July 23, 2021

Tucker Carlson interviews Hunter Biden’s former business partner

Shortly before last week’s second and final presidential debate, one of Hunter Biden’s former business associates, Tony Bobulinski, gave a surprise press conference in which he confirmed that former Vice President Joe Biden was well aware of his son’s overseas business dealings, even publicly naming him as “the big guy.”

Though he went quiet after the presser, according to Washington Examiner, Bobulinski sat down with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson on Tuesday evening for an interview that revealed even further Biden family corruption. Carlson is one of few cable news hosts actively digging into the otherwise suppressed news story. 

Bobulinski, –a  former U.S. Navy officer — revealed in the interview that he had met with the former Vice President to discuss a potential business venture linked to a Chinese energy firm, and that Hunter Biden and Jim Biden, the brother of Joe Biden, had set up the meetings and were “sort of wining and dining me and presenting the strength of the Biden family to get me engaged.”

Washington Examiner reported that they obtained a trove of documents and messages from Bobulinski, which includes text messages, emails, business documents and other messages that all reportedly contain information related to business dealings he had with the Biden family, including the former vice president.

Bobulinski confirmed the veracity of the documents and messages, and refuted claims that Joe Biden had nothing to do with the meetings.

“I didn’t request to meet with Joe” Bobulinski explained. “They requested that I meet with Joe [Biden]. They were putting their entire family legacy on the line. They knew exactly what they were doing.”

As Fox News reported, more than one U.S. Senate committee has taken an interest in Bobulinski’s data and the whistleblower voluntarily turned over his trove of data to the FBI — even sitting for an interview with the federal law enforcement agency last Friday, though no details of that interview have been released as of yet.

Perhaps the most explosive revelation by Bobulinski so far is that he confirmed that Joe Biden was the person listed as “the big guy” in an email from Hunter Biden’s laptop which laid out compensation percentages for a proposed deal with a Chinese energy company.

While remaining largely silent on the issue, when pressed by reporters, Joe Biden and his campaign have firmly denied any involvement in his son’s highly questionable business dealings.

With only one week between now and the November 3 election, it’s more important than ever that American voters are provided an opportunity to learn more about a scandal that could potentially mean that a major party’s presidential candidate — in this case, Joe Biden — is compromised by foreign entities.

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48 Responses

  1. I believe Americans need to know about the Biden family dealings with China. And if there was how long has it been going on and how much money is involved . This is a very serious situation and needs to be in the open .
    We also need to know the others involved in this deal with China . They should all go to jail and booted out of office immediately.

    1. Amen to that! Where is Bob Woodard, the journalist, and why isn’t he investigating Biden? What a bunch of sleaze bags!

    2. MARY: I would say we also need to know why Donald Trump had a check book bank account in China, and the American people deserve to know who or what country Trump owes the $400 million to as shown on his income tax. He also needs to provide his taxes for at least 15 years as he promised. Promises made and broken.

      1. How about coming up with tax returns from Congress from the time they were elected to the present. Bet that would boggle the mind of any decent person. Trump paid his taxes PLUS.

    3. Yes we do
      I have one question however n that is, why didn’t you come forward immediately w this information? Why didn’t you do this long before now? Makes me more sick knowing he sat on this n said nothing until now.

      1. Why would that be ?? There is a lot out thee ,that ant to vote the same crap,back into office,So it can continue !! Lots of stuff to be uncovered ,yet !!, Or,is this the way you want our great country ,to be run ??

    4. I’m sorry to say that nothing is going to happen to these criminals. The media, the FBI, DOJ , the news papers , all hate Trump so much that they don’t care about America.
      This is a very sorry time in history. Pray that
      God helps us . 🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷

      1. Pope John II said “When LOVE disappears from this world, the Nazis will Return under a different name”
        is this the moment? Lord, I pray to you to protect America, her people, our Values and our Freedom and let us not fall into a Marxist godless enslaved country. Grant us a Victory in Nov. for the good of humanity. Let us love each other once again and with our prayers dissipate the dark EVIL forces that surround our country. Amen!

  2. It needs to be on all news channels. Biden was deeply involved. Also publicize you can change your vote in some states

  3. If these allegations are not investigate by the proper authorities and Biden wins the election without any charges being filed against him this country is lost. It will prove without a doubt that the far left liberals are above the law and could very well be the catalyst for the next civil war.

    1. I agree Mr. Scoville! We will be beyond lost! Bejing biden needs to be prosecuted! I cannot understand what has happened to our country.

    1. First it was the IRS scandal. Then Russian collusion, years of investigating. Then the impeachment of President Trump. If nothing else the people involved at the very least should have to pay back all the money it has cost. No justice, especially when Joe Biden could be our next president. President Trump had no idea how right he is about draining the swamp. Vote Donald Trump!

      1. Any and all claims and investigations by either party needs to be paid for by the national committee, the Republican or Democratic National Committee until such time as the claim or investigation proves true. If false as in the IRS, Muller Investigation, collusion, etc costs are paid by the Party.

    TV STATIONS AND SO MANY OTHERS. HOW CAN WE STOP THEM FROM DESTROYING AMERICA?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    1. Mr Trump is trying but the Democrats are doing everything they can to stop him . This cannot happen . IF Biden were to win then Pelosi will put her plan into action and Kamala Harris would be President and Pelosi would probably move up to VP . That would be the dagger in the backs of the American people . It matters not what party you are affiliated with .. it is about doing what is right for this country… this corruption has gone on for way too long . Time for change . Mr Trump can do it .

  5. This story needs to be investigated and if true, heads should roll. China, Russia and Ukraine will own the Republic. Only God can save us if true.
    “In God we trust”

  6. The Bidens are like the Clintons. Wrong doings don’t seems to stick to them. A sub sailor went to jail for a picture of a decommissioned sub. Hillary skated on having program material on a bathroom server. The media won’t cover criminal activities by the swamp creatures. Two sets of justice systems. All the top career people in DOJ; FBI; CIA and national intelligence service need to be fired. Might be able to hire a few honest employees to replace them.

  7. We have “no choice”! A vote for Donald Trump means Americas will continue to enjoy their freedoms, their 2nd amendment rights, law and order by supporting our local police departments, moral values we have taught our children, freedom of speech, freedom of worship, energy efficiency in p;roducing our own oil, fracking, job opportunities for all, a strong economy, a strong military to keep us safe, and many many more. Biden never spoke out AGAINST all the rioting and looting and destruction in America’s democratic run cities. Representative Ihan Omar said in an interview Monday that “Democrats will have a ‘cohort of progressives’ who will try to influence 2020 presidential nominee Joe Biden should he be elected. They plan to push the candidate further to the left. She said they are very clear about their objectives for wanting the implementation of Medicare for All and a Green New Deal and raising the minimum wage and NOT ALLOWING fracking.” YOUR VOTE AGAINST THESE RADICALS COUNTS.

  8. IF, a BIG IF the left wins the election Biden will never see the oval office. Pelousi will invoke the 25th amendment and Kalamity Harris will take office with Pelousi next in line. Heaven forbid.

    1. I have been sayng this ever since Biden selected Harris as his VP. During the debates, Hrrus actually called Biden a racist. And yet picks her as his choice for VP. I mean, WTF…

  9. It’s so sad that our media makes billions of dollars but doesn’t give a sh it about what the people of america thinks. Sorry folks time to shut them all down for a few months and see how well they do.

  10. These comments are so incredibly true and we hear nothing like this from the media, i wish I knew how to get information of this nature on daily news.


  12. Biden n all his representatives should be prosecuted NOW. All the ones that’s covered it up as well. Take the mainstream news n FBI, DOJ , Clintons , Obama’s n all these ppl involved down. Drain the swamp or civil war will happen. So done w the corruption n cover ups.

  13. The Media is “deliberately” misrepresenting the FACTS that reveal the Real Story involving the Biden’s Involvement with business deals that garnered billions of dollars with many foreign countries that are not ‘Friends of America’. I know that the information was available for any interested journalist as far back as 2018. I am just a person that reads some of the emails I receive from various sources that usually get immediately deleted unless something interesting catches my attention. The first that interested me enough to read then print for future reference was Joe Biden’s constant opposition at every step to any policy or initiatives of Presidents Reagan, GW Bush, & Obama. Former CIA director & Defense Secretary Robert Gates, having served under both Democrat & Republican Presidents, said that Biden has been wrong on “nearly every major foreign policy & national security issue over the past four decades”. There are reports about Hunter Biden’s sworn Court documents filed in his 2017 divorce documents in which he claims that he has not held a job since May of 2019, even though he has a $2.5 million dollar private, gated home in the Hollywood Hills, with neighbors such as Ben Affleck, Halle Berry. BTW, there is no record to be found that Hunter Biden ever paid a dime for that house. On March 15, 2018 Peter Schweitzer wrote an exclusive titled ‘Inside the shady private equity firm run by Kerry & Biden’s kids’. Sons Chris Heinz & Hunter Biden were in a business which was funded & co-owned by the Chinese Government. The Offices of Rosemont Seneca/China’s Bank of China leased a space in Washington DC that is within one mile of the Kerry home & Joe Biden’s office. More reports that came forward in 2017 involves Paul Pelosi, Jr., son of SOTH Nancy Pelosi & his visits to the Ukraine, supposedly to discuss a youth soccer partnership with the government. Senator Mitt Romney even has a connection with Joe & Hunter Biden’s corruption scandal in the Ukraine. Romneys top aide in his 2012 Presidential campaign has served on the board of Burisma Holdings since 2017 as reported by OANN. What I do not understand is why the Media chooses not to look at this freely accessible information which has dated documentation that goes back to 2014 of the Biden’s involvement with this story of the hour, which they refuse to confirm or show proof of falsehood of these reports.

  14. CamelToe Mouth Harris with codes to W-88 Warheads after old Corn Pop goes down while her and Obama are burning one, doesn’t look good folks…

  15. Can you even imagine how the outcome of all that is going on within the Biden family would compare to what would happen if the same thing were going on within the Republican Party ! ! ! ! ! ! Undoubtedly, the Republicans would already be in prison. RIGHT ? ? ?

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