June 15, 2021

CEO of third-largest US school district resigns

Janice Jackson, the CEO of Chicago Public Schools (CPS), the nation’s third-largest school district, announced on Monday that she will be resigning, according to The Associated Press. Jackson’s resignation is the third in a string of high-profile school leadership resignations within the last several months. 

Jackson has led CPS since 2018. During her tenure, she has led a 2019 strike and directed the school system during the pandemic that left more than 360,000 students learning from home.

The CEO had been attacked by Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D) for making the return to in-person learning difficult.

“While I feel there is still more work to be done in CPS, I also believe it is time to pass the torch to new leadership for the next chapter,” Jackson wrote in a letter, according to the AP.

Jackson is not alone in her departure from CPS. The AP also noted LaTanya McDade, the next in leadership in the school system, will leave following the school year for a new role in Virginia.

The resignation marks a concerning trend of high-ranking school officials leaving office this year. Breitbart News reported Wednesday, “The chiefs of America’s three largest public school districts have resigned within two months of each other.”

The report noted the changes took place “following a tumultuous year marked by school closures due to the coronavirus pandemic, the introduction of remote learning, and battles with teachers’ unions over resuming in-person learning.”

As students expect to return to more normal school schedules in the fall of 2021, many will find new leaders seeking a fresh start following a turbulent academic year.

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12 Responses

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  3. This is another illustration of (American Digest’s) immature third grade level headline’s. Tell me who knows who Janice Jackson is? How many people in the nation know who Janice Jackson is other than people in Chicago. Is Chicago the whole nation? Apparently it is according to who ever writes the headlines for American Digest. This is the headline “Breaking: she’s quitting, Resignation stuns nation.” Really? The headline is attempting to make you believe that someone in a high level national governmental possession is quitting. That’s deceitful, misleading, and utterly dishonest.

  4. You are correct, Ronald Pease, and this type of scam has been going on for a very long time. It’s a shame that too many people still fall for it.

  5. More to the point it’s time Chicago grows up and dumps Lightfoot, but hen again, Chicago has never been an example of civility.

  6. YATTA,YATTA,YATTA and America continues to deterioate..
    Cordell’s post above finally sums it up.As long as Bolshevic
    Biden remains in the Presidencial Impersonators position
    these bits and pieces of so called news worthy headlines
    can be used to fill in the spaces that contain the real disaster
    that is ongoing with the internal enemies of the Country we
    call home.
    When the great spirit desides to give this Country a enema
    he is going to stick the hose right through the doors of congress.!

  7. Hooray now apply nationwide, for all other school districts, Yes
    Chap 7 schools
    Reuse schools for Local area needs
    Save $$ since no schools to fund, Hooray

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