August 14, 2022

California liberals plan to move to Georgia to influence Senate runoff

The upcoming U.S. Senate runoff elections in Georgia arguably holds higher stakes than the final outcome of the 2020 presidential election, as it will likely determine who holds majority control in the upper chamber, giving one side a massive advantage over the other.

According to Breitbart, the Democrat candidates running against incumbent GOP senators are receiving unprecedented levels of support, with some high-profile Democrats even suggesting that voters in states like California pack up and move to Georgia, even temporarily, to bolster the Democrats’ chances.

However, according to Georgia state law, those moving to the state solely to vote against Republican Sens. David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler may face the consequences of Georgia state law, which forbids moving to the state with the sole intention to vote.

Adding to that is the fact that it’s also illegal to vote in a runoff race if one has already voted in the general election in another state, leaving many who have hopes of moving to the Peach State to help Democratic candidates Jon Ossoff and the Rev. Raphael Warnock win an election with the possibility of eventually being prosecuted.

Former Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang made headlines recently after he announced he was packing up his family and headed to Georgia, even making sure his large base of social media followers were aware of the Georgia voting deadlines.

In an earlier Breitbart report, The New York Times columnist Tom Friedman indicated during a CNN interview that he hopes “everybody moves to Georgia in the next month or two, registers to vote, and votes for these two Democratic senators.”

Obviously, Friedman and Yang seem to be grossly unaware of Georgia state law, which forbids such actions.

Ultimately, what this likely means for the results of the runoff elections — especially if they end up in razor-thin margins — is that recounts and legal challenges could be on the horizon, to determine which voters moved to the state to vote.

In other words, it could end up in complete and total disaster if Democrat voters attempt to rig the game in Georgia, similar to the outcome of the 2020 General election.

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Paul Nix (@guest_1076088)
1 year ago


Rebecca (@guest_1076118)
Reply to  Paul Nix
1 year ago

Yes let God take over

Michele (@guest_1076119)
Reply to  Paul Nix
1 year ago


david gaiser (@guest_1076090)
1 year ago

Democrats rig all games. they are enemies of freedom but have unprecedented control over the lying media and social media so many ignorant citizens vote for them. We must destroy their criminal machine starting with the media

Bobby (@guest_1076098)
Reply to  david gaiser
1 year ago

I agree with you 100% my friend. I know I have been looking to purchase weapons but every where is out of stock! Strange coincidence or someones pulling strings to keep us disarmed. No worries I have backups!!!!

Mary (@guest_1076111)
Reply to  Bobby
1 year ago

They are out of stock because so many concerned citizens are buying guns! Same with ammo— hard to keep in stock!

Vincent (@guest_1076120)
Reply to  Bobby
1 year ago

Buy them from Germany and outside gun companies brand new

Kim (@guest_1076300)
Reply to  Vincent
1 year ago

How do you do that and get them into the US, legally?

Phillp Owens SFC Ret (@guest_1076092)
1 year ago

I will wait to see if Georgia really enforces the law when it comes to voters moving into GA for the sole purpose of voting, under the alias of truly relocating. Will they strictly check to see if those moving into the state have actually voted in the general election in another state? If they have will Georgia really prosecute those false voters?

B King (@guest_1076151)
Reply to  Phillp Owens SFC Ret
1 year ago

Could the president make an executive order outlawing this IE. You must be a resident of any state you vote in for more than a year?

J R (@guest_1076094)
1 year ago

The ultimate Democratic STEAL, if allowed. You can’t get any more Underhanded.

joe schmidt (@guest_1076095)
1 year ago

prosecute anyone trying to do this.

Kim (@guest_1076297)
Reply to  joe schmidt
1 year ago

Prosecute anyone promoting this, too.

Diane (@guest_1076097)
1 year ago

This is BS time for us to have these people locked up. They are going against our constitution and our country. We the people have had enough of this BS. No normal person puts a man with dementia in office to run a country. Kick Pelosi out she list her marbles and we don’t want her staling out money & rights the commie witch. People demand she be impeached.

Jack H. B. (@guest_1076099)
1 year ago

it’s shameful the way dems try every form imaginable, to get power.

B King (@guest_1076166)
Reply to  Jack H. B.
1 year ago

I honestly believe at this point the left is of Satan and the right is of God. The left has, it would seem, an immeasurable natural tendency toward degradation and depravity, to ALWAYS do everything hurtful to as many people as possible other than themselves. They have no choice, it is just their lack of conscience! The right is of God and not able to even think the underhanded way the left does just naturally! GOD HELP US!! But the right is on the RIGHT SIDE!!! Hallelujah!

Janelle Clasen (@guest_1076323)
Reply to  B King
1 year ago


Alan (@guest_1076100)
1 year ago

Georgia take their time ,weeks to count mail in votes.and over night biden is up by hundred of thousands of votes..faurd,even when caught ,they are just doing a recound of fraudulent ballots and Republicans are keep away from verifying they are in a hurry to certify the state for biden..fraud faurd,faurd.where is the law ..

B King (@guest_1076167)
Reply to  Alan
1 year ago

AB SO lute;y true!!!

Christiann (@guest_1076102)
1 year ago

All communist demoncrats must move OUT OF THE UNITED STATES TO a communist nation!!

dodgerday (@guest_1076104)
1 year ago

If Quid-Pro- Joe had any sense of decency (an oxymoron for sure), he’d discourage these clowns from violating the Georgia election laws. But, I’m sure he won’t unless a written script appears on his teleprompter the next time he comes out from his basement & is scheduled to speak (and I use the term “speak” loosely).

Deplorable Lanie (@guest_1076106)
1 year ago

Personally, I think that they are very aware of Georgia law, I just don’t think that they care. And why not, they are getting away with it in the General Election why wouldn’t they try it in every single election we have? The ONLY way to stop this is to aggressively find, prosecute and convict with the longest possible prison sentence for every single person involved NO MATTER WHO THEY ARE!

Jo (@guest_1076107)
1 year ago

Even I would like to know who went to Georgia from another State to vote.

DWB (@guest_1076109)
1 year ago

That would be good start and have a good suppply of rope to hang them.

mary (@guest_1076112)
1 year ago

you need to follow state laws you jerks

Tim Toroian (@guest_1076116)
1 year ago

Now we can believe every bad thing we’ve ever heard about Georiga!

Vincent (@guest_1076117)
1 year ago

Here’s a simple idea to stop this from being FUBAR’D you have to present a state ID when submitting a vote. And the new ID cannot be resent Nov or Dec 2020. Easy to remember, straight to the point, and for God sakes have the ballots guarded by the National Guard nobody gets to them without being watched.

B King (@guest_1076169)
Reply to  Vincent
1 year ago

My thoughts EXACTLY!!!

Vincent (@guest_1076123)
1 year ago

Well then everyone from the MAGA March head there also and vote fight fire with fire. Playing by the rules will only screw us Patriots for 4 yrs if Biden was to get in but he won’t

Jesse (@guest_1076125)
1 year ago

They’ve already voted for a Senator in the State of California. They can’t now come to another State and vote for another Senator. That’s illegal. It’s voter fraud.

paw paw (@guest_1076127)
1 year ago

Trump will win, Republicans will win in Georgia!

Jack Duke (@guest_1076129)
1 year ago

Isn’t it illegal to register to vote in two states in the same election? Otherwise you could do early voting in one state and day of voting in another.

Chas Herb (@guest_1076131)
Reply to  Jack Duke
1 year ago

You are correct Sir.

Arthemise Pelingon (@guest_1076137)
1 year ago

Georgia should get the Military National Guard to witness each ID from the voters. Proof of residency with some mail and driving licenses and make sure Of The Date is more than 6 months residency!!! Address!!!!

RT (@guest_1076141)
1 year ago

Everyone here has the right idea. Just hope the laws of the states are enforced. So far it doesn’t seem that many are being, especially those run by demos. I agree with Arthemise, have the National Guard there to verify residence. ID is more important then ever.

Lynn Dale Woodard (@guest_1076221)
1 year ago


Bessie Vest (@guest_1076238)
Reply to  Lynn Dale Woodard
1 year ago

THE DEMON(CRATS) ARE BORN LIARS & CHEATERS! HAVE always been! I have been voting for a long, long time!! TRUST ME!! JUST LETTING YOU ALL KNOW?! 😊

Patriot (@guest_1076251)
1 year ago

Demonrats don’t care what’s right or wrong the rule of law doesn’t apply to them. Just like sleepy Joe doesn’t mind rigging the election to lie and cheat his way into office. The loser biddens just want to destroy democracy and all American way of life, those to Haters of America are right their in Georgia wanting to destroy you! Vote for demonrats get up with vermin parasites! You haven’t won yet Biden you should know how this works by now you’ve been a bad politician for 47 years the fake news media can’t decide the election before it’s over dummy!!!

Lily Smith (@guest_1076266)
1 year ago

DEMON RATS just do not think….. no morals values ethcis …… Happy we finally have a President who will stand up to them and do the righ thing Romney got ) votes in Philly when he ran and never said a word

Grumpy Veteran (@guest_1076279)
1 year ago

They can’t do that legally!!

Alberrt Grounds (@guest_1076938)
Reply to  Grumpy Veteran
1 year ago

Has this ever bothered them over several decades? They have and will do anything to win an election. Anyone who votes with them has to be corrupt as they know what is happening.

Robert M Sharman (@guest_1076326)
1 year ago

Are these people that ignorant & stupid to think that it would be actually legal for them to do this? I say go ahead and try if you want to pay a penalty of $100K and spend 10 – 20 years in a Georgia state prison. It would get more of these animals off the streets and out of honest society.

LONE WOLF (@guest_1080241)
1 year ago

Biden openly admitted to voter fraud on camera. It’s really amazing and frightening that the Democrats can blatantly commit crimes without fearing the repercussions. Some of the most dangerous and ruthless criminals in our government (Obama, Biden, Clinton, Harris, Pelosi and many others) are out walking scot free while average American Citizens can end up in jail for stealing baby formula for their newborns. The double standard in our government needs to be done away with! An excellent example of the Democrat’s blatant disregard for our laws, is when crooked New York Governor, basically told the SCOTUS to go to hell! How dare he???

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