October 4, 2022

CDC director says COVID-19 cases are likely 10 times higher than official reports

Amid the panic about rising COVID-19 cases, CDC Director Robert Redfield just quietly confirmed that the number of actual cases could be 10 times higher than currently reported.

“Our best estimate right now is for every case reported, there were actually 10 other infections,” Redfield told reporters Thursday. Redfield explained that the CDC came to this conclusion via infection surveillance and serology testing.

As of this week, there were nearly 2.5 million officially recorded COVID-19 cases in the US, but the CDC believes the true number is likely closer to 20 million. 

“It causes significant asymptomatic infection,” Redfield continued. “That’s the traditional approach of looking for symptomatic illness and diagnosing it obviously underestimated the total amount of infections.”

The mainstream media conveniently ignored this incredible revelation because it interferes with their agenda of keeping businesses closed and people locked in their homes for an indefinite amount of time.

However, if cases really are 10 times higher than currently acknowledged — as Redfield says — the mortality rate of COVID-19 is extremely low and does not warrant new lockdowns that the media is already pushing.

According to Breitbart, official tallies place the death rate in the US at 2.5% overall, but this new information from the CDC would dramatically slash that mortality rate.

Additionally, if the asymptomatic spread is as high as Redfield seems to believe it is, herd immunity may be closer than we thought.

But don’t expect the media to acknowledge what the head of the CDC is saying. Health officials are only useful when they’re feeding into the correct narrative. As the American public grows tired of riots and violence characterized as protests, the media is desperate for a new way to attack Donald Trump and the American people.

If the mortality rate of COVID-19 is statistically negligible, then the government can’t justify new lockdowns, which is not a politically expedient position for Democrats or the liberal media right now.



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