October 3, 2022

WATCH: Tucker Carlson goes off on Trump, Jared Kushner over riot response

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson stunned the GOP by going after President Trump and several of his top advisers on Monday, criticizing their response to the outbreak of violence over the weekend.

Carlson typically is a major defender of Trump, but slammed the president for listening to son-in-law and top adviser Jared Kushner as riots escalated in major cities across the US.

“The president’s famously sharp instincts, the ones that won him the presidency almost four years ago, have been since subverted at every level by Jared Kushner,” Tucker said. “Several times over the past few days the president has signaled that he would very much like to crack down on rioters, that is his instinct, but every time he has been talked out of it by Jared Kushner and by aides that Kushner has hired and controls.”

WATCH (H/T Fox News):


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