August 14, 2022

CEO of Hunter Biden-linked firm says incriminating emails are accurate

As many in the mainstream media and sitting members of Congress continue to write off a growing pile of evidence that Hunter Biden was involved in lucrative pay-for-play schemes while his father, former Vice President Joe Biden, was in the White House, their ability to maintain cover for the Bidens became increasingly more difficult on Thursday.

Just The News reported this week that Tony Bobulinski, CEO of a Hunter Biden-connected firm known as Sinoawk Holdings, confirmed that the emails discovered on Hunter Biden’s laptop — which suggested Joe Biden was in on the influence-peddling scheme — are genuine, according to a statement from Bobulinski.

Bobulinski, who took part in a press conference just hours before the start of Thursday night’s presidential debate,  made clear in his statement which was first reported by Breitbart, that a particular email from Hunter Biden’s laptop which detailed percentages of ownership in a venture included both Hunter Biden and his father, referenced in the email as “the Big Guy.”

“The reference to ‘the Big Guy’ in the much-publicized May 13, 2017, email is, in fact, a reference to Joe Biden,” Bobulinski wrote in his statement while claiming he has virtually mountains of incriminating evidence on a number of mobile phones that he offered to relinquish to the FBI for further investigation.

Doubling down, the whistleblower also made clear that his revelations confirming the authenticity of the emails wasn’t personal, but were spurred after news of the laptop and Hunter Biden’s dealings hit national airwaves.

“I don’t have a political axe to grind; I just saw behind the Biden curtain and I grew concerned about what I saw,” Bobulinski said. “The Biden family aggressively leveraged the Biden family name to make millions of dollars from foreign entities even though some were from communist-controlled China.”

Bobulinski’s explosive revelations quickly caught the attention of both the FBI and top Republicans in the U.S. Senate, including Senate Homeland Security Chairman Ron Johnson, who was supposed to meet with the Sinohawk Holdings CEO on Friday.

According to the Washington Examiner, the meeting with multiple Senate committees was postponed due to Bobulinski first agreeing to meet with the FBI.

If even half of what Bobulinski is claiming about Joe Biden’s involvement in Hunter Biden’s overseas dealings is true, serious questions will need to immediately be raised concerning the elder Biden’s ability to run for the presidency if he’s been compromised in any way.

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Betty J Walter (@guest_1066708)
1 year ago

Was there any doubt??? I will be so glad when this election is over, our country really needs attention to it’s odinary. So much unlawfulness, I thank God every day that we are coming to the end of this election! Too much anger, very unhealthy.

11B10GRUNT (@guest_1066740)
Reply to  Betty J Walter
1 year ago

It is what the worthless dems want…is there any doubt..I will give it right back to them!!

James 75th Regiment (@guest_1066745)
Reply to  11B10GRUNT
1 year ago

Oh Yeah, Obama (aka;) Chim Chim and Hunter were probably hitting the pipe together and making millions, plus the little Chinese girls on this laptop, now that’s a model citizen…

SGT Preston (@guest_1066760)
Reply to  Betty J Walter
1 year ago

I will accept this news as “real news” when I see the FBI putting handcuffs on Sleepy, Creepy, Uncle Joe. These Libtard democrabs have a tendency to do those things, but somehow seem to miss out on the just punishment that should be theirs. Prime example: Hillary Clinton (The “Secret Server” girl”), Uranium I, the Clinton cover-up (CBA-Covering Bill’s A**”). BHO’s pay-off to the Arabs, etc.

Tommie Walker (@guest_1066810)
Reply to  SGT Preston
1 year ago

100% Correct!!!!! BHO gave Iran $150 Billion in cash (under cover of darkness & using one of our C-130’s to ship it), Just before he left office!!!!!….. >>> Swept under the rug & radar!!!!! I WILL NOT FORGET THAT!!!!

Jeanne (@guest_1066738)
1 year ago

I hope they all get what they deserve. If President Trump isn’t re elected, they will make this stuff so quickly you wont know what hit you. I am disgusted with the way the FBI has gone Rogue and are actually acting against the will of the people of America, and they are the Deep state. But not all in the FBI are bad. There are rank and file men and women who are leaking what is really happening, while being careful so not to lose their jobs. I believe that this will come to fruition IF and WHEN President Trump is Re Elected. We need 4 more years to finish draining the very deep swamp.

Art Rader (@guest_1066758)
Reply to  Jeanne
1 year ago

Totally concur. You hit the nail n the head!

Robin Andrews (@guest_1066860)
Reply to  Jeanne
1 year ago

Since President Trump has signed executive orders to be able to fire these government ppl. This will bring about a huge change to our government. I believe it’s the start to eradicate all these who don’t stand for the American ppl n our constitution.

Josephine Lara (@guest_1066878)
Reply to  Robin Andrews
1 year ago

And save ALL the wasted MONEY these so called American workers continue to rack in for doing NOTHING, NADA, Zero, on OUR tax payers money! Heard years ago how many sit and play games on their computers, take long coffee breaks, visit with others or talk on their cells! ABOUT TIME!

Helene Barton (@guest_1066741)
1 year ago

I heard the Ukraine wants him now!

Roger D Mann (@guest_1066743)
1 year ago

Trump/Pence 2020 landslide!

Bev Padjune (@guest_1066829)
Reply to  Roger D Mann
1 year ago

Amen!!! Go Trump!!!!!! BEST PRESIDENT EVER!!!!!!

Justice For All (@guest_1066748)
1 year ago

Trump was right all along! And just look how he has been treated in their effort to keep the truth hidden! Everything they have accused Trump of doing, they are guilty of themselves. Can you say “Projection”? What a disgusting bunch of criminals! This news should be front and center! Biden should automatically be taken off the ballot!!! Disqualified! Keep draining the Swamp!!!
Trump 2020 🇺🇸
Keep America Free!
It’s what’s best for our country!!!

BidenLies (@guest_1066749)
1 year ago

Come on America let’s powerhouse Trump across the finish line and show Democrats we not going settle for bunch of stupid crap new laws they want to push upon all of us.

Bill (@guest_1066753)
1 year ago

I sure wish he had met with the Senators first and gave them the phones. After finding out that the FBI has had Hunter’s laptop for over a year with out even bringing it to the attention of the President or the public, makes me doubt that this will be any different. Hopefully, Babalinski made copies of everything on his phones so it won’t be lost forever. .

Ganavar (@guest_1066754)
1 year ago

Good to see the Biden’s finally getting a bit of what they have coming. To think, Joe and Hunter Biden sat and said nothing while their treasonous party tried to impeach the president of this nation – and remove Him from office – for allegedly doing what the DemonRat Biden’s actually did do! Outrageous. Serve your country: defund and disband the demonRats!

Thomas Graney Sr (@guest_1066761)
1 year ago

If Biden is elected, he will be beholden to China, Russia and Iran. The people on the east coast will see their heating bills increase exponentially and you won’t be thinking of the (Cv) China Virus just survival.

paw paw (@guest_1066762)
1 year ago

I think we can all safely believe that everything the Democrat Party has thrown at Trump has already been committed by THEM! They are SO corrupt they think everyone else thinks just like them!! LOCK THEM UP!!! Preferably in Gitmo!! Imagine if one of us did just a small fraction of what they’ve done, WE would probably be jailed for the rest of our lives or in front of a firing squad!

Bev Padjune (@guest_1066830)
Reply to  paw paw
1 year ago

Yes why don’t the DEMS ever go to prison for what they do?????

Texas Rose (@guest_1066763)
1 year ago

Now, that’s make more sense. Did joe and hunter Biden visit China more than couple times in the past? Did they own $$$ to china? I am sure they do. They put Americans life in serious danger with the covid/pandemic. Look at how they did to our Americans people and life – Covid. Other Democrats/ Corruption are involving and covering up for Biden. Remember Biden was with Obama and his corrupt as well. This is why Joe Biden is trying to protect his families and most himself. Please don’t let Biden win the president or otherwise we will have a huge fight with Biden-Harris. Our country will be sold out to China in due to $$$ laundering matter. If you love and be proud of your amazing American country, it’s about time to start voting for Trump. Trump is fighting for you, our country and our Greatest American Country.
Don’t let Bidens/Harris take us to the cleaner.

Trump will win this re-election, God Bless Trump/Pence and all the American people.
God Bless our American country.

jjofaz (@guest_1066765)
1 year ago

We’re Mad as hell! And we’re not going to take it any more! The swamp is leaking stinking sh*t and it is time it is drained! Out! Out! You damn crooks! All of you in Congress, the Senate, the FBI, the CIA, the Pentagon, all the behind the scenes bastards too. Get out of D.C. before the truth comes out and you’ll never be able to apply for a job again. It was taxpayer $$$ that supported your criminal behavior and it will be taxpayer $$$ that will put you behind bars. Biden your time in office will be served behind bars.
You go in as lowly servants and come out millionaires. Trump is the only one who has taken a loss in his job. And yet YOU had the nerve to investigate the only honest man in D.C. Shame on all of you.

Tom (@guest_1066767)
1 year ago

Kind of interesting isn’t it? The Democrats wish to elect a senile, woman abusing, chronic lying, felonious criminal for President. My guess is they all take huge amounts of drugs. Nothing else explains it.

Pretty Texas (@guest_1066769)
1 year ago

Covid-19, come from Obama, Joe Biden and his hunter Biden and the bad democrats.

Texas Rose, you are correct. If we don’t get Trump to win the re-elections. We are screw up for good. China will take control over our America country. Joe Biden was with Obama and his corruption gangs. They owe $$$ to china. I am going to vote for Trump again .

I am not letting no china controlling my American country. I will fight for my own right

God bless our Americans people and You.

George (@guest_1066776)
1 year ago

This makes Joe Biden a national security risk. It should disqualify him from being president. This will fall right into Swamp Queen Pelosi’s plan to remove him from office so Kamala Harris can move n to the Oval Officew.

DONALD (@guest_1067016)
Reply to  George
1 year ago

and pelosi ‘s V.P.

Randy Justice (@guest_1066781)
1 year ago

Why is it that when the government got wind of President Trump talking to foreigners over the phone, the next day they were already in the process of impeaching him but when they are given indisputable evidence on a computer and three cellphones, and a witness that is willing to testify in court that Biden and his entire family are breaking the law in almost every way possible that they do not do a dam thing for over 10 months ?? Something smells really bad about this !!! It seems to me that the FBI is covering for the criminal Biden family !! Is there nobody else that thinks that the FBI is still full of the same crooks that Obama put there years ago ?? Come on people, there is a chigger in the woodshed somewhere, It would seem that the FBI is as big a criminal organization as the Biden family !!! THEY ALL SHOULD BE PUT IN PRISON AND EVERYBODY KNOWS IT !!! WASHINGTON D.C. REALLY IS A SWAMP THAT’S FULL OF DISGUSTING VERMON !!!

toots (@guest_1066784)
1 year ago

Problem is that the FBI is the problem along with CIA and DOJ. FBI’s role is as the dem/commie protection agency has been for a long time. You dont think Hillary, Comey, Brennan, Clapper, McCabe, strzok, rice, and all the others haven’t been arrested because they broke the law, and Stone, Flynn and other working for Trump were arrested for nothing was by accident. No the FBI protects deep state scum and attacks and tries to destroy any others.

Donald Smith (@guest_1066824)
1 year ago

Many of us has been saying on Facebook how corrupt the comidemo’s are and what did we get???? Kicked off Facebook for 3days. I’ve been kick off twice. Now it comes to the surface that we were right, did FB say sorry?? No!! Did they say you were right to any of us?? No!! FB is as guilty as any of them. Biden and his whole family ought to be jailed for life along with Pelosi, Clinton’s, Schumer, Sanders, and most likely about 3/4 of the house and 1/4 of the Senate. Every Democrat Mayor, Governor and any official that defunded their police depts. Let’s carry them out on a rail, tared and feathered.

Bev Padjune (@guest_1066831)
Reply to  Donald Smith
1 year ago

AMEN AMEN!!!!!When I think of all of the corruption going on and the media just ignoring it it really makes me sad right is right!! Reelect President Trump-he is the onlyone fighting for the American people Wake up America

Mike (@guest_1066936)
1 year ago

If the Dems win, it will have been fixed by corruption. Anyone that votes for Dems is stupid beyond belief and has no sense of responsibility. I sense a real problem with rigged ballots and voter intimidation by BLM who should be shot if they interfere.
Trump must win and shoot his way in if necessary. That’s how dire this is- Soros will stop at nothing and he and his family need to be exterminated once and for all so the free world can see what it takes to be free.

Donald Wilton (@guest_1067065)
1 year ago

where is the video of Biden admitting he had the guy investigating his son and the company he worked for fired by the

where is the tape showing that shows Biden admitting he would not give money to the Ukrainian Government until they fired the prosecutor investigating his son and the company he worked for? I have seen it on Fox and on the internet until they started blocking anything detrimental to Biden. He is on tape bragging about what he did in his own words. Why are you not rebroadcasting that it could not be any clearer he did exactly what they tried to Impeach Trump for.

John Steven Adams (@guest_1067073)
1 year ago

Doesnt everyone know by now what a sleezeballBiden is. A Real Skunk



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