August 18, 2022

Trump Says He Will Build America’s Economy Again

During the daily coronavirus task force press briefing on Monday, President Donald Trump voiced his displeasure that Democrats are speaking publicly very differently than they speak privately. In the press briefing, Trump attributed it to the Democrats’ desire to see him defeated in November.

“It’s Democrats because they view this as a campaign issue,” Trump told the room. “They want to make Trump look as bad as they can because they want to try and win an election that they shouldn’t be allowed to win based on the fact that we have done a great job.”

But then Trump hearkened to America’s economic history and made a promise.

“We built the greatest economy in the world,” Trump said. “I’ll do it a second time.”

Trump then explained why he does the daily briefings:

Everybody’s amazed at the job we’re doing and to the public is starting to find out the starting–you know, one of the reasons I do these news conferences because if I didn’t, they would believe fake news. We can’t leave let them believe fake news. They see us up here, they see us with admirals, they see us with this talent, they see the job that Mike Pence has done, which has been an unbelievable job, an unbelievable job.

The President then said the recent complaints from Chuck Schumer are shameful. “This [virus] is attacking 182 countries simultaneously. So Schumer is just all about politics. I’ve known him almost all of my adult life and he’s–he’s a disgrace. In many ways, he is a disgrace.”

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