May 12, 2021

Californians draw closer to firing Gavin Newsom via recall

California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) is close to being fired by residents of the Golden State for his mismanagement of the state’s economic, humanitarian, and public health crises. The RecallGavin2020 petition has collected 1.2 million of the 1.5 million signatures needed by March 17 to trigger a special recall election.

Starting his third year as governor, Newsom has presided over a steep decline in the formerly golden state. Under his watch, homelessness has grown worse and the housing crisis hasn’t improved. Though he inherited some problems from 8 years of Jerry Brown’s (D) leadership, Newsom’s own actions have worsened the misery in California.

Newsom signed the job-destroying bill AB-5 into law in 2019, which devastated the independent contractor industry just to satisfy unions. Thousands of independent contractors, from journalists to translators to graphic artists, lost their jobs.

AB-5  took effect in January 2020 — and then COVID-19 hit. Newsom was the first governor in the nation to lock down his state and shutter “non-essential” businesses, which over the last 10 months has proven deadly to thousands of small businesses across the state, and put millions out of work.

To top it all off, Newsom made an eerily similar misstep to the one former California Governor Gray Davis made to trigger a recall vote just months after taking office in 2003: Allowing the state’s electrical grid crisis to trigger blackouts across the state, infuriating residents of all political stripes.

Many Californians, seeing the stranglehold the Democrats have on California, have given up on their state and moved to states that are more hospitable to humans and their businesses like Tennessee, Idaho, and Texas.

Californians that don’t want to leave are signing the recall petition by the hundreds of thousands. 1.5 million valid signatures are needed to force the recall vote, and about 1.2 million have been collected. The Secretary of State has validated over 800,000 signatures. Newsom and his allies, including the Los Angeles Times, are beginning to worry that the recall will happen.

The Los Angeles Times, in an attempt to aid Newsom, ran a hit piece on the non-partisan RecallGavin2020 campaign to smear the organizers. They tried to tie the campaign to QAnon and the Proud Boys, which are tantamount to the KKK in Democrat’s opinions.  The Times “reported:”

A Times investigation found that recall campaign leaders, seeking to capitalize on the darkening public mood, allied with radical and extreme elements early on to help collect signatures. Those included groups promoting distrust of government, science and medicine; peddlers of QAnon doomsday conspiracies; ‘patriots’ readying for battle and one organization allied with the far-right extremist group, the Proud Boys.

California Democrat Party Chairman Rusty Hicks did his part to de-legitimize RecallGavin 2020, saying: “This recall effort, which really ought to be called the California coup, is led by right-wing conspiracy theorists, white nationalists, anti-vaxxers and groups who encourage violence on our democratic institutions.”

Recall organizer and senior adviser Randy Economy sent the California Globe a statement in response to the smear effort of The Times and the Democrat Party, which reads in part:

Californians from all walks of life have signed the petition for personal reasons of their own, which have nothing to do with the personal beliefs of any individual member. This movement is about bad policies and fixing a broken system, not individual personalities. When successful, the recall will trigger a special election later this Summer and Californians will have an opportunity to choose a new Governor. is a peaceful, nonpartisan movement and has many active volunteers. Everyone involved is entitled to their own personal opinions, that is what a Democracy is all about.  We decry all aspects of racism and hate.  We denounce any individual or group who engages in acts of violence, vandalism, or make threats on any level.

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44 Responses

      1. Nancy will tear up these letters faster than we can sign them The mafia like families of the Newsome’s and Pelosi’s fight dirty just like they are well known as the biggest criminals in politics.

        1. I forgot something else’ wont do any good to take out Gavin they will just put another democrat in that position. Let’s face it California is lost unless we can get rid of all democrats they are all the same.

          1. Why do all you people keep voting them back into office?? Either that, or they must be buying their way back into office, just like THE SQUAD is HARVESTING BALLOTS!! They should all be run out of office, because they are not doing anything for California, it is a disgrace what that state looks like now!! But they don’t care, because they have their walled mansions and paychecks and jobs!! WHAT DO YOU ALL HAVE??? JUST A THOUGHT!!!

          2. Then the next step would be to impeach the next democrat rat that would step into newsomes office.
            It’s past time that true Americans step up and take back control of the government of California and run the rats outs of the state.

        1. They are going no where. They have the media+twitter, Facebook, Google all locked up, so they have total control over the populace. Sounds like German 1933-1944.

    1. I couldn’t agree with you more. Some are calling it a coup attempt? Well How do they think we the people felt when ones like Nancy Pelosi, waters and other high ranking democrats did their impeachment of Trump but that was OK right?

      1. Many THANKS for OUTING the 4 or 5 BIG evil families who pick OUR gov! WE vote and they find a way to get it dead! OH, BUT we have this great guy to take over! Hard of hearing, THE REAL CA CITIZENS GET TO PICK OUR GOVERNOR! NOT the RICH chosen few! Maybe if you back off we will become GREAT AGAIN! Try cleaning up the messes on our streets, and cleaning OUR forests to stop all the fires! If you clean them we would not have so many fires and then restrict OUR water consumption! OH and the fish in the delta should NOT come before OUR Farmers with crops and animals that need water!

  1. California needs to get rid of every Dem and replace with knowledgeable conservatives that have strong business knowledge. The Education systems need to be cleaned up.

    1. I Agree w/ G. Wilson on California needs to get rid of every Dem and replace with knowledgeable conservatives that have strong business knowledge. The Education systems need to be cleaned up.

  2. Well, he has followed his Aunt’s lead, I am sure of that. To politicize this pandemic to hurt Trump. She hates, not only Trump, but all Republicans. They both out to be tried for Treason. As this is what I am seeing in them. Too many people in Congress and now even the President are getting away with treason. It’s time that we start pushing back and charging them and arrestingi them. Per our Constution.

  3. I have to congratulate the people of California that they have put up with Enough crap from the stupid governor that is running that state he needs to never be able to run in any public office because he’s brainless

  4. The people complaining and the ones leaving keep voting Democrats into office. Stupid is when you keep doing the same thing.wishing for a.different result.

    1. Insanity is when You do the same thing over and over again the same way and expect a different outcome every time . A saying of AA and NA which in this instance is completely true . Ca. was a great state in the early 70’s and now no one wants to live there except illegals and criminals or AKA the democrats that sponge off of the people or also known as politicians .

    2. Yea, well im californian, born and raised, dont appriciate being labeled STUPID. Other than the fact about DOMINION VOTING(DOMINATE root word) until those machines are ruled illegal with their alogarythem programs. This State is Red no doubt, unless the border is encroached, bringing in a blue tidal wave. KINDA hard to prove. You really need to hope this doesnt head your way.

  5. Gavin Newsom is just like his auntie he’s corrupt and doesn’t support all the people of this state. I’ve lived her 63 years and this is by far the worst governor we’ve ever had. That is why I’m leaving this hell hole and going to red states. All Democrat states that have let Antifa and Black lives matter destroy millions of dollars and damages and many more deaths is far worse than Nancy refusing to get National guards at the electoral elections. She is to blame and she should be removed also. Time for California to recall Pelosi to step down.

  6. Newsom along with Cuomo and several others Are In League With The Deep Dark State and This New Radicalized Far Left Anti – American Agenda and Movement Against Our Freedom, Our Security, Our Rule Of Laws, Our Bill of Rights , Our Constitution and Our True American Way of Life !!!!! Why Are They Consistently Re-Elected , Much Les Elected In The First Place ??!!??!! Always Be Very, Very Careful For Who and What You Vote For !!!!!!

  7. Newsom played pelosis game of total shut down to hurt trumps economy and kill jobs ,use the virus to steal the election .California has had enough of the frauds and Newsom is now under attack and scared his governorship will be terminated so he is opening up the state to save himself not Californian’s..

  8. Seems to me that the Republican Mayor of San Diego would be an excellent replacement. He has all the right tickets to be the Governor of CA.

  9. He’s a Democrat they will just a have vote and we know what happens there. Dominion machines will make him a winner!

  10. I signed it and I noticed up above that it says later we (meaning Californians) will be able to vote for another person to replace him. Call who every you know and send it to them to sign.

  11. Dixie and Murray McGrath remove Gov. Newsome now good by Gov. Newsome thank you the McGrath

  12. I,m in my 70,s born in Ca. Still live in ca. And will fight to make it grate again until I can not fight anymore!

  13. I heard Donald trump jr is thinking about getting into politics. I use to live in California loved it. California people are begging for help. Step up republicans. Help California

  14. Can you imagine how the Hollywood elites would handle it if a republican was voted in Dems would try to destroy. Just like they tried to president trump. But then that what they do best. DESTROY

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