August 9, 2022

CDC exaggerates COVID-19 numbers, says President Trump, GOP legislators

Many Americans, including President Trump, don’t believe the data related to COVID-19 that is coming from The Center for Disease Control (CDC) — and for good reason. 

Inflated COVID deaths and cases frighten people and give Democrat governors like Andrew Cuomo (NY) and Gavin Newsom (CA) more power to lock down their economies and control people’s lives.

President Trump called out the CDC for what he termed a “ridiculous method” used to inflate US numbers while other countries are purposely deflating their numbers.

“The number of cases and deaths of the China Virus is far exaggerated in the United States because of [the CDC’s] ridiculous method of determination compared to other countries, many of whom report, purposely, very inaccurately and low. When in doubt, call it Covid. Fake News!”

Infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci pushed back against Trump’s complaint, saying: “Go to the hospitals and see what the health care workers are dealing with. They are under very stressful situations in many areas of the country. The hospital beds are stretched, people are running out of beds, running out of trained personnel who are exhausted.”

Supporting the president’s claims, two Minnesota legislators, Representative Mary Franson and state Senator Scott Jensen,  provided evidence of inflated numbers in their state. They called for President Trump to conduct a nationwide audit of the COVID-19 deaths reported by each state.

In an interview with Fox News, Franson and Jensen, a practicing physician, said that they initiated an investigation into COVID-19 death numbers at the prompting of some concerned Minnesotans. They found clear cut examples of deaths caused by suicide, drowning, vehicle accidents, dementia, and strokes.

Franson and Jensen found a 28% inflation of COVID deaths when examining 2800 COVID death certificates. 800 did not have COVID as an underlying cause of death.

Senator Jensen explained the incentive to inflate COVID numbers and said that if a hospital could meet a threshold of 161 admissions of COVID-19 to the hospital threshold between January and June, they would receive an additional 77K for each of those admissions. According to Franson, Florida reported that C-19 deaths were inflated by 10%. In Washington, the death toll could be inflated by 13%.

Franson appealed to President Trump to initiate a full audit saying, “We are calling for a full audit of every single state in the nation.” Franson went on to say that people are fearfully making decisions based on the inflated numbers, and governors are locking down states for the same reason.

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alicia regina cervera (@guest_1097867)
1 year ago

Demss want CHAOS, FEAR and INtimidate, thats their stallinist government strategy its typical to Control control control the population!!

D. Richard Tonge (@guest_1097890)
Reply to  alicia regina cervera
1 year ago

You must have flunked history. The Democrats have done a better job with the economy than the Republicans and you can actually look up the statistics to prove it. I know Trumpets are the least educated in the population but give it a try.

frank (@guest_1097922)
Reply to  D. Richard Tonge
1 year ago

Is this the only thing you know to say, or do you get paid for this CRAPP?

Walter Paschick (@guest_1097939)
Reply to  D. Richard Tonge
1 year ago

Your going to have to prove that one to me. You look it up.

John Decker (@guest_1098023)
Reply to  D. Richard Tonge
1 year ago

We Trumpets know Dems are the biggest liars on the planet. Trump had the economy going big time until the Dems started the lockdowns that destroyed so many small businesses. You can actually look up the statistics to prove it. We know Dem Dumbs are the least educated on the planet but give it a try. MAGA

Lynne (@guest_1097900)
1 year ago

Two people were shot in Texas and died because of the shooting. It turned out they were positive for COVID so their cause of death was listed as COVID. So go figure.

TAIWAN COMMONER (@guest_1098370)
1 year ago

I think this should have happened months ago! Last summer UTube had a video featuring two California Drs exposing how they were being “pressured” to “over-list” the virus as cause of death on death certificates. A few months after that there were postings of New York Drs being “pressured” to UNDER ASCRIBE THE VIRUS AS CAUSE OF DEATH ON DEATH CERTIFICATES! This came after Cuomo FORCED elderly care facilities to take in virus patients! This arrogant EDICT by the Gov of NY CAUSED MANY DEATHS! Research in December noted people over 65 and those with coronary issues WERE HIGH RISK GROUPS ESPECIALLY SUSCEPTIBLE TO SEVERE ILLNESS, AND DEATH FROM THE VIRUS! This was a KNOW CO-MORBIDITY FROM THE EARLY DAYS OF THE PANDEMIC! Nothing was ever published “DEBUNKING” these risk groups, yet the Gov enforced his edict anyway! He should be held responsible for deaths caused by his CONTRARY TO SCIENTIFIC ACTIONS! The CDC continues to PUSH THE PANIC, playing a duet with the deceitful DEM Party. We must ask the investigators basic question; WHO BENEFITS? ANOTHER VALID QUESTION IS, WHERE IS THE FBI AND DOJ? YUP, MISSING IN ACTION AND COVERING UP FOR BIDEN! BARR SHOULD HAVE BEEN FIRED YEARS AGO, WRAY TOO!

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