May 14, 2021

Chicago school snubs Obamas, will be renamed after late Rep. John Lewis instead

The Chicago-area Thomas Jefferson Middle School has changed its plans to rename the location to Barack and Michelle Obama Middle School, choosing to honor civil rights leader Rep. John Lewis instead.

The switch took place after local Latino groups opposed the change to Barack and Michelle Obama Middle School. The concerns focused on the former president’s record of deporting illegal immigrant, according to Fox News.

“I think [Obama] was a great president, and he did things to move us forward,” Waukegan School Board President Brandon Ewing said during a school board meeting Tuesday night.

“But just like we’re having the discussion about Thomas Jefferson, all men are flawed, and nobody’s legacies are perfect. I think we have a responsibility to listen to all constituents and weigh that in whatever decision we make.”

Fox News reported, “Three million people were deported during Obama’s eight years in office. A Washington Post report in 2019 found that Obama deported far more in the first three years in office than did President Trump.”

The Obama administration deported 1.18 million people in three years. Under former President Donald Trump, about 800,000 were deported during his first three years.

Five of the seven school board members voted in favor of naming the school after Lewis. The name change will take place on July 1.

The renamed John Lewis Middle School will honor the late Democratic Georgia Congressman. Lewis was known as a civil rights leader, passing June 17, 2020, at 80 years old.

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50 Responses

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    1. What a joke. No group of people did more for Blacks then the Republican Party. Odumbo was and still is a joke. They should had named the school after DONALD J. TRUMP.

      1. Ovomit was nothing but a smooth talker, was nothing but a complete failure, he could tell you, you were going to the gallows at noon the next day and moronic people would thing it was great

      2. Amen , Oblama was one if the worst presidents ever in the history of this country. He is a legend in his own mind well maybe his old lady’s too . and those that have no common SENCE . And that is a very big problem today . and stems PLUMB to the tip top of GOVERNMENT as well. These DAMOCRAPS must be on a acid trip they can’t come down from. And has become a country killer clan of thugs that should be in prison and in front of a firing squad.

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  3. What ever happened to the custom of NOT naming public property for living persons?
    Personally, I wouldn’t name a pigpen for Obuma, dead or alive.

  4. Boo Hoo! Ask me if I care about either. I don’t know why schools have to named after people anyway since no matter who gets anything named after them, you just can’t make everyone agree/happy! Just away with that concept and name a school (i.e) after the neighborhood or anything that is neutral.

  5. And what was the problem with KEEPING the name Thomas Jefferson Middle School? Since, by the school boards rhetoric, all men are flawed and therefore the Obamas are off the list, what makes Thomas Jefferson MORE flawed than John Lewis? Could it be his SKIN COLOR? Reverse racism at its “finest”, eh?

    1. YUP, it’s all about the skin color. I am sure that at some point we will see “GEORGE FLOYD HIGH SCHOOL”


  7. Where did this creature who was a community organizer that became a Senator, and the President have the time to become all of a sudden a millionaire. Where did the money come from????????????????????????
    3 Million dollar PLUS homes which are located in Washinton DC. Martha’s Vineyard, & Hawaii. How about an investigation??????????

    1. why wasn]t it looked into a long time ago???? oh thats right he wasn;t a Trump. We did not have a legal election. President Trump and his family were bullied during his time in office shame on this country. We have become a laughing stock. I was raised to show respect of authority and my elders look around you where is it Sorry but bulling- rioting -shooting- destroying property-things do not earn respect. I will not be voting again I will not waste my time.

    2. Agree! Obama, Michelle are nothing but a corrupt racist, anti American despicsable creatures! Obama needs to be in jail , kicked out of the country ,! Why do do.may people favor this evil creature ! But always putting Trump down!?

  8. Screw the school board and obuma lewis and the rest of the democratic racist and don’t forget b l m. antifa

  9. I wouldn’t name anything after Obama’s. He was the worst president in my lifetime. All this racists crap started with them and especially Michelle with he Oh is me BS. Ever come to mind they just didn’t like your attitude and color of you skin had NOTHING to do with it. Democrats and Media have spewed hate and false racism narrative for years and it needs to stop, It is causing so much hate and violence it is pathetic what they have done; Lies about everything. I personally have several black friends who I think the world of. I am not saying all police have handled things right but dam it they have a right to defend themselves. They are being ambushed constantly and attacked. If people just comply to what they are asked there would not be the problems there are today. Course you have Antifa and BLM that look for any excuse to riot and destroy. What about all the black on black murders? What about the 13 year old white girl shot by a black teen in Virginia, You don’t hear a dam thing about that. This whole racism thing is getting old real fast. We are all Gods children, STOP the nonsense.

    1. Very well said and very true ,I could care less anymore ,I’m sick and tired of the nonsense of all the Left and those that support them.

  10. Reverse racism in all its glory. Yeah, America, let’s rename all statues in name of flawed darkies. Lol

  11. Obama and Lewis are both Marxist, so what difference
    does it make which one it was named after.

  12. LOL 😂, very funny. Personally I didn’t care for either one of them. I think they’re both Racist all they see is the color of a person’s skin.

  13. The only thing Obama deserves is to shut his f’ing mouth–He must think he is still in charge but guess what moron-you are NOT people can NOT stand you and we all wish you’d leave OUR country–yes that’s right OUR country nor yours.

  14. Don’t kid yourself Obama was snickering knowing that he’ll get them back when he takes the synagogue over in Israel and saying he is God

  15. Yes——-any one could have been a better president than that (so-called one) past “PRESIDENT” ?!?! LOL. My mother for one right now could have been a better president than that “ONE” and also better than this thing that stole the WH from the true “PRESIDENT” D.J.T._______ Did I share with you that she has been dead for 17 years now?—–so name the school after her , she was a wonderful personality that loved our country.

  16. Obama showed what he was when serving as President. A racist hater of Police when he said they were against all Blacks. He told of how he was treated by Cops. That was just one of his many lies.

  17. obama is biracial not black african american. his mother was white. his sister is white in color. he was adopted by his 2nd father Soetoro goes by barry soetoro . went to schools here name on record barry soetoro not obama all this was a set up starting yrs and yrs ago and done with soros. also on school record showed he was not born in america. shd never have been president in the first place. against law. to be pres must be born in this cty. he was born in kenya. nobody liked him even black people didnt like him. what did he do for the black people. he is a millionaire today and does not give anything to help the black people. whether u r blk white yellow brown what difference does it make if u r not a good human being. u dont change names on statues shd have left it the way it was. that is history. u cant just change history to make people happy. that was not right. glad his name is not on it for anything doesnt deserve anything. did nothing for this cty but BS smooth talker doesnt make a great pres. pres trump spoke to the people as we speak and look at all the great things he did which biden the old tired puppet is changing everyday. his wife shd be ashamed letting them take up and down from his basement. sick doesnt know what he is saying. if she really cared abt him knowing his dementia she shd never have let him run. period. how smart can this one be. also this dr. crap is just crap. just a teacher nothing more nothing less.

    1. Americans’ ignorance of the hoax couple Obama contributed to the state of emergency we are fighting now. Michael/ Michelle/ transgender/adopted girls from Morocco and Barry Soetoro are destroying our nation, our dignity, our sovereignty, our culture, our lives with the virus imported from China. Obama opened the borders to Muslims and Communist countries to annihilate our rights and freedom. We are experiencing the worst experience of America destiny because of the intruder Obama born in Kenya from a white communist mother and a black Muslim brotherhood father with forged birth certificate was elected president for 8 years with the complaisance of Republicans and Democrats. Shame of this Deep State dirty politics.

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