May 13, 2021

CBP chief: Biden campaign promises prompted migrant surge

Given what just happened in the special Georgia runoff election on Tuesday night, likely giving Democrats control of both chambers of Congress, America is going to look a lot different over the next few years.

According to Breitbart, one of those changes will come in the way of a disastrous surge of illegal immigrants, with the acting chief of the Customs and Border Patrol Mark Morgan indicating that even the idea of former Vice President Joe Biden taking over the White House has resulted in a noticeable increase in activity at the southern U.S. border.

“We’re already seeing the negative impacts of the proposed policy changes,” Morgan said this week, adding that the “cartels and human smugglers are spreading the perception that our borders will be open. In this case, they’re correct. They’re right — it’s not just the perception.

Morgan went on to explain that while recently a massive caravan of some 74,000 migrants arrived at the U.S. border, it didn’t feel as overwhelming as it once did given that President Donald Trump’s administration developed the rules and authority to quickly deal with such numbers.

However, under the incoming Biden administration, who has promised to undo virtually everything concerning Trump’s anti-immigration policies, future waves of tens of thousands of illegal immigrant caravans will be an entirely different story.

“You take that ability away and that 2,500 [arrivals] a day becomes a crisis overnight. That’s what concerns us,” Morgan said.

The acting chief did express some optimism with regard to Biden’s transition team taking seriously the warnings that Morgan and officials in his office have put out as far as how quickly the situation can turn back into an actual crisis if proper controls are removed.

Only time will tell if Biden and his administration face the reality of the potential reborn immigration crisis or buckle to the radical, progressive lawmakers who will undoubtedly pressure him to literally tear down every wall and Trump policy on the books regarding immigration.

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69 Responses

  1. Biden/Harris will get away with lots of bad legislation because it will be at least 2 years before it gets to SCOUS, and they can handle only a small amount of what comes up.

        1. A corrupt career politician who is a senile old man and a red dot brown woman who hates our country, is now potentially going to be running our country. Christian’s and Caucasian’s beware!

        2. If I’m right, Trump is not a quitter. He still has a few more days to pull the rabbit out of the hat. There’s still the War Powers Act which could be activated. By doing that, he could save this Nation, and perform a clean act to get rid of the Deep-State traitors. It will be then, when we can get back to a normal peaceful life.
          If not, many Dems have threatened the lives of anyone who is Republican. Not a very good start for a new administration. Also, if Trump doesn’t do anything, then the war will begin. It’s gone up to this point now.

        1. Shirley
          God has often helped us. He did so because we founded this nation to serve and honor Him. George Washington’s prayer from his inauguration and the recorded prayer on the wall of St. Michaels Chapel, in Trinity Church record Washington’s faith that God would bless America as long as we honored and served Him. We have not done so. On 9/11 that church with that promise on it’s wall was saved from destruction right next to the World Trade Center by a Sycamore tree. God’s hand of protection and blessing has been removed from America. Expect worse than 9/11, 1/6 in Washington. Maybe it will come from illegal invaders. Not an unusual way for great nations to die. You are correct, God help us, because only he can.

      1. I think if Biden gets in & he allows a surge of Illegal Immigrants he needs to be impeached as soon as possible , along with Kamala Harris , he is not the right man for the American peoples White House , he & Obama both should have been indicted .

      2. I think, OBIDEN will be the straw that breaks this nations back! This man is both given over to his own political gains and his desire for power and will do exactly as he is told by the Establishment and the DEEP STATE, which is the establishment! SEE, there is a time, and I do believe that time is NOW, in the matter of Spiritual matters, that GOD Almighty will “GIVE UP on a man/woman or a nation, and cast them aside! I do believe that this is exactly what has happened to this nation, and so, we got an Godly man to lead us down the MOST UNGODLY path! GOD Almighty, and I mean Jesus Christ, not some weak sterile god like Allah or the pope etc, I mean Jesus Christ! He will come to the point where that man/woman will NEVER accept the TRUTH, and will be GIVEN OVER to their own lusts! That is: “EXACTLT” what happened to Sodom and Gomorrah” (Also Admah and Zeboim-see Genesis 10:19 KJV) when they came to the end of the matter..BURNT to a Crisp! GOD Almighty NEVER Changes. Hebrews 13:8 KJV So, expect the same exact results! The Twin Towers were only a cake walk for what will come! Even so, come, Lord Jesus. Rev 22:20 KJV

  2. It is the saddest thing to forsee our Great Country Destroyed by Illigals, yet it is inevitable. Please God Help us all!

    1. Yes, God help us all! PRAY that the Lord comes back SOON! The thing is, it’s looking as if we will become Venezuela #2. Not a pretty sight!

      1. Only guns, guts, and God can possibly save us now. Time to lock and load and make your peace with the Creator.

        1. You don’t need guns. There are far more effective and quiet methods to deal with this. Using a gun only increases the chances of you being shot. Fight them with intelligence and stealth. Ask a Vietnam Vet about the silent killers.

      2. You’re right. Evil can’t be defeated with words and Bible encourages us: “It is for freedom Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.”

    2. The real destroyers are not the illegals, but those elected to serve who sell out to powers who are bent on the destruction of this nation.

      1. The reason of this unpredictable situation and why Biden has been pushed to the presidency is the contribution of the Technical companies. Their thousand of millions of dollars was the price for ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION. The jobs for American citizens will be finished. Illegals especially from CHINA will saturate our Country together with crime, gangs and all the crimes that can be imagine.


    3. khrushchev said he would destroy from within & with the democrats help that is sure to happen ! I’ll throw in the news networks , there always looking to help them out .

      1. The most effective thing they did was the indoctrination of school students. It started a long time ago. Some of the ‘useful idiots’ (the indoctrinated) are, now, adults who vote and who might make decisions that affect all of us and our country.

        I kept finding myself wondering why/how/when sooooo many people had become sooo stupid. Then, I realize that it’s, merely, the opinions of the indoctrinated (how they overtook us from within) fools who HATE this country. They should leave, instead of, trying to change us.

    4. I agree we cannot support people from all parts of the world and take away legal and safer people with, education, manners, language, untested health,brain power!

      1. No target practice have done it for 60 years and only hit the target when you see the whites of their eyes>:

    5. They have no idea what is going to happen when all those illegal immigrants come across the border!! They better batten down the hatches. They will never get this virus under control, plus there is no telling whatother diseases they will be bringing with them. But they don’t care, because they have security and walls around all of their mansions, and they have security at their jobs!! JUST A THOUGHT!!

  3. It is not surprising, Biden/Harris Communist Democratic Party as already been in contact with Mexico to send all these Illegal’s with VIRUSES into the US along with every Terrorist and gang member to kill Americans.

  4. You Can thank every brainwashed American people who were to lazy and stupid to do research about the crimes of Joe Biden. Thank the traitors in the Republican party for the payoffs and betrayal of our freedoms. Joe is a idiot who is control by China and Soros. Mike Pence for breaking his oath of office. No honor for America and the constitution. Your rights and freedoms are gone under Joe nazi regime.

    1. We all did our research
      It was up to the traitors of the Constitution who wants to control
      WE the PEOPLE know that PENCE became a traitor when those envelopes where handed out at the Bush Funeral

  5. How sad! I want anyone who truly wants to come into this country legally and contribute to its greatness to come, but illegals to start with? Hmm. How do they actually contribute? Just sayin’.

    1. … or “Amerika”… remember that 1987 series called, “Amerika”?? “Amerika: The Triumph of the American Spirit”… which was about life in the United States after a bloodless takeover engineered by the Soviet Union… it seems that communist China is the country pulling off this stunt… but also globally!

  6. Why do you think ANTIFA was allowed to riot and burn all summer with minimal police interference on Trump’s watch if not with democratic party authorization? Now you know who controls ANTIFA.

  7. This is a very transparent move to bring communist troops in these columns to attack America from the inside. There will be Venezuelan,Nicaraguan,Cuban,Russian,Chinese trained soldiers waiting for sufficient numbers to start cutting out pieces of the U.S.A. a little at a time,resulting in constant battle,and loss of our homeland to the criminals of the DEMOCRAT/COMMUNIST PARTY!

  8. Biden and Camel Harris will torch every decent gain America has had in the last four years just as Joe Biden has done for the last fifty years! They will be sucking up to the Nancy witch throughout their term.

  9. No parade this year, again using COVID for the excuse for not having it. We all know the real reason is because the old geezer can’t walk that far!! This way maybe he can have a nap in before noon!!!

  10. Biden & Democrats/Radicals of every stripe will destroy our country. I predict a crash of unequaled proportions followed by a revolution because freedom loving Americans will have no other choice!! May GOD help us!!

  11. The Book of Revelation in the Bible tells of the destruction of Mystery Babylon which is the U.S. She is described as a woman with seven spears coming out of her head and a flame in her right hand. Does that sound familiar everyone? Statue of Liberty.

  12. The “WICKED WITCH of the West” has made her day and in glory. May they all rest in peace when the time comes.

  13. Biden and fing harris are the worst possible leaders because they are crooked greedy and vial and communist will absorb them and their weaknesses all it takes is a bribe and they both rollover and open their legs! True evil in America !!!! Big tech billionaries and china will rule !losers everyone of them


  15. The Big Steal is complete. Pence sold out and at least a third of the Republicans sold out as well. Then of course the Democrats in lock step voted to accept The Big Steal. Now we are a Communist Regime in its infancy. But Biden and his cohorts will move fast to solidify it and we will be slaves forever. Thanks you no goodm traitors in the Republican Party. Thanks you no good so called Justices who also sold us out. Thanks you crooked News media. Now the hard times are coming and you voted for them and the rest of you accepted them and I wonder how much cash changed hands? So, long. fjh

  16. Unfortunately we cannot change anything because there are no more democracy,justice and freedom. Most senators and congressmen against Constitution. Money and power are they goal. It’s doesn’t matter what is your political party what is matter when we are vote for them and make them rich and give them power what they give us back? Now America will changed to the worst and people w

    1. Who is gonna make revolution and how? Everything is under control by DemocRats. In my opinion Trump should order Martial Law.


  17. Don’t lose your hope for the future, our REAL hope is not grounded in sinful humanity, but rather in the SOON coming of the KING of KINGS and LORD of LORDS. Hang in there, brothers and sisters, the BEST is yet to come!!!! What we are personally witnessing throughout our world today is better know as the BIBLICAL ” End TIME.” events!!! Remember what the Bible declares, ” Behold He comes with clouds of Angels, and EVERY EYE shall see Him.” ” As lightning comes out of the east, and goes to the west, so likewise shall the LORD come, and every eye shall see Him.”

  18. I EXPECT Joe to Hide in his BSMT. for at least a Year Because Besides His own SHADOW, He’s Afraid of TRUMPISM & The Covid… How Can He possibly meet with his Chinese Buddies if he Might (& Probably will) get the Covid-19 from them? He’s Determined to “Stay-Safe” which Translates into we got another 4 years of a “Purported” Black person running the Show. (notice, I correctly, Did not use the Gender words, Man or Woman)..

  19. The take over is complete. So we will have jackbooted troops standing on every corner to make sure we follow the Demon-crats orders. We pray that we can survive the next 4 years and retake the country and return it to it rightful place as the leader of the free world. Lock and load.

  20. Don’t worry about the surge of illegals headed this way. When they realize what this country is turning in to they will head right back to somewhere where there is still Freedom. Biden and Harris will complete the wall in a couple of years only this time it will be to hold the illegal slaves here. That is what we are to the Democrats just slaves for them to take advantage of.

  21. The Democrats and Biden and Harris are so damn scared of covid-19 and yet they want open borders to allow more covid-19 people in the country

  22. Resist and hide extra guns and ammo remember always be prepared these animals will be put down one way or another!

  23. Well, I hope Pelosi and Biden choke while laughing. Our children, their children, their children’s children will be the ones the ones suffering. I pray to God that these people allowing this disgrace to happen be punished.

  24. Death to the ugly democrats that brought this travesty on. No one outside or inside this country will respect these idiots. Hope fully Joe dies in his basement and Kamala gets no respect and has to resign in disgrace. Nancy and the democrats fall apart as no ones wants to work with them.

  25. you two demorats may be right the law may not be able to stop you but never underestimate the American people.

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