August 14, 2022

By any means necessary: The Democrats

The Democrats really cover all their bases. They are cheering on the destruction of the economy through COVID-19 lockdowns. They are cheering the destruction of US cities in the name of justice. They are demanding vote-by-mail for the nation. All of these things are part of their strategy to win in November.

You have to admit that the Democrats and the Left play hard, and they play to win. They have a vast army of supporters that are willing to sacrifice for their diabolical cause, the destruction of the United States of America.

They can see the finish line and they are leaving nothing undone to achieve their goals. The only thing standing between them and complete victory are President Trump and 50 million or so Trump supporters.


The Democrats have welcomed the economic destruction left in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns because they wiped out any gains America realized under President Trump’s leadership in the last three years. They love COVID-19 lockdowns so much that they seemingly never want to see them end. Woe to anyone that lives in a blue state.

COVID-19 also advanced the Democrat’s leftist criminal justice reform which consists of a reduction of the prison population. What was hard to achieve in normal times became easy with COVID-19. Prisoners were released all over the country to slow the spread of the virus, to the delight of leftists nationwide.

The protests and riots

As Americans tired of months-long lockdowns, George Floyd’s death provided the perfect reason to trigger civil unrest throughout the country. The Democrats and the left can always rely on the cry of “racism” to advance their cause. This time they have made a quantum leap in indicting America as systemically racist. Marxist organizations Black Lives Matter and Antifa are not letting the tragedy of George Floyd’s death and the resulting civil unrest to go to waste.

The left has capitalized (pun intended) on the civil unrest, exacerbating it, raking in millions in donations, and receiving the endorsement of many large corporations that are collectively terrified of being canceled or dubbed racists.

They have advanced more leftist criminal justice reform through “bail” reform which has greatly benefited the rioters. The police may arrest violent rioters, but because of bail reform, the rioter could be back on the street in a matter of hours.

They have made great strides in destroying our common history and they also have spewed hate-filled and racist language toward those who oppose them, dehumanizing them, especially if they are white Trump supporters.  Many Americans are legitimately afraid that the left will destroy their lives because they can.

Mail-in voting

The Democrats and the left also observed the success the Democrat party had in California in 2018 in gaining Congressional seats and creating a Democrat supermajority in the California legislature through “ballot harvesting,” and they want to repeat that success on a nationwide scale. The demand for mail-in voting for national elections started not long after the COVID-19 lockdowns went into effect, and the Democrats haven’t stopped demanding it since.

The Republicans and President Trump have been warning that mail-in voting on a national scale can lead to massive voter fraud, but the Democrats, with the help of the mainstream media, pooh-pooh the idea as hysterics and hyperbole.

Government watchdog Judicial Watch has actively pursued cleaning up voter rolls in several states for years. They sued California to clean up its voter rolls of 1.6 million inactive names in Los Angeles alone, and they are suing Governor Gavin Newsom over the mail-in voting mandate he issued in May. They also filed two new lawsuits against North Carolina and Pennsylvania to clean up almost 2 million names that don’t belong on the voter rolls.

While most Americans would like to see life go back to normal, the Democrats and the left are solidifying their gains and making sure that life will never return to normal. If they have their way, they will gain the White House and the Senate while keeping the House by any means necessary so that they can finish the job that the Clintons and Barack Obama started: To “Fundamentally change” America and rebuild it in their own image.

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Mary (@guest_1015412)
2 years ago

So, what do we do to turn this around?

C. LeSaint (@guest_1015465)
Reply to  Mary
2 years ago

Just shoot every communist demoncrat out of office!!

Susan Brisby (@guest_1015420)
2 years ago

Way to get it twisted.

Robert L. Kahlcke (@guest_1015427)
2 years ago

The Democrat-Communist-Islamic-Nazi Terrorist Organization, doesn’t understand “THEY WILL REAP WHAT THEY SOW”.
That being said, PAY BACK’S A BIT-H.

Gary (@guest_1015430)
2 years ago


Donald Cook (@guest_1015535)
Reply to  Gary
2 years ago

Photo Voter I.D. World Wide. It is not just the USA, that is being Screwed.

Michael Cone (@guest_1015444)
2 years ago

I’d like to see the Dems get their just rewards….but it will never happen. Republicans are either deep state corupt, stupid, incompetant or chicken sh*t. I have lost my faith.

B (@guest_1015449)
2 years ago

That’s because the public always hears Nancy and believe everything she says. The Republicans need to shout over her.

Esther (@guest_1015460)
2 years ago

Republicans do thing’s legally and follow the rule of law. The Democrats are like thugs they just just buffalo through and hope no one is watching. When caught they lie and blame everybody else. They have no integrity, honor or any concept of truth. The day of reckoning is at hand. We WILL vote the whole nest of scum out of office. They will then turn on their voter base for not showing up at the poll.

Jesse (@guest_1015473)
2 years ago

I haven’t heard a peep out of most Republicans in Congress and in the Senate against BLM riots or ANTIFA riots as if they think they will be attacked and destroyed by taking a stand against their destruction. You will be destroyed if you don’t. Your destruction comes in the election of Democrats to replace you and you get to go home and collect your benefits regardless. Good work cowards. Thanks for standing up for all of us who put you there.

Ruth (@guest_1015476)
2 years ago

It is way past time for true Americans to stand up to be counted ! ! ! We cannot allow the OUTLAW LIBERALS to destroy our Country. If we allow them to do this, just think for a moment what the future would be like for us and our children ! ! !

Oudrey (@guest_1015482)
2 years ago

Dems want to REPLACE police with POLITICAL law enforcement.

Larry W Gaines (@guest_1015493)
2 years ago

Democrats are DESTROYING the Nation on purpose

Wilma/Billie Hunter (@guest_1017235)
Reply to  Larry W Gaines
2 years ago


Erika Randolph (@guest_1015556)
2 years ago

I think it’s time to institute MARSHALL LAW



Katblue (@guest_1015559)
2 years ago

I worked for a processing facility for USPS in NC. You really don’t want this to happen, extremely incompetent. The USPS goes by seniority to move up (they are under a union) and you just don’t know how many untrained people they have in supervision. Missed mail, late mail, carriers destroying mail. The demoncrats are trying to make the reason Trump won’t help pull them out of bankruptcy is because of mail voting. This is BS. The demoncrats put their spin on it.The reason he will not bail them out is for the reason I just stated. A lot of supervision don’t know there ass from a hole in the ground and this is not the 1st time they cried bankruptcy. I retired in 2012 and I know during my career, it was numerous times and they would wash hands with the unions, they would get bailed out and it would happen the next year again.. I BELIEVE IF THEY GET A HOLD OF THE BALLOTS A LOT WILL BE LOST, DESTROYED OR VOTERS NEVER RECIEVED. God Bless our President Trump, our country and evry soul that still has respect for both.

phxgeo (@guest_1015597)
2 years ago

Why does this article reference 50 MILLION Trump supporters. In 2016 close to 63 MILLION CITIZEN voters voted for him. I do not believe he lost 13 MILLION CITIZEN voters. Up until the democrats and their minions started looting , robbing, burning and killing spree PRESIDENT TRUMP had gained supporters. Come on folks stand tall as this is the time to do what is right and that is REJECT the democrat play book and vote every damn last one of them out of office. We defeated Hitler we can defeat this 2 bit democrat party.

Kitty McD (@guest_1015623)
2 years ago

Yes, the Left plays hard and they play to win but they also play dirty, and they must not be allowed to cheat their way to a win in November.



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