May 24, 2022

CDC reveals natural immunity protected better than vaccines against Delta variant

Natural immunity from individuals previously infected with COVID-19 showed stronger levels of protection against the Delta variant than the vaccine, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) revealed in a study on Wednesday.

According to the study, the natural immunity’s protection against the Delta variant was stronger than natural immunity against the earlier form of the virus.

The Biden administration has often downplayed natural immunity in its push to increase vaccination rates among Americans. This study shows that at least with the Delta variant, natural immunity may be more effective than the vaccines.

The authors of the study continued to encourage vaccination despite the study’s results.

“A Covid vaccination helps protect by creating an antibody response without the person having to experience severe illness and death,” Benjamin Silk, a CDC scientist and one of the authors, said. “Vaccination provides safer protection.”

The new study will certain boost the value of the natural immunity view of the virus, though the CDC may not change its recommendations based on the new information.

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