May 24, 2022

California police Lt. blasts state’s ‘woke’ agenda after officer’s murder

A Los Angeles police lieutenant blasted California’s soft crime approach during a speech at the funeral of a murdered officer, arguing more must be done to make an impact.

Lt. Rex Ingram shared the words while mourning officer Fernando Arroyos who was killed by gang members while off duty with his girlfriend.

“The system and the community that you worked so hard for failed you,” Ingram said.

“You expressed your concerns to your family many times about how criminals were not being held accountable for their actions, and how it was frustrating for the police and much more heartbreaking for the innocent victims,” he added.

Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon has been a target of criticism over crime as his approach has set low or no bail amounts for a variety of crimes traditionally given harsher punishments.

The response may challenge the state’s response to crime as officers are both lost and are calling out for a tougher response.

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