August 14, 2022

California churches request SCOTUS referendum on coronavirus restrictions

California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s most recent round of COVID-19 lockdowns have angered thousands of freedom-loving residents of the state, including those who demand to exercise their Constitutional right to worship as they see fit.

According to Fox News, leaders of the Harvest Rock Church are extremely unhappy with Newsom’s restrictions that limit the amount of people allowed in church, so they’re turning to the U.S. Supreme Court in an effort to block the restrictions, which they claim are discriminatory in nature. 

In its filing, the church argued that Newsom has discriminated against gathering at church while allowing protesters and looters to roam free during periods of unrest. They also hit the governor for allowing many “essential” businesses to remain open “without numerical restrictions” while churches fall within heavy restrictions.

The church leaders were also sure to point out Newsom’s disregard for his own rules, referring to recent scandal in which Newsom, along with medical experts and other friends were pictured at an intimate, non mask-wearing gathering at one of the swankiest restaurants in the country.

“For the Governor, COVID-19 restrictions are apparently optional and penalty free,” the church wrote. “But for Churches or anyone worshipping in their own home with someone who does not live there, COVID-19 restrictions are mandatory and enforced via criminal penalties.”

At the crux of the church’s argument is the First Amendment, in which they point out that the Free Exercise Clause is being violated if the size of gatherings in churches is restricted while other types of establishments and businesses are treated differently.

Harvest Rock Church’s Supreme Court request follows in the wake of similar requests made by the Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn, who made the same argument that religious establishments are being treated unfairly under COVID-19 restrictions, according to CNBC.

The application from Harvest Rock Church will reportedly be sent to Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan. But with any luck, it’ll be sent to the full court — which would be at Kagan’s discretion — where it will receive the necessary and fair scrutiny from all justices that it deserves.

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Lenora (@guest_1079171)
1 year ago

Glad to see a church stepping up to defy the unfairness of the gov.
to hamper and deny and discourage Christians from claiming their right to harmlessly gather to worship as they see fit. These are among the first steps towards communism and NWO takeover.

PESTEAGUEVOS (@guest_1079590)
Reply to  Lenora
1 year ago


Jo (@guest_1079177)
1 year ago

All I can say is, good luck with Elena Kagan. If I’m not mistaken, she’s the one that Obama wanted in so bad.

rm (@guest_1079305)
Reply to  Jo
1 year ago

I would care less if I read in the paper that both Gov. Newsom and Justice Kagan caught the coronavirus with a terminal result…. Revelation is here and God needs to work His magic…

Margaret (@guest_1079317)
Reply to  rm
1 year ago

I feel the same, adding a few more names is necessary

Orsen (@guest_1079180)
1 year ago

Its time to stand up to these people

Nancy Foley (@guest_1079187)
1 year ago

I’m. Catholic and I think it’s a travesty that these Dems are trying to make this a communistic country, and we the people will not stand for it my religion is very important to me and I need my church and my church family and not have Governor Newson to try to take it away from us he is disgusting forward governor.

Nancy Foley (@guest_1079190)
Reply to  Nancy Foley
1 year ago

I am a Catholic and I can’t believe that these Democrats and governors are trying to stop our religious freedom they want it to be communistic country and we the people will not stand for it my religion is very important to me and I can’t stand Governor Newson taking it away from us he’s a bad governor

Thomas Schuckman (@guest_1079864)
Reply to  Nancy Foley
1 year ago

With all due respect… I will bet that many, if not the majority of Catholics ARE Democrats! There should be such stats on file, and I will even look into it. The real Truth can be found in the KJV Bible. I been studying that August BOOK for over 40 years, and still learning, but I know that I am Saved and know where I am going. Can you say that? Have a great day, friend.

Richard (@guest_1079237)
Reply to  Nancy Foley
1 year ago

Everyone in California just ignore that communist.

Nicki D. Riley (@guest_1080619)
Reply to  Nancy Foley
1 year ago

He has a new name: Grab em and goose em

Penny (@guest_1079189)
1 year ago

You never want to go in front of a Democrat judge for sure they will side with the lockdown. They are put in that position just for that purpose to side with Democrats. Our Country is in real trouble with Biden and Harris in charge. And now with all the illegal immigrants coming in Biden acts like he is President now saying they are allowed to stay. More of the virus being brought in as they come. Shows they don’t care about the citizens of America.

fedup (@guest_1079291)
Reply to  Penny
1 year ago

More of the virus, child molesters, wife beaters, murdering M13, murdering drug cartels, it will go on & on. These people will trample all over the regular “folks” who just want to raise their kids without being threatened with death……but you have to come in to out sovereign, ruled by laws country. With Obama/Biden, Harris there will be no borders …..and that ugly bag of evil Soros will be happy with his little puppets!! BTW, where has Harris been since the election?!? She’s been quiet lately….WTF is SHE up to?!?!

Margaret (@guest_1079320)
Reply to  fedup
1 year ago

I saw she was giving a Thanksgiving statement? I did not tune in

formermarine (@guest_1079649)
Reply to  fedup
1 year ago

Kameltoe Paris AKA Harris has been making more movies .

Ginger Firestone (@guest_1079193)
1 year ago

Funny, it’s ok for planes to pack us in like sardines with only masks and absolutely no social distancing, and yet, they want to keep us from gathering together – unless you are creating havoc and destroying the country.

Dennis (@guest_1079203)
1 year ago

If Kagan sides with Governor Nuisance then she is going against our Bill of Rights AND the 1st Amendment. Our freedom of worship is being attacked along with our 1st amendment rights. If she does side with the governor then she should be removed from the Supreme Court!

Dano (@guest_1079240)
1 year ago

Demoncarts have no issue with illegal immigrants spreading the virus. In fact, in deranged minds, ilegal immigarnts are virus free and conservatives and Trump supporters are the problem. Let Freedom Ring.

Mark Smith (@guest_1079277)
1 year ago

well that’s one of the first things that Communists do is #1 remove Guns, # 2 Remove Religion, YOU people voted for this Crap now live with it or UN DO your Stupid votes and take your state back by FORCE



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