, that had jobs at CNN+. Some of them had left CNN to go to streaming, some of them had left other places, moved across the country, and so I think you’re seeing a lot of the anchors at CNN+ doing everything they can to protect the people that were working on their team.”

Earlier in his discussion with former CBS News correspondent and event moderator Jacqueline Adams, Wallace was asked whether there are “already enough choices for news sources out there” and if the days of streaming are “already over,” as Mediaite noted.

Wallace stated that with regard to CNN+, supposedly “smart people,” including former network chief Jeff Zucker, were certain that streaming was the future of the news industry, but that “[n]ow you have some equally smart people that have come in with a diametrically opposed view, these are the new bosses at CNN+… .”

Noting the speed with which Adams interjected the topic of the almost instantaneous failure of CNN+, Wallace said during the chat, “It’s an interesting thing and I’ve been a victim of all of this in the last week,” though many observers, perhaps Trump among them, might humbly suggest that the former Fox News anchor was actually the victim of something else – his own ego.

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