July 2, 2022

Buttigieg Tried To Connect To Black Americans. It Didn’t Work.

In a recent interview, Democrat presidential candidate, Mayor Pete Buttigieg, attempted to explain why he is polling very low with African American voters.

“Many of the voters of color that I am talking to are focused in particular on one thing: defeating Donald Trump,” Buttigieg said. “Look, nobody is experiencing the pain of living under this administration than voters of color.”

But “pain” is not the word Martin Luther King Jr.’s niece, Dr. Alveda King, would use to describe African American experience during the Trump presidency.

“I am an African-American woman, 69-year-old, and almost everyone I’m speaking with, whether they are Republican, Democrat, Independent, some don’t vote, various perspectives … people are saying our wages are up, out family is being united,” King, told Fox News in response to Buttigieg’s explanation.

“We are seeing so many gains in the African-American community,” King said, directly contradicting Buttigieg. “So people are not suffering in the manner that was just stated.”

King then asserted that Trump has been a positive for the black community. “[Trump] has not only made promises, he has kept those promises, just across the gamut,” King said. “Some people say, he, President Trump, says what do you have to lose? But he certainly has shown us what we have to gain.”

Despite his attempts, Buttigieg’s efforts to win over the black vote has been lackluster. “Buttigieg garnered only 4 percent support among black Democrats in a Quinnipiac University poll,” reported Politico’s Quint Forgey, “trailing former Vice President Joe Biden with 27 percent, former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg with 22 percent, Sanders with 19 percent and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren with 8 percent.”

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