July 1, 2022

Calls for cancellation, firing of Tucker Carlson explode in wake of controversial George Floyd comments

Fox News star Tucker Carlson is a perpetual target for cancellation by the left and recent statements about the numerous riots over the last year have re-ignited the mob.

On Wednesday, Carlson pointed out the similarities between left’s handling of the January 6th Capitol riots and the George Floyd riots of 2020. Now, the left is pressuring Fox once again to fire Carlson for his boldly politically incorrect observations.

Carlson declared on Wednesday that the left is lying about both the George Floyd riots and the Capitol riots, using their power in the media to manipulate the American people into supporting their cause. Carlson explained:

In many places, the known facts bear no resemblance to the story they’re telling. They’re just flat out lying. … Think back to last spring, beginning of Memorial Day, BLM and their sponsors in corporate America completely changed this country. They changed this country more in five months than it changed in the previous 50 years. How’d they do that? They use the sad death of a man called George Floyd to upend our society.

Months later, we learned that the story they told us about George Floyd’s death was an utter lie. There was no physical evidence that George Floyd was murdered by a cop. The autopsy showed that George Floyd almost certainly died of a drug overdose, fentanyl, but by that point, facts didn’t matter, it was too late. Cities had been destroyed, along with the fabric of this country itself. Scores of people had been killed. Democratic partisans used a carefully concocted myth, a lie, to bum rush America into overturning the old order and handing them much more power. It worked flawlessly. So why wouldn’t they do it again?

The backlash for the observation was immediate. Twitter exploded in accusations of white supremacy, and activist groups are calling on large Fox advertisers like Cadillac, Verizon, General Motors, Amazon, and Sandals Resort to yank their support for the network unless Carlson is canceled.

leftist activist group Sleeping Giants tweeted on Wednesday: “HORRENDOUS: If you’re still advertising on Fox News, you are sponsoring and attaching your brand to conspiracies and racism. Full stop,” adding “Advertising isn’t just trying to reach audiences. It’s an investment in more of the content you’re paying for. These brands can’t have it both ways. You’re either FOR racial justice and against white supremacy or you’re not. By sponsoring Fox News, you’re not.”

Carlson has been the target of cancellation pushes dozens of times over the years due to similar accusations whenever Tucker dares to contradict the mainstream narrative.

As the Federalist’s Jordan Davidson pointed out, “Carlson was right about Hunter Biden. He was right about last summer’s destructive riots. He was right about the corporate media’s treatment of former President Donald Trump. And he was right about how Washington, the corporate media, corporations, and other institutions exploited and manufactured a narrative about Floyd’s death to accomplish political goals.”

As one of the most popular shows on television, “Tucker Carlson Tonight” is unlikely to go anywhere precisely because of his unabashed courage in the face of cancel culture, causing leftists to whip themselves up into nearly uncontrollable rages on the regular.

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Carol A (@guest_1131677)
1 year ago

If they cancel tucker after cancelling lou they’re done….but isn’t that what they want? They wanted to end the conservative outlet of fox. And they’re doing it. Truth? They don’t want no stinking truth!

Valerie Dodds (@guest_1131682)
Reply to  Carol A
1 year ago

I agree, Tucker is the only one who will stick his neck out and tell it how it is!

Calvin Sibert (@guest_1131681)
1 year ago

Wow, so now telling the truth is controversial? The Bible foretells that the world would be this way in the last days.

Kathy (@guest_1132656)
Reply to  Calvin Sibert
1 year ago

I feel that we have begun the last days, thanks to the leftoid idiots. I am so very grateful that I am 82 years old and won’t be living too much longer, and with the leftoids now running and ruining everything, death will be a good thing for me…..I’d rather be dead that being around loud mouthed, stupid, worthless excuses for humans, that being the leftoids, of course.

Wes (@guest_1131709)
1 year ago

Tucker Carlson, Hannity, Mark Levin, Jeanine Pirro, Laura Ingram and others are awesome. Then you look at others that could careless about the truth. Look up the facts CNN, MSNBC and others. Even the articles in the New York Times by Nicholas Kristof and others want cable stations to ban Fox News. This has become disgusting. New York and California have become the centers for bad Governors, media and just outright evil while blaming others. Wow! Take sometime away from the media and breathe some fresh air. You will feel better and be able to make rationale decisions.

Eugene (@guest_1131717)
1 year ago

that would be like cutting off your nose to spite you face if they would do that they would cancel them selfs

Kenneth Carson (@guest_1131728)
1 year ago

It is obvious that they can’t stand anyone who speaks the truth and they will not be satisfied until everyone who does not support their lies and twisted narrative is silenced. Welcome to the new America under Joe Biden or more appropriately, whoever is pulling his strings.

Russ (@guest_1131753)
1 year ago

That’s what happens when people listen to commie democrats.

Matt (@guest_1131761)
1 year ago

Tucker tells it like it is and the MSM doesn’t like it. Even some sites says he reports incorrect in which they are wrong and possibly bias.

john fudacz (@guest_1131798)
1 year ago

you speak the truth you get canciled , george floyd was a thug who swolled his drugs that killed him !then he gets honerd then hes honored that bs . tucker should got to oan or newsmaxx, fox is dieing going to the left

Londa (@guest_1131801)
1 year ago

I believe nothing that comes from the lips of about 95% of the media – especially CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, CNBC and lately half of FOX…they are lowlife liars!

Kathie Dey (@guest_1131813)
1 year ago

We need a forum to have opposing views. I hope Fox does not bend.
Stay strong Carlson

Willie T (@guest_1132219)
Reply to  Kathie Dey
1 year ago

Yes, though that is the very reason the left wants to destroy them. One of the first acts of any fascist regime is to silence or censor all opposing views and facts that don’t line up with the dictated narrative.

Wayne (@guest_1132069)
1 year ago

Gee, I guess this site doesn’t appreciate sarcasm. I guess when you call someone out for there behavior, it upsets the narrative. Bummer. I just proposed that those who feel the truth isn’t what they want, to stroll down into the water and think about life for while.

Bemused Berserker (@guest_1132187)
1 year ago

Civil War creeps ever closer. It’s all the fault of Democrats, their Propaganda Apparatchik (the main Stream Media), and Far Left Liberal/Progressive Activists (Eco-Cultural Terrorists).
The reckoning, when it comes, will be horrendous.
It will be necessary and the country will be blood stained from coast to coast.
Lock & Load Patriots, and keep your powder dry.

Holly Dutton (@guest_1132411)
1 year ago

Political correctness does NOT count. Moral correctness DOES. Tucker Carlson is living proof of that.

Terry Hyde (@guest_1132565)
1 year ago

We are in a time where good is considered evil and evil is considered good…and the Dumbocrats practice this peculiarity the best…and it is coming out in spades, now that they have all the power. But for how long, they have a practice of frittering it all away!!

Ruth (@guest_1132686)
1 year ago

Tucker is the very best on the internet ! ! ! He is the only that we can truly believe to give us the absolute truth. The complete truth. He does not waiver. He gets into the details on every issue ! ! !

Gordon (@guest_1132707)
1 year ago

I agree that Tucker has been correct. He is one of the few reporters that checks his facts before saying anything. And as for China Joe being able to handle the Covin 19 problem, I don’t believe that he can’t do anything with out his handlers. He is getting everything threw his ear piece.

Nancy S Moody (@guest_1132760)
1 year ago

Tucker Carlson is one of only a few honest reporters we have. He actually investigates and gets to the bottom of the trash barrel to give his viewers the truth. Of course they want to cancel him because he is telling the truth. Tucker Carlson, Shawn Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Judge Jennine and Mark Levin are courageous people and they should be encouraged to continue the work they do. Fox has changed a lot over the last year and have gotten rid of people I liked. I have even switched to Newsmax and One America News at various times of the day, including Fox and Friends that I used to watch every morning from beginning to end.

Serie (@guest_1132996)
1 year ago

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Rodney Stroup (@guest_1135603)
1 year ago

The left hates the truth or wait , I think I heard Creepy Joe say we believe in the truth over facts. So not sure what it is , maybe both .

Patti Miller (@guest_1137415)
1 year ago

I hope Tucker leaves Fox and goes to AON!

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