August 1, 2021

Capitol police say militants are targeting Biden’s SOTU

Some blame the U.S. Capitol Police department for not doing enough to stop the Jan. 6 attack on the building they’re charged with protecting. Now with additional threats on the table, the department isn’t taking any chances.

President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address has been targeted with violent threats, including potential assassination attempts against powerful Democrats, the Blaze reported. Acting Chief Yogananda Pittman said during a hearing Thursday that it was “prudent” to keep an “enhanced and robust security posture” for the foreseeable future.

“We know that members of militia groups that were present on Jan. 6 have stated their desires that they want to blow up the Capitol and kill as many members as possible with a direct nexus to the State of the Union, which we know that date has not been identified,” Pittman said via video conference Thursday. “So based on that information, we think that it’s prudent that Capitol Police maintain its enhanced and robust security posture until we address those vulnerabilities going forward,” she added.

Thousands of protestors stormed the U.S. Capitol during a joint session of Congress. Questions abounded whether Capitol police were unaware or simply unprepared. “Although we knew the likelihood for violence by extremists, no credible threat indicated that tens of thousands would attack the U.S. Capitol, nor did the intelligence received from the FBI or any other law enforcement partner indicate such a threat,” Pittman explained.

Pittman was speaking to lawmakers in front of the House Appropriations subcommittee Thursday, according to The Hill. She was joined by acting House Sergeant-at-Arms Timothy Blodgett to answer questions from both Republicans and Democrats, often defending the department’s lack of foresight and preparedness during the Jan. 6 attack.

Admitting that security procedures were “not adhered to as they should have” been, Pittman said there was a lack of communication between law enforcement inside the building and out. โ€œWhen my staff was notified, my staff or the Capitol Police, or both together worked to extract the individuals from where they were trapped, but the system was dependent on my staff being notified,โ€ Blodgett also offered.

At various times throughout the hearing, lawmakers from both sides of the aisle accused the department of doing more to save face rather than assess what actually went wrong during the earlier attack. Pittman defended the ongoing use of perimeter fences installed after the attack that she acknowledged are “not popular.”

The office of President of the United States is important to the nation, and his security is paramount regardless of what his party affiliation is.ย  If there is a credible threat still present to Biden, it’s vital that every precaution remain in place. Nobody wants to see 5,000

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160 Responses

  1. I’ve said right along, that the ONLY reason the Nat’l Guard is in Washington is that the Dems are crapping their pants and having to literally look over their shoulders 24/7. Now, of course, the Republicans are being blamed for ANY threats made when it’s being proven that the instigators of Jan 6th were in fact Demorat backed militants/rioters. This country is in a mess and now a major problem is, there is no justice because it seems even the Supreme Court is showing they are also corrupt.

    1. Dems upper echelon know what they did and which big techs, law enforcements and foreign countries were complicit.
      They have to keep lying or else it will fall apart. They could even be up for execution for the high crimes of treason committed..

    2. Biden’s basement is not big enough to hid in! BUT!!! HERE WE COME to city near you!! American Patriot Party and Militia

      1. Hahahaha we won’t touch them but their own people like aftia, and BLM will!! They are not worried about us because we are peaceful people!!!

    3. When these DEMONRATS cannot make good on their PROMISES for all that FREE STUFF to the parasites called the Left, THEY will be the ones that attack them… NOT the conservatives. We work for our livings. We have saved. We are not going to destroy that CHEATING administration…. THEY will destroy their OWN. Watch them !

      1. How true this !
        The democrats are nothing but a bunch of damn rats looking for a place to burrow into and the biggest of all is joe biden who incidentally thinks his crap does not stink as well as nancy pelisi and that chicken sh$t Schumer.
        The democrats given enough rope will hang their selves!

    4. Tens of thousands did NOT attack the Capitol! If they had we wouldn’t be in this mess NOW! The Trump supporters for the most part were walking around inside the ropes taking pictures because they were let in. Watch the footage very few were actually breaking in. Do they really think we are that stupid? They are smoke screening this whole debacle… Its like being in some 3rd world country.

      1. It has now been proven that Antifa infiltrated the rally, acting, talking and looking like Trump/MAGA supporters. Watch Millennial Millie’s hour and 24 minute documentary where she has the very people who did it on camera on their fb, twitter accounts planning it. She shows who the infiltrators were and now to identify them by their colors. As well, she shows how this was a Psyop using the very highjacked techniques our military developed for use against military POWs. And she reveals the origin of that and what GOP traitor Senator it is linked to. Go to the Internet, look for Millennial Millie PSYOP Steal. It will blow the top of your head off!

        1. I probably made an error in typing that url, so going online and entering those words is probably more reliable. OK…I went there and it’s been removed. Gee…I wonder why?

    5. I totally believe Dems are panicking, truth is coming out. I don’t believe they need fencing, but they are keeping it for show.
      I dont believe Trump supporters are what the Dems want us to believe they are, The Dems again have used a crisis to avert what really could have happened it the election was questioned.

        1. Politicians are like a baby’s diaper, after a while it get full of stuff and need changing.

          I remembered that from reading it here. The real truth is difficult to forget.

          1. I believe it was Thomas Jefferson who said it. He also said that in order to keep a fresh, robust, corruption free government, we needed to have a revolution every 20 years or so. Out with the old and in with the all new.
            Let’s see… we haven’t had a revolution since around 1776 so we are a bit overdue, doncha think?

    6. That is so true. Most Americans are aware that the dems are making it all up. They will continue telling lies about the right and Trump supporters. It is actually Antifa that has it out for Biden and Pelosi. That is who they need to watch out for. They are not too happy that they were not rewarded in a bigger way..

    7. Pelosi is calling for an investigation into the occurrences of 1/6. WHY!!!!!! isn’t the right demanding the same?! I would recommend anyone outside the political circles and especially NOT DURHAM un;ess we want to wait another decade!

      1. If someone outside of that circle does the investigation, they will find out the Pelosi was behind it. It is so obvious.

  2. Let us just face it , Pelosi and Democrats blew it! They were warned (actually they and CNN, Soros ,Antifa were in on it) and Trump offered 10,000 military protection that they turned down!!! You really have to watch politicians ,Democrats and Republicans they are sneaky but not as smart as a lot (74,000,000 plus) people ,we see your schemes and we definitely have not forgotten and we have not dealt out your punishment ,BUT IT IS COMMING! THE AMERICAN PATRIOT PARTY AND PATRIOT MILITIA!!!

    1. These crooked FOUL trash in that administration are going to REGRET all those “PROMISES”… Free this and Free that. WE ARE BANKRUPT ! THERE IS NOTHING ON THE HORIZON BUT ON HUGE DEPRESSION ! Watch and SEE where that TRASH in WDC leads this country now. Right into the SEWER ! God has turned them OVER to depraved minds that can’t do anything but EVIL. They have EXPOSED themselves for exactly what they are. EVIL.

  3. I do not know who or where the Capital Police get their information from, but I do know that NO American militia group or member would make such threats. The militia are made up of true Americans whose main purpose is to protect our country and our people, NOT to start riots or make threats. Someone is trying to start more trouble with lies.

  4. Karol you are spot on as are the other comments made here were in a bigger mess than even the Obama and Clinton years!

  5. Let’s see if we understand what’s happening. Recently, the buzz has been about Biden’s ability to be POTUS. One of the reasons given for concern was his failure to name a date for the State of the Union Address. Couple that with the criticism of the fence and military presence in DC getting a lot of attention and VOILA! it’s all because of a plot by TRUMP SUPPORTERS to sabotage the capital building and kill as many legislators as possible. Uh huh, and I have property in the swamps of Florida I would like to sell. Just amazing how the media eats this up and is still saying “thousands” of Trump supporters stormed the Capitol building and hundreds were injured or killed when in fact it was only a hundred or so and some were Antifa and the damage was minimal compared to what we hear. It’s also amazing that, suddenly, we hear there is a threat on Biden’s life being the reason for no State of the Union address and the military standing by. That report is a little too convenient. Democrats think we are all stupid enough to buy their plots and counter plots, but they are in for a big surprise in 2022.

    1. I think it was Aoc who tossed in the numbers.
      You know, I mean after all, hundreds of thousands were at her door trying to rape and kill her.
      Didn’t she say something on that line?
      And no body was even close. One exception, the “white” cop who offered to take her to a safer place. But he was White, and she didn’t trust him.

  6. Believe me with all this BS that you read in the fake. news if the people
    that went into the capital that day really went there to completely destroy
    the capital they could have burned it to the ground like the British did
    and there was not anyone there that could have stopped them.

  7. Throw out the non elected officials and reinstate Trump- keep the DC forces out there to KILL any other disrupters supporting illegal president. Need to get our country back! Democrats

  8. Sounds like another end around by the democRATs. Throw it out there and when something “surprising” happens, it’s President Trump’s fault. GROW UP nasty nance and company, people are paying attention and as usual you are over paying your hand.

  9. We now have an illegitimate president, destroying our country in just over a month by CHEATING his way into office. SCOTUS wimped out and wouldn’t hear about the election fraud, calling it moot. Well if it is proven and it has been that Trump is the rightful President (Absolute Proof) watch at then share it with everyone you know.


  11. Let me guess: the danger is from white supremacists and Trump cultists.
    I think JObama will call a lid and not even give a SOTU. If he does, I wanna see MTG tear it up.

  12. God please help our people to be clear in all they do. We must remember who and where
    we are and remember also, how we once followed those who showed honesty and wisdom
    in their words and actions.

  13. Ok think about this, this puppet they call president did not and probably will not give a state of the union as he should have because he’s either incapacitated or too confused to put together a complete sentence. This is just another fake Dumbacrap diversion.

  14. This is just yet another lie from the conniving Demmuists intended to justify TERRORIZING and TYRANNIZING anybody who DARES disagree with their toxic loonery!

  15. Aside from the ongoing efforts of the INSANE, power-mad Demmunists to target, scapegoat and TYRANNIZE Trump supporters and really ANYBODY who does not agree with their insanity, I seriously doubt SENILE JOE is capable of delivering a coherent SOTU speech,. which is why there hasn’t BEEN one, and likely WON’T be one.

  16. These people are prostate before Baal.
    They have openly OMITTED God from the pledge, and are trying their hardest to completely eliminate Christianity from this soil.
    It does not surprise me that the lists would take up such a position .
    As in the reality of things, the only ones believing these lies is their own selfish, greedy, malignant selves.

  17. These comments represent the greatest distortion of truth yet, coming from the UnAmerican Digest sycophants and autocrat Trump’s worshipers. Grotesque!

  18. Maybe Tehran will get lucky with one of their Nukes that Obama and Hillary built. . . .I’d love to see the surprise on their diaperheads when they nget the Thank You card from 308 Million Americans. . .

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