July 25, 2021

California Supreme Court unanimously approves measure allowing early parole for sex offenders

If you’re a budding criminal, California is without a doubt the state in which you should consider committing crimes, as the punishments seem to be lessened by the day, thanks to the radical, progressive politicians and courts in The Golden State.

According to the Daily Wire, the California Supreme Court upheld a ruling which would give thousands of “nonviolent” sex offenders an early pass out of the prison system thanks to a ballot measure that was approved by voters in the state four years ago. 

Former Governor Jerry Brown was responsible for writing the language of Proposition 57, which allows for those convicted of a “nonviolent felony offense” to become eligible for early parole. Though Brown claims the bill was never meant for sex offenders, those who fall into the “nonviolent” category are about to reap the rewards.

Though the proposition was challenged with regard to releasing sex offenders early, lower courts ruled that sex offenders who met certain criteria could not be excluded from the early parole programs. The California high court eventually stepped in and affirmed that ruling in a 7-0 ruling.

“The ballot measure allows officials to consider paroling inmates convicted of nonviolent crimes after they have served their basic sentence and before they have completed sometimes lengthy additional terms for enhancements for things like using a gun, having prior criminal convictions, or being involved in a street gang,” the Associated Press reported in a Los Angeles Times piece.

What classifies as a “nonviolent” sex offender crime? Obviously, crimes such as rape and sodomy are violent, but cases of “pimping, incest, indecent exposure and possessing child pornography” apparently make California sex offender convicts primed for early release.

The proposition was originally written to help reduce the state’s unbelievably high prison population. During the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020, early release programs have been further bolstered by the courts in order to stop the spread of the virus within the state’s prison systems.

Early on, a number of prosecutors slammed Proposition 57 given how it was drafted and warned that passing such a measure would “wreak havoc on public safety.”

It was also stressed that the recent ruling doesn’t automatically give nonviolent sex offenders a get-out-of-jail-free card, adding that each convict’s circumstances would be taken into account before letting them out of the clink early.

It’s insane, asinine policies like these that are at least partially responsible for so many decent people fleeing the once-amazing state as fast as they can pack their bags and I don’t blame them for a second.

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38 Responses

      1. Well, in California that is an oxymoron. Whoever voted for this ignorant law should be voted out and quickly. Not likely!!! Thanks California for letting these exemplary citizens out to prey on others. The names of each and every legislator who voted yes should be mailed to each and every citizen of California. That won’t happen either and this story won’t be reported by any news outlet. What a wonderful state!

    1. You bet. I am thinking perhaps we should go back to the Wild West. Can’t be any worse than what we are experiencing today.

    2. Time for VIGILANTES as there were in the GOOD OL DAYS! “IF THE STATE WON”T TAKE CARE OF THEM” then its up to US to give TRUE JUSTICE!

  1. Folks will have to take bets on which state will be next! CA is fast going to the dumps! And born and raised here, so I can say that! And we are so lucky to be run by demonrats! Any questions? NOT

    1. I “believe” OREGON and NEW YORK are in LOCK STEP with them, with ILLINOIS and MICHIGAN right behind them and “maybe” GEORGIA!

    2. Disagree, California is already the Dumps!!!! May BS Laws like this will encourage even more Conservatives to leave for another part of the Country.

  2. I believe that California has now topped the list of insane criminal actions!!!! No wonder all their citizens who can leave this state are doing so,. Texas with other states, however, do not want the ones that are liberals that have helped California be the sorry state it is todayIII

  3. Californians need to disband and start their state government over completely. Their Democrat legislators and court judges are for practical reasons defunct. Letting criminals loose and not properly handling elections, homeless, and the pandemic are beyond understanding. Everything has gone bonkers there and no wonder..no to Pelosi, Waters, Swalwell, Newsome, you name them! All corrupt!

  4. This does not surprise me coming out of California. Johnny Carson said back in 1976 Californians were like crunchy granola What wasn’t fruits and nuts were flakes!

  5. California is completely NUTS! I left there in 2013 when it was already unbearable.
    Prisons are there for a reason and laws need to be followed as well as keeping criminals away from the public. Many should never be released.
    As we can see, New York and California are on the same path to which is the unsafest and most ludicrous State in the Country.

  6. MORE REASONS “WHY” Californians want to leave the state, but I hope they DO NOT BRING THEIR DEMOCRATIC “WAYS” with them. THAT IS WHY they are leaving now and if they stay DEMOCRATIC they will have to move again once they ruin their NEW STATE! GOD HELP US “ALL” if they bring there PAST VOTING TENDENCIES with them!

  7. Since they are letting out the criminals then they should take the criminals place. They appear to be more criminal than the criminals

  8. California has been well known to be a s*******and basically your governor and home down the line are butt plugs and people in the state are too f****** stupid to get rid of these douchebags so all of you stay in California you sure as f*** don’t need you anywhere else

  9. Looks to me like these radical states have seceded from the union. I live in Texas. We don’t mind like minded people moving here. After all they are leaving oppression, so I doubt they will vote for it.

    1. You are so right! Newsom and his dirty gang, are welcoming illegals and criminals to our state, these are the ones who voted for him and his communist party.

  10. When I go to “RecallNewsom.com” nothing comes up. Have they blocked this site?
    Can you help me vote against him? Jon

  11. What can you expect from CA, didn’t you know that Criminals and Demorats, and Illegals rule the state, everyone else is “out there”!!!!!!

  12. The REAL problem is these CALI refugees are MOVING TO OTHER, PREVIOUSLY NORMAL STATES! Poor Colorado is seeing huge influxes of these deranged people moving in and causing political mayhem! These idiots realize that insane Progressive RUINED CALIFORNIA, but it doesn’t stop them from trying to spread the liberal insanity wherever they go! I sure don’t want them in Michigan! We have enough homegrown “crazies”! Can we build a wall around Cali and NY to let them suffer from the system they helped create?

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