October 2, 2022

CDC now estimating coronavirus infections are ten times greater than reported

It’s something that’s been hinted at by antibody studies, but not openly confirmed till now.

In a bombshell announcement today, the CDC is estimating that coronavirus infections in the United States are likely 10 times higher than reported.

That sounds like bad news, but it’s actually good. Why? Because deaths are reported much more accurately than infections, it’s likely that the new case estimate brings the anticipated death rate much much lower.

“Our best estimate right now is for every case reported, there were actually 10 other infections,” CDC Director Robert Redfield told reporters Thursday.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Redfield said the estimates came from infection surveillance and serology testing, which looks for the presence of antibodies in the blood to show if the person has been exposed to the virus. The CDC focused its early efforts on testing people who were showing symptoms of the coronavirus infection, avoiding those who were asymptomatic and unknowingly transmitting the virus.

“It causes significant asymptomatic infection,” Redfield said. “That’s the traditional approach of looking for symptomatic illness and diagnosing it obviously underestimated the total amount of infections.”

If the true case count is as high as Redfield said, that would mean the mortality rate is much lower than reported.

While the media will likely seek to incite hysteria about the findings, the news is good.

The road ahead will be long, but the disease is not as deadly as initially feared.


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