August 9, 2022

Carlson: Democrats that flout their own COVID-19 rules ‘despise’ the American people

Democrat officials have loudly announced their support of new coronavirus restrictions for millions of Americans ahead of the holidays, plunging the vast majority of the nation back into strict lockdowns not dissimilar to those in March and April.

Fox host Tucker Carlson, however, exposed the hypocrisy of these officials — especially in California — during his Wednesday program, pointing out that “if you want to live like a human being, you’ve got to get elected to something, and then you can break your own rules. Otherwise, don’t even think about it.”

California Governor Gavin Newsom ordered the majority of the state’s 58 counties back into the most restrictive level of coronavirus precautions after the state began experiencing a surge in cases beginning in November.

Despite warning his constituents that they should not travel to be with loved ones on Thanksgiving, Newsom had no qualms about attending a ritzy birthday bash at a Michelin-starred restaurant in California’s wine country. After Newsom was exposed for flouting his own rules, he “apologized” and claimed that the party followed all of his guidelines for preventing the transmission of COVID.

However, that’s not quite the truth. Carlson explained:

For his part, Governor Newsom assured his suffering subjects that quote, “Our family followed the restaurant’s health protocols and took safety precautions.” So really, ladies and gentlemen, it was nothing. Just a small intimate dinner held in nature, under God’s blue skies, just a few close friends staying safe and following the protocols to the letter as mandated by the state that in fact they run. So relax, people. No one is getting ‘rona here.

That was the story.

Now the photograph. We have the picture thanks to Fox 11 in Los Angeles, one of the rare local stations that still does reporting. It’s a picture of the birthday dinner up in Napa.

It turns out it was not held outside. It was held in a private room and not a spacious private room either. All 12 people were packed in tight, shoulder to shoulder, breathing on each other. No social distancing here. Not one of them is wearing a mask.

A steam room in central Wuhan could not be more contagious than this dinner. Gavin Newsom’s birthday party was a germ factory and his guests were human Petri dishes.

But what a guest list it was. Next to Governor Newsom sat the CEO of the California Medical Association and the one over from him, one of the state’s top health lobbyists. Together, the two of them represent tens of thousands of physicians, credentialed men of science and women of science in the State of California.

So if you’re wondering why, if you live in California, you can’t have Thanksgiving this year or visit your mother as she dies alone in the hospital, it is because of them and people like them. And yet there they were, eating $300.00 truffle pasta and living like this pandemic thing never even happened.

Carlson went on to rip Democrat politicians in general for continually violating the rules they impose on the peasants. California was the first state to enact strict lockdowns that rapidly spread across the nation.

California has repeatedly arrested, fined, and harassed innocent citizens that violate any of their petty rules, including socially distanced visits to beaches that were closed as part of the COVID-19 precations. Churches have bourne the brunt of California Democrats’ wrath, as many resisted restrictions that appeared to single out religious services.

Carlson went on to point out that these same Democrat politicians that have warned Americans against gathering with friends and loved ones during the holiday season had no problem allowing — and even condoning — riots throughout the summer.

“If you want to break the law, if you have an unscratchable itch, go ahead and loot Target or torch a fast-food franchise or beat up an old lady. That’s federally protected political speech, but authentic human contact, no, only the ruling class gets that,” Carlson explained.

“So what is this exactly? It’s hypocrisy, of course,” he concluded. “That was not big enough. This is not conventional hypocrisy. This is — let’s stop lying — an act of hostility against the population of the country. They despise you. They’re flaunting it.”

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sturgis (@guest_1076522)
1 year ago

Carlson is correct! Do what I say not what I do, hypocrites!! I for one will ignore these demonrat governors and do what is best for ME!

The Redhawk (@guest_1076550)
Reply to  sturgis
1 year ago

He is the ONLY FOX NEWS WORTH WATCHING anymore….. Imagine if the 73 millions disenfranchised Americans would STOP using Facebook/twitter/google and Amazon …Fully organized to “SEND A MESSAGE” that WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH”” of FASCIST TYRRANY by DEMENTIA JOE nad CRUDS of that (D) defunct party…and we no longer feel that we need to Follow directions from that ILLEGAL ADMINISTRATION …humm would that get a “WAKE UP CALL”

steveo (@guest_1076927)
Reply to  The Redhawk
1 year ago

i don’t watch fox anymore and it’s a shame because i really like tucker!i also deleted my twitter account and joined parler.i will not be going to any movies or places to shop that have the trans bathrooms.i’m only one but if millions of us do it it will cost them dearly!

L. Kent Olson (@guest_1076592)
Reply to  sturgis
1 year ago

I will do turkey day and deer hunting at the lodge as I feel fit, this is still the USA

patricia overbey (@guest_1076893)
Reply to  sturgis
1 year ago

Exactly correct do as I say not as I do. The sheep are waking up enough is enough take our Country back honor our God, Country, Our Flag & our President Donald J. Trump Happy Thanksgiving.

Christiann (@guest_1076526)
1 year ago

Totally disregard, ignore what the communist demoncrat governors and mayors say!! Their proclamations are in opposition to your God-given rights that the Bill of Rights guarantee!!

Naioma Emanuel (@guest_1076527)
1 year ago

I really respect Tucker Carlson. He has always had integrity. Everything he said is correct. G-d watch over him. Newsom is a Nuisance. His Aunt is Nancy Pelosi, you know, the Speaker of the house that disrespected our president by tearing up documents behind his back on camera. Oh, and the woman that wants to support Gavin with extra Billions but not allow the American people to have financial aid? Unfortunately Gavin will not get CCP because it isn’t here for him to catch. He knows it and so do the Dr.s at the parth!

JKM (@guest_1076532)
1 year ago

Go get ’em Carlson! Keep telling it like it is.

Mike Hayes (@guest_1076534)
1 year ago

Get that lousy and corrupt governor and all his buddies out of California and put them in jail or better yet under the jail.

L. Kent Olson (@guest_1076598)
Reply to  Mike Hayes
1 year ago

I agree

Rusty (@guest_1076535)
1 year ago

Glad someone finally said what I feel is true eve before the virus!

REBECCA HILVERDING (@guest_1076536)
1 year ago

Right now, Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity are the only two reasons I watch Fox news. The rest of the time I am watching Newsmax. Thank you, Tucker, for not caving, for not giving in and for being a true journalist!. You are doing what you are suppose to be doing and thank God for that. God Bless you and keep you safe. Keep reporting because I will keep watching – not matter what cable you are on.

Lily Smith (@guest_1076538)
1 year ago

I do not even watch Hannity or Tucker……. Once you switch to NEWSMAX Oann Epoch times and America’s
Voice you will not go back to FOX……..

Real honest news with these groups

jjofaz (@guest_1076542)
Reply to  Lily Smith
1 year ago

I agree wholeheartedly! They are not spaghetti news networks.

jjofaz (@guest_1076541)
1 year ago

Doesn’t that make him Special? Just like the church lady. He wallows in his glory as king sh*t. What will he do when he no longer rules? Or better yet when he is put in a home? It would be great if it was a “home” run by no other then killer Cuomo.

flashy0ne (@guest_1076548)
1 year ago

In spite of all the ‘warnings’ about the dangers of the “COVID” disaster, the “political experts” continue to misinform the American people. All they want to talk about is “positive” tests, the HUGE majority of which amount to nothing. For some reason they ‘discount’ those who NEVER develop symptoms or who recover easily. We are now (finally) ADMITTING that the VAST majority of deaths are not COVID caused, but rather persons’ succumbing to pre-existing conditions. It seems that the ‘name of the game’ is to frighten the American public. Could this be an attempt to “control” the American people as a political expedient ?? It would appear, from the facts, that the susceptible population to be protected are ‘older’ people — the VERY people EXPOSED with the “shut down” approach — everybody enclosed in a small space. You would think, by this time, that the OBVIOUS would be accepted — OUTSIDE ‘large’ groups’ seem pretty safe per the Trump political rallies. This would imply that the destruction of the financial structure of the country IS NOT NECESSARY. Open the country up — and PROTECT the older population at all times (even when at home — that’s what we are doing) !!!

Dizzy (@guest_1076554)
1 year ago

To many people with to little backbone.

Dizzy Swain (@guest_1076558)
1 year ago

To many people with too little backbone.

Dizzy Swain (@guest_1076561)
1 year ago

Whats up– only dems can comment

Dizzy Swain (@guest_1076563)
1 year ago

go to HELL

Bonnie (@guest_1076582)
1 year ago

Don’t listen to any of them, go have your Thanksgiving dinner with your families, enjoy yourself, for a change! That’s what I’m doing.

Katydid (@guest_1076609)
1 year ago

So easy to say “sorry” and have all forgiven. NOT

paw paw (@guest_1076776)
1 year ago

Well, it’s really no surprise. These people (Democrat politicians) really DO believe that they are the ELITE (better than the rest of us & for some strange reason VERY entitled) to fame, power & MONEY. They worship MONEY and POWER. I just wish people would believe them when they talk about the total change they are planning for US, NOT them! If someone says they want to kill you, for instance, you had better believe them! I learned that one from personal experience. Believe what they say! They MEAN it; for the rest of us of course, NOT themselves!!

Barry (@guest_1076872)
1 year ago

Tucker Carlson you are awesome daily. Gavin, Groping Joe , Drunk Nancy, Jerry the myth, Adam the weasel, upchuckie the rump ranger and the rest of you corrupt liars may you all go to HELLO in the same hand basket

John C Murphy (@guest_1078360)
1 year ago

I guess one thing that wasn’t released to the public is the discovery that the Covid virus was reformulated so that it will only infect Conservatives. Democrats and liberals have nothing to fear!

Javiernop (@guest_1234537)
1 year ago

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Javiernop (@guest_1252802)
1 year ago

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