September 29, 2022

Tucker Carlson says he’ll take four-day vacation from show after racist writer resigns

One of Fox star Tucker Carlson’s writers resigned last week after racist comments he had posted online were uncovered.

In response to the uproar, Carlson announced on Monday that he is leaving his regularly scheduled nightly show for the rest of the week to go on a “long-planned” trout fishing vacation. 

Enemies of Carlson were practically trembling with glee when it was discovered that Blake Neff, who began working on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” in 2016 and was widely known as Carlson’s top writer, had written racist comments anonymously on an online forum.

Carlson addressed the controversy on his Monday show, denying that Neff”s comments had anything to do with Carlson’s show.’

“What Blake wrote anonymously was wrong,” Carlson said. “We don’t endorse those words. They have no connection to the show. It is wrong to attack people for qualities they cannot control. In this country, we judge people for what they do, not for how they were born.”

Carlson slammed critics using Neff”s indiscretions as a bludgeon, continuing: “We should also point out to the ghouls now beating their chests in triumph at the destruction of a young man that self-righteousness also has its costs.”

“We are all human,” Carlson said. “When we pretend that we are holy, we are lying. When we pose as blameless in order to hurt other people, we are committing the gravest sin of all. And we will be punished for it. There’s no question.”

This is far from Carlson’s first brush with accusations of racism from the mainstream media, as the left will do anything in their attempts to destroy him.

Carlson ended his show with the revelation that he will take a rare vacation from his nightly show. “Gonna spend the next four days trout fishing,” he said. “This is one of those years where if you don’t get it in now, you’re probably not going to. Something dramatic happens, of course, we’ll be back.”


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