April 21, 2021

Carlson: Our ‘political class’ is using COVID-19 as a way to openly aggrandize power

Fox Host Tucker Carlson is on a roll currently, lighting up authoritarian Democrat leaders who seek to seize control over the American people without having to answer to their own rules.

In his opening monologue on Thursday, Carlson confirmed what many normal Americans have been saying for months — the elite “political class” has “deliberately decided to use this pandemic as a way to gain political power for themselves.”

In the weeks leading up to the thanksgiving holiday, Democrat leaders and lawmakers began warning Americans that they would not be allowed to celebrate with their families as has been the tradition for hundreds of years — and Carlson believes there’s much more to it than just exercising caution.

“It is Thanksgiving. We hope you’re having a wonderful time with your family,” Carlson began. “Nothing is more important or happier than spending time with the people you love.”

Carlson continued:

In a year when cultural vandals and tragically unhappy graduate students set out to destroy virtually everything in sight from statues of the saints to the very idea of Columbus Day, they haven’t gotten Thanksgiving yet. It remains and there’s a reason for that.

Americans care about Thanksgiving and they have for a very long time. Back in 1939, Franklin Roosevelt moved the holiday a week earlier. He said it was an effort to boost the economy during the Great Depression, but it seemed to many Americans weird and undignified, and they mocked him for it.

They called Thanksgiving, Frank’s giving. Congress heard what they were saying and eventually moved Thanksgiving back where it belonged, and where it is now. We’ve been celebrating Thanksgiving on the fourth Thursday of November ever since then.

In a time of political upheaval, and this certainly is one, you’ll notice that no politician tried to move Thanksgiving or call it Juneteenth. We should be grateful for that. It’s an enduring American tradition.

At the same time, though, we have to tell you the obvious, we are witnessing fundamental changes in the way this country works; changes that Congress won’t be able to undo simply by voting and it’s not just because the coronavirus came here from Wuhan, China and upended everything, though it did, it is because our political class has deliberately decided to use this pandemic as a way to gain political power for themselves.

Carlson played a clip of leftists such as Washington Gov. Jay Inslee, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), and Hillary Clinton declaring that COVID-19 is the perfect trojan horse to reshape our society.

“We should not be intimidated when people say, oh, you can’t use this COVID crisis in order to peddle a solution to climate change. No, we have to recognize the necessity of this moment,” said Inslee in a clip.

“If there is any silver lining in the midst of this terrible, terrible and unprecedented moment in American history in terms of the economy, in terms of the pandemic, it is that maybe we start rethinking some fundamental tenets about the way our government and society works,” Sanders affirmed.

Clinton chimed in and claimed that “this would be a terrible crisis to waste as the old saying goes.”

“Conservative” Washington Post contributor Jennifer Rubin — who stays relevant by attacking almost everything the right stands for at every turn — recently declared that “we have to collectively, in essence, burn down the Republican Party” and ban those who supported Trump from “polite society.”

Carlson observed:

 Burn it down, says Jen Rubin … when she says we need to burn down the party, of course, what she is saying is we need to burn down the country, and anyone else who disagrees with her. That hasn’t happened yet. And despite what’s happened this year, and it’s been a very long year for a lot of people, we can be grateful for that. It’s still America.

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71 Responses

  1. If I’m still alive in 2024 and there is still a Republican Party then, Tucker has my vote guaranteed. Would have been a better choice than the last dozen or so we’ve been offered by the major parties.

    1. I’m with you….wish it was today. we have to find a way to neutralize the LEFT before they destroy our Country!!!!!

    2. No, I and many others will definitely not support Tucker for President. He is a back stabber and will say anything to stay relevant. Fox is going down and they are using Tucker to lull us into a trance so they can pick us off for the radicals, please don’t be fooled as he is part of the problem at hand. Tune out and turn off the Main Street media BS. Find the real conservative news elsewhere.

      1. Yes agree. I am not for Tucker any more. Donald Trump is may President and I hope that now he will be re-elected after all the terrible discovery by the neo nazis (muslims) and far left.

      2. Agree. Used to support Tucker until after the election, when he had taken a far left turn. Wonder if the backlash got to him (ratings bombed)? Maybe that’s why he’s changing his tune now? Proves, he’s a backstabber who’ll say anything. Gives him great credentials to be a politician. #STOPTHESTEAL

    3. I don’t know about the rest of you people writing about these CRAZY DEMON(CRATS), but I don’t like been threatened by anyone of them that are trying to run the government!! Is there something we can do to stop that crazy crap? Like maybe file a law suit against them for threatening to burn us down or trying to harm us? OR ARE THEY ABOVE THE LAW?

      1. Amen to that! Where do these people come from? All that fog and rain makes for a mind that is utterly ruined.Eyes that do not see and ears that do not hear.

    1. You’re not alone. Stay tough. We can do it.

      We will not be attacked like pacifist. We will fight tooth, nail and AR. We have a bullet for each of you who deserve it.

      1. Arm yourselves and take to the streets. Find and follow antifa and blm to their houses and take care of them one by one. Go to the enemy with their biden signs and flags in their yards and take care of them. We in America always take care of our sick, elderly and mentally handicapped so let us take care of our leftist enemies in a fitting fashion as well.
        No leftist left behind.

    2. Yes, it is past time we tolerate political revenges like what happened during the election. We have no need of a political party named “Democrats”, and people of the “deep state”. I say we destroy them all in a purge to clean America up. Open warfare like in 1860? This is a remarkable action to think hard about.

  2. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
    You are not considering Almighty God.
    Revolution 19:6 “ And I heard, as it were,
    The voice of a great multitude, “” Alleluia!
    For the Lord God Omnipotent reigns! “
    God is the King of the earth and very active.
    Do you think you have more power than

    1. We need to depend on God. If we pray, he will heal our land. Remember the fruits of the Spirit;
      Love, Joy, Peace, Goodness, Kindness, Longsuffering, Gentleness, Faithfulness and Self-Control.
      It’s important to not hate. love our Neighbor as ourselves.
      Anyone with me??

    2. If you are talking to the left, you are getting nowhere except more hatred spewed by the left. The left despises the words God, Jesus, Heaven, salvation….and I believe they despise those words because they get in the way of the Satan’s Servants, the political left. I could be wrong, but I sincerely believe that when we mention God or any decent person the left goes bananas…..they cannot bear hearing anything GOOD about humans, primarily because the last thing a leftist wants is to be anything except honest and honorable. I have come to the conclusion that they are all Servants of Satan, humans in body, but totally inhumane.

      1. The Demorats do not even have the word God in their platform. They ARE the party of Satan. How could ANYONE vote for the killing of a Baby?

  3. It’s still America, for now. The elite demoscum have plans to change that quickly. 20 million illegals given citizenship and voting rights in his first 100 days, proclaims Biden. There will be no elections anymore, the elitist scum will just edict it away. As for our Constitution and Bill of Rights, well that will be gone in a matter of months. The leftist ANTIFA, BLM, and the KKK thugs will rule the streets and American citizens will be their targets. Those of you democrat voters will go down too. Do you really think the likes of Antoinette Pelosi, fat Nadler, crying Chuck Schumer, or Schitt for brains Schiff will care what happens to you after you have been replaced by complient illegals, then you are as stupid as the elites think you are.

    1. We bussed them back across the border in chains from my town in 2015, we will do it again. We are no “sanctionary city” that can afford to feed useless mouths, and destroy our infrastructure.

    2. That’s why we have Guns, and the 2nd Amendment, they can only do that BS if we let them, if we have to take them out, so be it.

    3. If in fact, Joe Biden is installed as President, I believe the Supreme Court has an obligation to the American people to have Joe Biden undergo a mental and physical examination prior to being sworn into office. His behavior, actions and speeches create a very serious problem of trust for the vast majority of people who voted for Trump.

    4. You are so very RIGHT that it probably scares some. The leftist horrors are being enjoyed by the dumbest democrats that exist. The wealthy ones are going after our nation for TWO REASONS: TO OBTAIN ALL POWER AND TO OBTAIN ALL OF THE MONEY. If some democrat who wants to help the democrats but isn’t wealthy, he will not enjoy life much longer because he will be a cast off, thought of by the wealthy leftists who do not want to deal with them any more than they want to deal with you and with me…..we do not serve them. The left’s true goals: POWER AND MONEY, ALL FOR THE LEFTIST WEALTHY.

  4. It is heartening to read a commentary that does not continue to be lead by a nose ring, as the libelous Left-Wing Media and those like Horrible Hillary, have and continue to attempt, to do simply because THEY say SO.
    If Horrible Hillary HAD become President, we would most likely be forced to learn Chinese and eat with chopsticks, as she would sat on her FAT chair, waving her WAND!

  5. Pray, pray, pray to God for Redemption! He will eventually reign over evil. It may take patience, perseverance, and Much Prayer; however, Good (GOD) will prevail……..

    1. BUT, we must also remember that God helps those who help themselves to Him. That means, in addition to praying, we must do what we can to avoid losing our country to Marxist/Communist dictatorship, no matter what, who, or when that involves! If we have to fight fire with fire, then so be it! We should not and cannot give up that fight!

      1. Amen! God has commanded many to war in the Bible in his name. This country was founded on religious freedom from the first pilgrim. We need to do what is right and eliminate the evil today. Fight for your rights.

  6. While civil war sounds like a great way to rid the nation of Satan worshippers…we may need to fight and pray like our Lord taught us. That may include civil war as we try to quell the evil that seeks to overtake us. If we believe lies, we become the victims of incorrect thinking…like the sheeple mislead by the deep state and swamp. They don’t see it it as they are blinded and deafened by Satan. The truth exists independent of us. They have no qualms about burning us down, attacking us, beating us, killing us, destroying our culture and history…we should have no qualms about doing the same in the name of self defense.

  7. It’s time for us Conservatives to start a Revolution and show the evil Democrats what a real Revolution looks like. They’ve lied to the people and have brainwashed our young and it’s time to put them on notice that we are going to fight for our country. These people have gone way to power hungry and if we don’t do it it’s going to be the end of America as we know it.

    1. The NEA, and the whole countries public school system need to be immediately investigated ,we need to stop the brainwashing of our future generations of children

      1. The use of public schools are dropping fast, 6-8% so far since this commie brainwashing crap began a few months ago. Private schools or teach your kids at home.

      2. Skin color doesn’t make a difference, just openminded free thinkers that know right from wrong. I am a Democrat and I know that this garbage they were filling my children’s heads with was total BS. The public school system is dead for now. I pulled my children out and will home school them until the private school that is right for them opens up unless Biden takes away vouchers and my right to chose then it is home schooling for them permanently.

  8. They might get more than what they bargained for, “We the people” are far from stupid, if we give the Politicians enough rope, eventually, they’ll hang themselves, because they’re greedy ! If not, then when the people have had enough, we’ll stand up and attack, have they forgotten we have the 2nd Amendment backing us up? They have already tried fooling us with the fraudulent Election Voting rigging, we caught it, and we’re going to turn it around, Joe Biden will never be our President, at least Legally !

    1. Everyone with one remaining braincell knows that Biteme is a baffoon and a tool, nothing more.
      The Democrat Part is NOT the Democratic party. there is NOTHING “democratic” about todays modern American Communist party. The Party of Satan

  9. I agree 100%! We need to do something before the Country is totally lost. They will be coming for our guns before it is over. The new Fuhrer wants to tax most of them away from us. Don’t pay them a red cent.

    1. Yep, they’ll come for our little bit of money AND the little bit of our LIVES. They have gotten away with taking over a nation…..why would they bother to let their “enemies” live? THINK everyone. The leftists are Satan’s SERVANTS AND THEY HAVE NO EMOTIONAL THINKING OR LEARNING. The leftists of today are not true humans in MY view. They are simply without conscience, simply without logic, and totally devoid of love….they have no idea what love is, for goodness’ sake.

  10. Fight, fight, fight for your rights!
    In the streets and in Congress.
    Agree with us or be sent asunder.
    America the Free.
    America the Brave.
    America first and foremost.

    1. The left has no clue what it is to be a true American. And I suspect there never will be a decent leftist again……if there ever was one.

  11. TRUE STORY::
    When Stalin was in power, he was asked if he was going to,
    “ATTACK the United States”?
    Stalin had always referred to
    Leftists Liberals as “USLESS IDIOTS”!!!
    And when asked if he was going to ATTACK AMERICA? He said
    Then he explained,
    Well all these years later have shown Stalin to be RIGHT about TWO THINGS,
    And they are doing the same thing that communism would do to the United States!!!
    Not bad Stalin, even if you truly were an A-HOLE, JUST LIKE THE USLESS IDIOTS YOU SO RIGHTLY NAMED!!

  12. Big Tech & the Media has ruined the USA & the American peoples lives so bad Americans do not want to turn their televisions on any more !!! The Democratic party is the most destructive party I have ever seen in my entire life . the Soros network has to be taken down as soon as possible , Mike Bloomberg doe snot ever have another chance to run for any thing he is done . Time for all those who play games bully etc to get off of the American tax payers payroll as well as all the corrupt elected officials past & present . Americans do not pay any elected official who works for foreign Nationals in the USA with or with out their kids, too bad for those elected officials who allowed them into the USA Illegally , it was their job to block them from entering the USA , now it is time for them to tell them they have to go . No elected official has the power to be above the law .time to get rid of Sanctuary Cities in every City & State past, present & future .No more raising taxes to pay for them due to elected officials negligence or disobeying of American laws.

  13. New name for their party TREASONRATS They are treacherous and everything un-American!!!! It’s easier to start destruction from the bottom…. let’s start with the SQUAD… they are easily dispensable …. point at the “food lines” of their states…. THEY CAUSED IT!!!! Then we go to the Top Bananas 🍌 Tucker can wait till 2028 ….. he needs to mature a bit….. right now he is still wet behind the years…. let us organise to have al 3 Term President …. one year of the Presidency is gone, running for re-election and the first year is gone getting to learn the ropes … so out of 8years only 6 remain…,, I believe Congress should start thinking about it!!!! The President, after his inauguration, should be AWARDED a third term as the first 4 years were wasted with Russian Collusion Theory!!!! And we must demand the results of the Durham Investigation…. we paid for it…… folks the food lines in every city and town are getting longer and longer …. something gotta give…..

  14. I have no trust or interest in what Tucker has to say……. The only time I see him is when they show clips of him

    on NEWSMAX he thinks all should bough down to him…… I do not like his do the right thing lectures…..

  15. As I have said before, the Democrats knew what they were doing when they put Biden up for president. They will direct him to do all their dirty work, they will destroy our constitution, take away our guns, lock up non mask wearers, clear the prisons of hardened criminals, and tax us to death to pay for cleaning the air. Our air is probably the cleanest in the world.

    The burning they, the Democrats started before the election in their Democrat run cities. They paid these groups to come in and cause riots and burn parts of our cities in the name of “Black Lives Matter”. They refused Trump’s help, but blamed the riots on him. Their wealthy contributors may live to regret their misdeeds.

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