May 19, 2022

CDC now estimating coronavirus infections are ten times greater than reported

It’s something that’s been hinted at by antibody studies, but not openly confirmed till now.

In a bombshell announcement today, the CDC is estimating that coronavirus infections in the United States are likely 10 times higher than reported.

That sounds like bad news, but it’s actually good. Why? Because deaths are reported much more accurately than infections, it’s likely that the new case estimate brings the anticipated death rate much much lower.

“Our best estimate right now is for every case reported, there were actually 10 other infections,” CDC Director Robert Redfield told reporters Thursday.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Redfield said the estimates came from infection surveillance and serology testing, which looks for the presence of antibodies in the blood to show if the person has been exposed to the virus. The CDC focused its early efforts on testing people who were showing symptoms of the coronavirus infection, avoiding those who were asymptomatic and unknowingly transmitting the virus.

“It causes significant asymptomatic infection,” Redfield said. “That’s the traditional approach of looking for symptomatic illness and diagnosing it obviously underestimated the total amount of infections.”

If the true case count is as high as Redfield said, that would mean the mortality rate is much lower than reported.

While the media will likely seek to incite hysteria about the findings, the news is good.

The road ahead will be long, but the disease is not as deadly as initially feared.

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Grin n barrett (@guest_1013817)
1 year ago

Watch the loons on the hard left use this as a weapon against Trump. They will demand the economy close down….again….until AFTER the election. They can’t compete against Trump with the economy. Apparently no one can. He knows what he is doing. They need the public locked behind closed doors, not working, so the economy can continue to fail…so their dementia riddled candidate can try to win.

Theresa Bettle (@guest_1014133)
Reply to  Grin n barrett
1 year ago

Trump will NOT shut the country down again. God is with him and we the people. TRUMP 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

scott hottle (@guest_1014371)
Reply to  Theresa Bettle
1 year ago

Yes, thumb up, Amen!

Edith A Zang (@guest_1014134)
Reply to  Grin n barrett
1 year ago

Yes, I fully agree. They claim there is a large number of new infections, but that only means that far more people are tested. The democrats are grabbing at straws to turn the public against Trump, by saying that infection rates are increasing.

jan (@guest_1014140)
Reply to  Grin n barrett
1 year ago


Lavon (@guest_1014146)
Reply to  Grin n barrett
1 year ago

Stand tall and firm, Mr President against the horde that is pushing against you. They will NOT PREVAIL…

Janice l Lavina Crawford (@guest_1014150)
Reply to  Grin n barrett
1 year ago

Trump for 2020!

John (@guest_1014153)
Reply to  Grin n barrett
1 year ago

This virus is way out of hand global death rates are actually down ,and the masks and stay home has absolutely nothing to do with it ,in other words the virus is bullshit at its worst ,total distraction ,every election year theres a new virus ,all you need to do is look back in history and you will see Ebola one election stars another it’s the same old thing every time ,do not be fooled into the bs virus !!!

Nina Farley (@guest_1014158)
Reply to  Grin n barrett
1 year ago

👍👍Totally agree!!

Tony (@guest_1014333)
Reply to  Grin n barrett
1 year ago

Hell with all the lies and crap that was dumped on our President since day one , was to keep him out of his race , and since he won , that evil crap been following him ever since , and what is taking place in our country with this coronavirus ,followed with the riots , is all part in him losing in this coming election , and this crap with the news media blasting it in our faces day in and day out , will not cease until after the election is over , “But what would happen if the news media was to be shut down ,with no more political news , until election was over , Hell with everything else that been shut down , why not the political news media as well , and to prove a point , dose one think that if Hillary R. Clinton had gotten in power of running our country , Dose one think or fell that those in the Republican party would of jumped all over her, like those Democrats are doing to Trump , and we most likely would not be seeing and hearing of these riots as well , and this evil crap is all about the Democrats wanting to get back in control again ,for which they should never get in control again , not now and well into the future , why is because the lives of those that are young ,and that are to be born to those in the future , would be living a lot worse , then we are seeing taking place in our country today , and it is past time for all people to wake up , and keep a real leader in power of our country ,and That is none other then Donald J. Trump , that he is here for all of us that believe in our country , that has nothing to do with ones collar , race are religion , But it doe go with our freedom , liberty and justice for all . and that is what is at stake with this election coming up this NOV. 2020 , and we the people must all band together ,to make sure our president remains in power of our country.

PLT (@guest_1014359)
Reply to  Grin n barrett
1 year ago

Of course, they skyrocketed its what the democrats wanted its one of the reasons they sat back and watched their cities burned. BLM admitted the main goal is to get rid of Trump and if we don’t start doing what they want they will burn this country down. I see a lot of people buying more guns

Rodger Shull (@guest_1014126)
1 year ago

LIARS FIGURE and FIGURES DO NOT LIE, so what low-lifer is out cooking the books and for who. ???? Who has the most to gain for fraudulent numbers, ???/ I say the demo-communist do.

jan (@guest_1014142)
Reply to  Rodger Shull
1 year ago


WILLIAM GORDON (@guest_1014128)
1 year ago

The democratic are respomible for all this along with the commie/socialist–Most of those are here illegally–time all the demstators are fully arrested -put in a holding in the desert awaiting trial- no excuses

AD (@guest_1014129)
1 year ago

The left is back on the virus again.they pushed racism got BLM spreading the virus .u wint hear ut from the media. ..thats racist!! Pelosi is thinking she is a genius. She is a sick evil witch..

Edith A Zang (@guest_1014135)
Reply to  AD
1 year ago

Yes, she is an evil witch, and looks like one, even.

Tony (@guest_1014345)
Reply to  Edith A Zang
1 year ago

To Edith A. Zang , Nancy Pelosi would look more at home if she wore the witch hat with her riding the broom with the stick in her hand and not a gavel .

James R. Mahan (@guest_1014130)
1 year ago

I have been saying this since the on set. If you immune compromised stay home. The rest go to work! It’s a bug that is no worse than the Flu.

UNIQUE bernstein (@guest_1014157)
Reply to  James R. Mahan
1 year ago


PLT (@guest_1014391)
Reply to  James R. Mahan
1 year ago

You all be careful their finding people that have already had the virus after 30 days are catching it again their worst fear is the immunity if it only last 30 days we’re going to have a big problem. So dont go hugging on grandma because u think its safe .Forget about hating Trump and start opening your eyes the dems are standing up for a government that puts people in camps and harvest their organs a government that is destroying all other religions but the worship of the communist government and their here in this country. Trump is shutting down their communication businesses. I wish he could hit the education system because they are dumbing down our kids and indoctrinating them in high school and college send your kids to a trade school they make good money and THEY can find a job a.

Meredith Weston (@guest_1014131)
1 year ago

The whole COVID thing is a humongous lie! The deaths are all wrong…especially when doctors are getting a huge bonus for putting Covid as a cause of death even if a person died from something that is totally different!

Don (@guest_1014132)
1 year ago

The CDC’s comments are bigoted and worthless. I’m tired of their double talk. Get an adult in charge or get rid of them..

Edith A Zang (@guest_1014137)
Reply to  Don
1 year ago

People who work for the CDC are substandard “scientist”, only looking forward to their pensions. Good scientists are working in non-profit research.

Julie (@guest_1014136)
1 year ago

I don’t really care how many more cases are being reported, I am only interested in how many deaths there are. Has that increased significantly? I don’t think so, otherwise, that number would be first and foremost on every media outlet in America. Only an idiot would be surprised by the uptake in the number of cases, we are, after all, testing many, many more people every day. Of course, there are going to be a large number of cases. Let’s move on.

Edith A Zang (@guest_1014141)
Reply to  Julie
1 year ago

Yes, but there are too many idiots who believe everything that the left wing is saying.
The number of cases are only increasing because of increased testing.

Edith A Zang (@guest_1014139)
1 year ago

Deaths and hospitalizations are not increasing, only the number of people with positive tests.

Lisa Freeman (@guest_1014145)
1 year ago

I agree, the more tested the more cases. Yes we need to protect our elderly and people who’s immune system is compromised, just like the flu or any virus. But this they already should know and take precautions for any cold, flu or viruses and infections. This media craming it down every day is for people to be afraid and not want to go vote and allows the Democrats to try to control the November elections. They will stop at nothing, so we must fight these demons from ruining our country. I pray there fear mongering doesn’t cost us the election. Be strong, vote in person and don’t let them control the narrative. God Bless you all.

Diana Talmadge (@guest_1014147)
1 year ago

More lies from the left wing-nuts! Two weeks ago, all of the protesters, looters & thieves did not make any difference at all about the virus. Homeless camps seemed to be immune because nothing was done to clean them up. More lies to prop up the demented Biden!

Big Jim Crusher (@guest_1014148)
1 year ago

Are you old, 80 plus, living in a retirement home, with diabetes, heart, kidney or lung problems, Morbidly obese, have terminal cancer you are in big trouble if you get it! Originally it was thought that 80% of those who get it would have no or little symptoms. It appears that that number is even higher maybe 90-95%. So now that we are testing all baseball and football and students returning and cops, firemen, hypochondriacs we are finding this damn virus is everywhere. But for most, it is not so much a big deal. So, do what you have always done, stay away from people who are sick. Wear a mask if you want, but we know that is just a placebo with virtually no effectiveness. Only swap spit with known partners eat, rest, exercise and take care of yourselves. This panic will pass if the media will just lay off!

Ted Wissler (@guest_1014149)
1 year ago

Its getting to the place where one duz not know what to believe ….. the playing field keeps changing on a regular basis ….. Rush Limbaugh was right abt what is going on right from the get go …… he stated early on to be careful on what is being put out there since it comes from unelected bureacrats …… the longer it goes the more it looks like Rush was rite on the money…….

Peter J. Thayer (@guest_1014196)
Reply to  Ted Wissler
1 year ago

Unelected bureaucrats…read…red Chinese.

Farmer (@guest_1014151)
1 year ago

If you look at the map showing where the spikes are occurring, most of states are along our border, or near our border, with Mexico.

Margaret Pec (@guest_1014152)
1 year ago

The liberals have tried all against the President, now they hope they have this new virus news to make worse. The President did everything possible to stop by closing the boarder and to procure everything needed to the states and hospitals no one could have done what he did in such short time. The guy is a doer not just a talker. God Bless him he has my vote.

stuart nolting (@guest_1014160)
1 year ago

Same old B.S. coming from the left so TRUMP rallies can be severely restricted! This will be played out all the way to election time. Just getting tired of demonrat politics!

Rob (@guest_1014165)
1 year ago

Just as the “peaceful demonstrators” destroying America are no different then the “brown shirts” Adolf used to eliminate Jewish history, The Fake media Is no different that the Controlled German media of that time! This Virus HAS to be bad because it happened during Trump’s presidency! And yet, it has supposedly (not confirmed) killed less than one-tenth the number of babies the Democratic supported & Government funded abortion industry ( because it is a for profit business) Kills YEARLY without a Democratic tear shed!

Patsy (@guest_1014185)
Reply to  Rob
1 year ago

I Think all this is exaggerated and Trump know it and is trying to get Americans informed in the only way he can without starting a civil war . Were already so damn mad wouldn’t take much more to set us off and he doesn’t want that for America . After we re-elect him then things may get worse and he will need us . So HANG IN THERE AMERICA. Its coming whether we want it or not .

Kenneth (@guest_1014167)
1 year ago

I have a question on the covid 19.
I have seen it is an infection the attacks the lungs. Why not try asthma meds?
If this is the case

B Hansen (@guest_1014263)
Reply to  Kenneth
1 year ago

I don’t know but I have COPD, am 73 years old and I use CPAP every night. I don’t wear a mask but maybe I’ve been lucky. Still no problems. CPAP is the first cousin of the respirators too. It makes sense that asthma meds could help too.

Kathy Washburn (@guest_1014168)
1 year ago

It amazes me that a few imbeciles have gotten our entire government and some real humans scared to death of the democrats crying DEATH, DEATH, DEATH….and the wearing of a mask is a joke in MY view. Also closing businesses, hospitals, etc for NO GOOD REASON, EXCEPT TO MAKE OUR NATION LOOK LIKE THE IDIOT THAT THE LEFTISTS ARE. During all of this idiocy, I never wore a mask no matter where I went and frankly many did NOT wear masks. I am a retired registered nurse who took care of many, many people with diseases, sometimes unknown WHAT diseases…..and going into their rooms we did wear protection, but we never shut a hospital, never made people stay home….in other words, we were HUMANS as were the patients. I do not know what imbecile made the decision that we had to be treated as criminals because a FEW people were found to have coronavirus, NOT THE WORST DANGEROUS ILLNESS IN THE WORLD…..WE WERE LIED TO, TREATED AS DOGS, AND I WILL NEVER AGAIN TRUST ANYONE WHO HAS ANY JOB WITH “GOVERNMENT”, WITH MEDIA, WITH EDUCATION, OR THE ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY. I have had all of them I want.

FrankAboutIt (@guest_1014169)
1 year ago

Simply MORE Democratic Communist Party lies with their manipulation of numbers, and their financial control over the medical community through the Stimulus Package getting Hospitals to falsely diagnose Non-COVID patients as COVID.
A good barometer to watch for this would be to watch the rioting. If their are next to no rioters out and about, “It could possibly mean a lot of them have Corona and don’t feel like rioting,” but not necessarily.
The CDC freely admitted around mid April that their counts were loosely compiled. The Communists May have made them an offer they couldn’t refuse.
Even if it does return with a vengeance, maybe we’ll be lucky enough to see Pieceafeces Pelosi, Schumer, Nader, Schitt, Obama’s, the Clintons and a host of others get it and die.

Charles Ransom Williams (@guest_1014191)
1 year ago

If any one is blamed it should be the ones who are rioting and destroying monuments. The young blacks and whites who know nothing about our Country and just want to destroy property. They are tearing down statues of Men who were fighting against Slavery. They are also spreading the virus to their parents and grandparents.

Marlene (@guest_1014260)
1 year ago

If you want your vote to count you better vote in person. If not the democRATs will steal it by fraud.

emmett smith (@guest_1014268)
1 year ago

Relax. CDC are morons.

Mary Ann Gallina (@guest_1014273)
1 year ago

A Step By Step Guide On How To Create a Plandemic And Enact A Global New World Order
Event 201 = Gates…
ID2020 = Gates…
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Covid vaccine = Gates…
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-Fund all the talking heads (Fauci/Birx/Tedros…) and agencies (WHO/NIAID/CDC/UN…) that would be involved with pandemic response prior to the planned release of the research strain to control the wanted script throughout the operation

-Create and fund the vaccination development and roll-out plan so its capable of being rolled out on a global scale (Gates – Decade of Vaccines: Global Vaccine Action Plan, 2010-2020)

-Create and fund the vaccination verification/certification protocols (Digital ID) to enforce/confirm the vaccination program after the mandatory roll-out is enacted (Gates – ID2020)

-Simulate the Lock Step hypothesis just prior to the planned research strain release using a real-world exercise as a final wargame to determine expected response/timelines/outcomes (Gates – Event 201, Oct 2019)

-Release the research strain at the Wuhan Institute of Virology itself and then blame it’s released on a natural scapegoat as the wanted primary script (the Wuhan wet market, Nov 2019)

-Downplay the human-to-human transmission for as long as possible to allow the research strain to spread on a global scale before any country can lockdown/respond to avoid initial infection

-Once a country has seed infection in place, lockdown incoming/outgoing travel but keep the transmission within the country spreading for as long as possible

-Once enough people in a country/region are infected, enact forced quarantines/isolation for that area and expand the lockdown regions slowly over time

-Over-hype the mortality rate by tying the research strain to deaths that have little to nothing to do with the actual virus to keep the fear and compliance at a maximum (if anyone dies for ANY reason and is found they have COVID consider it a COVID death & if anyone is thought to of MAYBE had symptoms of COVID to assume they have COVID and consider it a COVID death)

-Keep the public quarantined for as long as possible to destroy the regions economy, create civil unrest, breakdown the supply chain, and cause the start of mass food shortages, as well as cause peoples immune system to weaken due to lack of interaction with other people/bacteria (the outside world… aka the things that keeps our immune system alert and active)

-Downplay and attack any potential “treatments” and continue to echo that only a “cure” is viable to fight this virus (aka a vaccine)

-Continue to drag out the quarantine over and over and over again (in 2 week intervals) causing more and more people to eventually stand up and protest/defy them

-Eventually end the phase 1 quarantine once they get enough public push-back (~June 2020), and publicly state that they still think it’s “too early” to end the isolation but are going to do it anyways

-Once the public go “back to normal” wait a few weeks and then continue to over-hype the research strain mortality rate (~Aug-Sept 2020), and combine it with the increase in deaths due to people dying from standard illnesses at a higher rate then normal due to having highly weakened immune systems from months of being in isolation, to help further “pad” the mortality rate and hype the upcoming phase 2 lockdown

-Eventually enact phase 2 quarantines (~Oct-Nov 2020) on a even more extreme level and blame the protesters (mostly people who don’t trust their government already) for the cause of the “larger” 2nd wave (we told you so, it was too early, this is all your fault cause you needed a hair cut, your freedoms have consequences…)

-Enforce the phase 2 quarantines at a much more extreme level, increasing the penalty for defiance (replace fines with jail time), deem ALL travel as non-essential, increase checkpoints (including military assistance), increase tracking/tracing of the population (mandatory apps), take over control of food/gas (large scale shortages) so that people can only get access to essential products/services if they are FIRST given permission

-Keep the phase 2 lockdown in place for a much longer period of time then the phase 1 lockdown, continuing to destroy the global economy, further degrade the supply chain, and further amplify the food shortages, and alike

-Quell any public outrage using extreme actions/force and make anyone who defy’s them appear as public enemy #1 to those who are willing to submit

-After a rather long phase 2 lockdown (6+ months), roll-out the vaccination program + vaccine certification and make it mandatory for everyone (giving priority access to those that submitted from the start), and have those that are for it attack those that are against it saying they are a threat and the cause of all the problems (we can’t go back to normal until EVERYONE takes the vaccine… people defying them are hurting our way of life and therefore are the enemy)

-If the majority of people go along with the agenda then let those people enter the new system (new normal) while limiting the minority that defy the agenda’s ability to work/travel/live

-If the majority of people go against the agenda then release the weaponized SARS/HIV/MERS tribrid strain as phase 3, a virus with a 30%+ mortality rate as a final scare to push the minority to quickly become the majority and give a final “we told you so” to those that didn’t listen

-Enact the new economy model (Microsoft patent 060606 – Cryptocurrency System Using Body Activity Data) which is based on human behavior and willingness to submit (tweaked version of Black Mirror’s “Fifteen Million Merits”) using food/water/shelter and other essentials as a weapon of enforcement of the new economic system. Basically do what we want and get rewarded (gain credits/score and gain more access to things you need to survive) or go against what we want and get penalized (lose credits/score and lose access to things you need to survive).

…Welcome to the New World Order…

Eli (@guest_1014518)
1 year ago

The liberal media, covid 19 fear strategy is to be combined with the terror of removing statues, renaming streets, riots, and then altering the American education system. In 2015, BLM co founders, Patrisse Cullors and Alicia Garza said they were trained, Marxist’s organizers, and the revolution was praised by Obama. This was the same year Dr. Fauci, helped to fund the Communist China Wuhan Viral Lab. A Venezuela actress said this is the method, Marxists used to take down their nation. She said, Americans will need to fight for their freedom or we will become like them. The testing has not been accurate, and the Think Advisor said we lost more people with pneumonia in the past. We just have to protect ourselves, but to hide and allow the radicals to destroy America is foolish. (@guest_1118728)
1 year ago

Hey! It is like you read my mind! You seem to know so much about this, like you wrote the book in it or something. I think that you could do with some pics to drive the message home a bit, but other than that, this is good blog. A wonderful read. I will certainly be back.

Pianino (@guest_1123252)
1 year ago

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Pianino Producenci (@guest_1124510)
1 year ago

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Opisy Metali (@guest_1126413)
1 year ago

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Japan Links (@guest_1130726)
1 year ago

A quick note to Mary. Have you read the entire post? The writer answer your queries at the end.

Norwegia (@guest_1135221)
1 year ago

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