August 16, 2022

CA court strikes down Gov. Newsom’s anti-private school order

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) on his COVID-justified mandate that private schools would be barred from having in-person teaching according to Fox News

The California-based court made their ruling on Friday, saying that the coronavirus mandates that kept the students from in-person learning in the upcoming school year were not admissible under the law.

This decision was as a result of a suit brought in July 2020 by the Center for American Liberty where some 20 plaintiffs choose to take on Newsom’s order which banned in-person learning in 32 counties and affected the vast majority of California children.

In the suit, the plaintiffs made the case that Newsom was overstepping his executive authority by saying that private schools and the parents of the children who attend those schools, shouldn’t have control over their children’s education.

The court eventually agreed with the plaintiffs, ruling in their favor:

“California’s forced closure of their private schools implicates a right that has long been considered fundamental under the applicable caselaw — the right of parents to control their children’s education and to choose their children’s educational forum,” Judge Daniel Collins said Friday.

This ruling came after the same court ruled against 14 parents and one student who challenged a previous district court ruling on parental rights regarding private versus public education.

“We hold that the district court properly rejected the substantive due process claims of those Plaintiffs who challenge California’s decision to temporarily provide public education in an almost exclusively online format,” Collins said.

Rulings like this provide a “light” at the end of the COVID-19 pandemic-induced tunnel of the educational world being turned upside down. While some parents feel the full weight of precautions should be followed, many feel the risk of a lessened education outweighs the small percentage of children who have ever displayed symptoms of the coronavirus.

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1 year ago

This garbage that the Left extremists are trying to shove down our children’s throats is nothing more than Strong Communist teachings of the Communist Manifesto. This is rooted in the Catholic Church which says give us your infants and we will return to you a Catholic for their entire life. Hitler did the very same thing as he rose to lead Germany to take over the World. “Give me your children and I will raise them to be dedicated, loyal and true Germans.” Marx in building up the Communism in Russia required all Russians to send their children to Indoctrination schools where they will learn to become true loyal Communist party members. It is one of the oldest and most proven ways to change the ideology of any nation. Require that the children of that nation attend the indoctrination of the new Ideology that is being pushed. Here in this country, The Far Extreme Left, which wants to become a Global State of a One World Communist Society, or Global Community, is using Race as it calling card to train the children of the Generation X, and the Millennials to be receptive to people of all races. But once they start this new CRT teachings it will actually be training them to become complete Global Citizens of a One World Global Society, Global Communism. This was the dream of Frank Marshal Davis, the American Communist leader for over forty years and the life long mentor of Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. from the age of 12 when he became a member of the American Communist Party. And he has maintained his membership to this very day. Obama also desires to have Muslim Islam to be the chosen Religion of this Global Community. Barack H. Obama has been working at this since he started his college education which he defrauded the US government to obtain. One way to prevent Americans and peoples of Free nations from putting up any resistance is to keep them under Government control. How is this accomplished? You can not lock up hundreds of millions of peoples. But if there is in existence a world wide threat to life , like a Pandemic, well then you can keep them a bey for as long as the Pandemic is out of control or make the world believe that the Pandemic is out of control. Then you can keep them locked up in their own homes with very limited activities, and keep those activities under control until the new Global government has positioned itself as the control force of the world. The masks do sever a purpose. But not a communicable service. The mask is to keep everyone from sharing any ideas of resisting. Because everyone will be preoccupied to worrying about catching a created desease and not thinking about fighting back against the powers that are busy setting up their One World military and enforcement squads. Once that is achieved then executions will begin. Soros and Gates have purchased one of the vaccine labs and Gates already has created a small enough microchip to be implanted under the skin. He is also working on a serum that can carry electronic receptors to receive messages and sent messages. which will be able to communicate with phone towers and allow a centralized communications command to know where every one is and what they are doing. Control their abilities to earn, buy, and spend. This plan is in the works as you read this writing. Estimation of implementing it is as early as 2032 and completed by 2050. Refusing will simply cost you your life.



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