June 30, 2022

Barr: Chinese Engaged In ‘Full-Court Blitzkrieg’ Against America

Bill Barr confirmed the evidence shows China poses a much bigger threat to American elections than Russia.

While appearing on Fox News, Laura Ingraham asked Barr about the most dangerous threat to the United States’ national security.

“In my opinion, it’s China,” Barr said. “And not just to the election process, but I think across the board — there’s simply no comparison. China is a very serious threat to the United States geopolitically, economically, militarily, and a threat to the integrity of our institutions given their ability to influence things.”

Ingraham asked Barr what his State Department is doing to combat China’s nefarious efforts. “The department is heavily engaged in that,” Barr responded. “In fact, that’s one of our highest priorities in the counterintelligence realm, counterespionage realm, and protection of trade secrets. [These are] our activities directed to defend against the Chinese.”

Barr didn’t stop there:

The Chinese are engaged in a full-court blitzkrieg of stealing American technology, trying to influence our political system, trying to steal secrets at our research universities and so forth — and we are focused on it. We have something we call the China initiative. We’ve brought a lot of indictments, but it’s something that we also have to expose by letting the business community understand the exact nature of the threat.

This isn’t a departure from Barr’s previous statements. Earlier, Barr said China “has emerged as the United States’s top geopolitical adversary” and “remains a dictatorship under which the Communist Party elite jealously guard their monopoly on power.”

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