October 4, 2022

Carlson: Politicians are trying to cancel Christmas

Leftists apparently view works of fiction as helpful playbooks. When not forming America into the dystopian world described by George Orwell, they busy themselves acting like Dr. Seuss’s titular character from “How the Grinch Stole Christmas!”

Fox News Channel host Tucker Carlson just declared during his Thursday broadcast that the left is trying to “cancel Christmas.” Carlson laid out a compelling argument that under the guise of COVID-19 safety, they were seeking to eliminate a force that was “bigger” than they are and therefore a threat to their power.

Carlson began by pointing how in times of crisis, people “start thinking about those things you otherwise might ignore if you were busier and more content” and “become more spiritual, more openly religious when they are suffering. It’s not an accident. In fact, it may be the upside. You get to think beyond the next Amazon delivery for a minute.”

He concluded it was for that reason that Christmas has become a target of the power-hungry left. “All of the focus on the big, enduring things: the focus on our families, the focus on what’s true and what’s not true. The focus on eternity itself, all of that tends to diminish the power of the people in charge of our temporal world, for obvious reasons.”

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic and its endless lockdowns, the main truth of life — that everyone eventually dies — is still taboo, according to Carlson. He lamented how these policies “destroy the living in the name of trying to eliminate it,” but that it’s all in the name of keeping up the illusion of immortality that bolsters those in charge. “Politicians understand this threat, they figured out that Christmas is bigger than they are and therefore it’s a threat to them. Better cancel it, and in fact, they’re trying hard.”

Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, has discouraged travel during the holiday season, as well as other top medical professionals. Carlson contends they are trying to keep people out of churches and away from family while simultaneously encouraging gatherings they do like, such as Black Lives Matter protests.

The host went on to lambast the politicians who use dire predictions to seize control over the population and pound them into submission, like President-elect Joe Biden predicting mass casualties because “people aren’t paying attention.” Carlson pointed out the absurdity of Los Angeles Democratic Mayor Eric Garcetti’s nonsensical prohibition on “all travel” including bicycling, walking, or pretty much anything else that moves. He also showed the hypocrisy of the ruling class, like San Francisco Mayor London Breed (D-CA) telling citizens “sacrifice is worth it” to cancel parties and other gatherings a little more than a week before dining out at a swanky Napa restaurant. These politicians do as they please while telling everyone else to forget about their normal lives.

“If lockdowns work, why haven’t they worked so far?” Carlson wondered.  “We’ve been following increasingly specific orders all year. Don’t travel. Wear masks. Some people haven’t obeyed, but an awful lot of people have. Most people, because it’s America and people want to do the right thing and yet, after almost a year of this, the numbers keep rising. So, is the lesson really that we need a whole lot more of what hasn’t been working so far? How does that work exactly?”

The single comfort through it all is that the faithful will continue to celebrate. Just like the Grinch, these people don’t realize that Christmas will still come even if they rob them of the trappings of the season. Christians will rejoice in the birth of Jesus Christ, their one true hope and salvation — whether those in power like it or not.


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