October 3, 2022

Tucker Carlson warns that Kamala Harris will bring ‘California-style governance’ to the nation

Fox News host Tucker Carlson has been on a roll lately, exposing Democrats right and left.

While Joe Biden’s running mate, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) has maintained a fairly low profile in the aftermath of the election, Carlson isn’t letting her slide into the White House without exposing her disastrous agenda.

During his Wednesday show, Carlson notified viewers that Harris will not be a passive vice president — if the Harris/Biden ticket prevails — but rather seeks to bring California-style governance to the rest of the nation.

“We make a lot of fun of the State of California on this show, you may have noticed, but we’re not really joking,” Carlson began. “California matters and not just because it’s our biggest state. What happens there is at some point almost certain to happen where you live.”

“Find a national trend that didn’t begin in California,” he continued. “There may be some, but there aren’t many. So if you want to know the future, or if you want to prevent it, look west. California is a roadmap for the rest of us and very often warning.”

Carlson went on to explain the disaster that California has become under Democrat leadership, highlighting the fact that “California has gone from one of the richest places in the world to the poorest state in our country. More than a third of California’s population now hovers around the poverty line.”

California’s electrical grid is failing, the homeless crisis has exploded in every major city in the state, and the state burns nearly to the ground each year with increasing intensity due to forest mismanagement — and as Carlson pointed out, “California’s elected leaders divide the spoils. That’s their job: taking what other people built, giving it to themselves and to their supporters.”

Prospective Vice President Kamala Harris was born and raised in California and has spent her entire career — prior to becoming a Senator — in the state’s shockingly corrupt government, leveraging her power to contribute to the state’s downfall.

Carlson ominously warned:

The most recent estimates show that California lost more than 135,000 people in the last year. Among those people, by the way, is Kamala Harris. She’s in Washington now, your capital, and she is bringing California-style governance to the rest of us. You should pay attention to that.


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