May 23, 2022

Chinese ship crossed Taiwan Strait ahead of China call with Biden

A Chinese aircraft carrier reportedly crossed through the Taiwan Strait just hours before President Joe Biden spoke by phone with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

“Around 10:30 a.m. the CV-17 appeared around 30 nautical miles to the southwest of Kinmen, and was photographed by a passenger on a civilian flight,” a source shared with Reuters.

“The USS Ralph Johnson, an Arleigh Burke guided missile destroyer, shadowed the carrier at least partly on its route. The Shandong did not have aircraft on its deck and sailed north through the strait,” the report added.

The event showed China flexing its military muscles in the face of the American president.

The incident also comes as Russia continues its invasion of Ukraine, with no strong response other than supplies and sanctions from the U.S. Both nations likely see the U.S. as weak following a failed Afghanistan departure and a struggling economy.

The new report only adds to Biden’s foreign policy woes, noting that America’s enemies feel emboldened to act as they wish with no fear of consequences.

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