July 2, 2022

Tucker Carlson: America Media Is Doing The Dirty Work Of Crooked Chinese Gov’t

Tucker Carlson is furious with American media powerhouse, ‘Politico,’ for printing “state propaganda staged on behalf of the Chinese government.”

“Politico is one of the reasons everyone on television sounds the same and is usually wrong,” Carlson said during his Fox News show. “It’s also one of the reasons sucking up to China seems normal in Washington.”

Carlson explained how Politico entered in a “content partnership” with a Chinese media company called ‘South China Morning Post.’ But Carlson warned the company is not what it seems. “[The South China Morning Post is] an English language newspaper based in Hong Kong that is widely understood to be a mouthpiece for the Communist Chinese government,” claimed Carlson.

The South China Morning Post is owned by Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba. That’s a company run by a Communist Party member. Like all Chinese companies, Alibaba is required by the country’s 2017 National Intelligence Law to ‘support and assist and cooperate with China’s government spy agencies.’

When freedom-seeking protesters in Hong Kong defied the Chinese government, most news organizations in America handled it even-handedly.

But not Politico said Carlson. “Now here, by contrast, is how The South China Morning Post described it: “Rampaging mob stage an arson spree in Hong Kong,” Carlson said.”But here’s the best part: Politico ran the entire thing. Ran it without comment, like it was entirely real.”

And Politico’s decision was not without impact. “Presumably, many of its readers in Washington thought it was real,” Carlson said. “And that, of course, was the point — lying with them from the Chinese perspective. Telling lies on behalf of a hostile foreign government. You’d think that would be considered over the line, if not illegal. But Politico was happy to do it.”

To read the entire monologue by Tucker Carlson, click here.

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