July 3, 2022

Byron Brown defeats socialist candidate with write-in campaign

Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown won reelection against a socialist candidate through a unique write-in campaign to remain mayor.

After losing the Democratic primary to Walton, it seemed certain she would win the race. However, he soon returned with a new campaign slogan: “Write Down Byron Brown.”

Socialist candidate India Walton officially conceded the day after the race.

“Tens of thousands of write-in and absentee ballots have yet to be tabulated, and we believe that democracy requires that every vote be counted, and that any improprieties that occurred be brought to light,” Walton said.

“However, while we anticipate that the margins will narrow, it seems unlikely that we will end up with enough votes to inaugurate a Walton administration in January,” she added.

The race revealed the strong divisions among those within the Democratic Party. The left may be progressive, but the majority is not yet to the point of embracing socialism in Buffalo. That is great news for Republicans who can count on turning moderate Democrat voters against socialist candidates.

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