June 29, 2022

Chief of staff to Marjorie Taylor Greene resigns

According to an announcement issued Friday, Patrick Parsons, chief of staff to Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), is stepping down from his position on Capitol Hill to join the broader fight to help elect what the congresswoman referred to as “America First” conservatives, as the Washington Examiner reported.

Greene made the news public on Twitter, saying, “I want to thank my Chief of Staff, Patrick Parsons, for helping me take the fight to the Socialist Democrats as I’ve transitioned into Congress.”

Parsons, a former gun-rights activist, himself issued a statement confirming his career move in which he praised Greene and outlined what he views as the massive challenges that lie ahead for conservatives in this country.

“The opportunity to have helped elect and serve as Chief of Staff for Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene has been the highlight of my professional career,” Parsons began.

Underscoring his continued admiration for the Georgia lawmaker, the outgoing chief of staff added, “Marjorie Taylor Greene is an America First superstar who has become one of the leading policy-influencers in our party today. She’s shaken up Washington, D.C., stood up to the Swamp and her own conference, disrupted business as usual, and showed Republicans how to fight and never back down.”

Giving a hint as to his next professional endeavor, Parsons declared, “America needs hundreds more MTGs in Congress and all levels of public service, and I’m going to help get them there.”

Echoing the sentiments regularly expressed by Greene herself, Parsons opined, “Americans are seeing our freedoms threatened and taken away by the Communist Biden Administration running our nation today,” adding, “I can do more to stop that threat working on the outside than in Congress… .”

Greene’s reputation as a conservative flamethrower has only grown in the roughly eight months she has served in the House, and she has courted controversy almost at every turn with her outspoken manner and dogged advocacy for the impeachment of President Joe Biden.

Though it was unclear as of this weekend who would fill Parson’s role on Greene’s staff, it seems all but certain that the incumbent candidate will be as deeply committed to the unwavering “America First” principles the congresswoman has trumpeted since her first day in office.

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