July 2, 2022

Fox’s Steve Hilton says CDC director should be fired for botched coronavirus testing

Fox News star Steve Hilton just shocked his viewers by calling for the firing of “Dr. Death and Destruction, Robert Redfield of the CDC.”

The Center for Disease Control has come under fire for the mishandling of testing at the beginning of the outbreak as new data emerges. “The reason we couldn’t contain the outbreak and had to shut down our economy was because we didn’t have tests that worked right at the start,” Hilton said Sunday.

“Who screwed that up? No, not the evil Trump, but the saintly public sector CDC, the technocrats. Again, has there ever been a more catastrophic case of technocrat bungling?”

At the beginning of the outbreak, the CDC was the only entity approved to manufacture and distribute coronavirus tests, resulting in an avoidable delay in expanded testing that could have significantly slowed the spread of coronavirus in March and April.

The Washington Post released a report in mid-April revealing that the CDC had severely “violated sound manufacturing practices, resulting in contamination of one of the three test components used in the highly sensitive detection process.”

“Why is this man, by the way, still in his job — Dr. Death and Destruction, Robert Redfield of the CDC?” Hilton asked. “Now we do have testing; it’s because Trump got rid of regulation so the private sector could do it.”

Hilton didn’t stop there, laying the blame for critical PPE and medical equipment shortages at Redfield’s feet as well.

“Why were we running around desperately trying to get ventilators and PPE and whatever? Because the technocrat geniuses shipped manufacturing overseas and let other countries control the supplies.”

The White House also went public with some fairly intense criticism of the public health agency this weekend. White House Trade Adviser Peter Navarro said on Sunday that the CDC “really let the country down with the testing” early on.

“Not only did they keep the testing within the bureaucracy, they had a bad test. And that did set us back,” Navarro explained, stopping short of calling out Redfield specifically.

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