April 18, 2021

Tucker Carlson releases more shocking Cuomo-Cohen audio

Fox star Tucker Carlson continued his siege on CNN star Chris Cuomo, releasing new audio that exposes conversations between Cuomo and former Trump attorney Michael Cohen on how to answer future interview questions. 

Carlson shocked the mainstream media last week by revealing audio of Cuomo discussing sexual assault allegations made against him by unnamed women with Cohen.

This time, Cuomo was caught on tape coaching Cohen how to respond to interview questions about his relationship with Trump. “[CNN president Jeff] Zucker and Cuomo … are frauds, just like the channel they work for,” Carlson said as he introduced the shocking audio.

Watch Tucker’s whole segment below (H/T Fox News):

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One Response

  1. Cuomo is not a fraud–he is just a lying communist. Note; Did not see him in honoration of heroes and the many lives taken at 911….HMMM I wonder why?

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