June 29, 2022

Chris Cuomo’s former producer reports he felt threatened

The former executive producer of “Cuomo Prime Time” has left her job and said she felt “threatened” by host Chris Cuomo, according to reports.

“I spent two years as EP on Chris’ show and I’m proud to have led it to #1 at CNN,” former producer Melanie Buck said, according to Deadline.

“We ultimately had significant differences, and I asked to leave the show. I have moved on and am looking forward to my latest role with CNN+,” Buck added.

Buck is slated as executive producer of morning programs in the report.

Donald Trump Jr. shared the revelation in a Twitter post alongside a report of the allegation from Page Six.

“Cuomo has yet to address the latest allegations on his show, much as he avoided commenting on his involvement in his brother’s sexual harassment scandal for much of his time on the air,” according to DailyWire.com.

Cuomo has already faced strong scrutiny over connections with his brother Andrew Cuomo, former Democratic governor of New York, who recently resigned following multiple scandals that included a report of sexual harassment of multiple women.

Chris Cuomo now stands in need of a new producer and perhaps a new makeover of his image following a year of problems that seem to keep piling up.

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